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Rustic furniture creates a warm and inviting look to any home. It immediately gives any room a comfortable feel and invites people to linger and relax longer in it. There are many benefits to owning genuine rustic furniture in any room, and since one of the most important rooms in the home is the bedroom, there are some clear benefits to choosing rustic bedroom furniture for your decor.

It is Relaxing

When you walk into a room with rustic decorations, you are immediately relaxed.  Themed after cottages and ranches, rustic themed rooms are designed to give a “country” feel away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  They are meant to look lived in, without looking worn out.  A bedroom furnished with rustic bedroom furniture is furnished in a way that is meant to unwind you, promoting a better night sleep.  Let’s face it, everybody sleeps better when they are relaxed.  Rustic décor is one of the great ways to achieve this.

Know the Difference

There is a very large difference between genuine rustic furniture and mass rustic themed décor.  Mass produced rustic themed décor is made from a precut mold.  Each piece of furniture is cut from the same stamp and is generally made from particle board.  While this is a cheaper and faster alternative, it lacks originality and longevity because the material is not designed for long term use.  While it may be a more cost effective option, it may not be the best choice for your selection of rustic bedroom furniture.

rustic bedroom furnitureGenuine rustic bedroom furniture is made from reclaimed wood.  This is wood that has been saved from its previous use—generally from older, original houses and other long-standing outdoor items—and as a result offers some clear benefits.

Benefits of Choosing Reclaimed Wood

This reclaimed wood used in your rustic bedroom furniture has already stood the true test of time. It has been naturally weathered.  There is no further shrinking or changing in the wood as this has already happened years ago.  As each log of wood harvested has different wear and patterns to it, so will the look of your furniture.  No two pieces of furniture will be exactly alike.

Years ago, when the rustic look was just a way of life, each home was different.  Not by choice, but simply because the wood they used to hand make their home weathered and wore in different ways.  That exact look is what is being recreated now—not by weathering wood, but by recycling wood that has already gone through this process.  Not only are you getting rustic bedroom furniture that truly has a story to tell, but you are also helping with the environmental footprint by using some of the highest available woodworking products that are readily available to you without the task of additional harvesting.

Shop Around

There are many vendors today that sell rustic bedroom furniture.  As this furniture is designed to last for life, be aware of what you are purchasing.  Look for a vendor that can custom make your furniture to your specifications. Make sure your vendor has a warranty and is available afterwards for questions on care or maintenance.  Be assured that your vendor is reputable, and be aware of where their wood comes from.

At FoxDen Decor, we want to ensure that you are happy with your furniture and that it will last you for the lifetime that you intended. We custom build to order to ensure that what you receive is exactly, or even better than, what you had expected.  We will be as happy as you are when you finally have the bedroom of your dreams, furnished with rustic bedroom furniture.

Rustic furniture and design is all the rage right now, but when you are looking to renovate your home, sometimes going rustic can make it seem like you are renovating in the wrong direction; so how can you incorporate rustic designs into your home without making your home seem outdated?  Here are a few tips that can help you feature all your rustic pieces without making it feel like your biggest renovation chore was dusting off the cobwebs.

How to incorporate rustic designs into the modern homerustic furniture

First, it is important to remember that, just because you want to feature some rustic furniture in your home, it doesn’t mean you have to do a complete rustic overhaul on your house.  It may surprise you, but rustic pieces with modern design elements actually complement each other quite well, which means you can have the modern, clean cut look and you can combine it with the softened touch of rustic accent pieces.

For instance, in your bathroom, you can combine modern walls—clean white walls with square-framed art or photos—with rustic furniture like a vanity, or even a rustic cabinet.  How can you tie it all together?  Try adding a retro bathtub (it works well because retro is the new…er…old modern), and make sure you emphasize your floor and ceiling.  Stone floors might set off the whole look, complimented by a gothic chandelier or pendant light, and if you have vaulted or exposed beam ceilings, make sure you highlight those during your makeover.  Tie it all together with a modern shower mat or rug that fits in with your color scheme,

Rustic doesn’t have to be brown

Remember, just because you are going rustic doesn’t mean you are stuck with that brown wood stain—unless you want that.  You can modernize your rustic style by choosing different colors for your rustic furniture.  You can still have that rustic look in black, grey, or even in a brighter color, like pink.

Mix and match

Choosing the right décor for your room renovation is all about mixing and matching.  Making your living room too modern can make it feel a bit too stark and uncomfortable.  Adding a few rustic furniture touches may be all you need to re-introduce a little warmth—that lived-in comfortable feel—to the room.  How can you incorporate that feel in a few simple steps?  Try creating a rustic accent wall by simply turning one wall of your room into a rustic bookshelf or library.  Books work wonders when it comes to décor—they come in all sorts of styles and cover types, they can be artfully arranged, and you can place a few books throughout the room to incorporate that rustic style throughout.  There really is nothing more beautiful or rustic than a leather-bound book—unless you have the full set.  Further, to compliment that rustic accent wall, incorporate a rustic coffee table and some rustic or retro light fixtures.

Adding a bit of rustic charm to your home is an easy way to add a little warmth and style to any modern design, and the true perk is that it is easy—just leave those beams exposed or rough up the wood a bit on that accent wall.  The great thing about incorporating rustic furniture into your home is that you can complement it easily with inexpensive items, like antique garage sale finds, things that have sat around and got a bit rusty (it isn’t junk anymore—it’s art), or even just a few books and candles.

Be creative and add a little of that rustic touch to your home.

Quality Above All Else

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, your criteria should, first and foremost, be quality. Ever hear that saying, you get what you pay for? It’s true. Fine, quality manufactured furniture will not only add a touch of elegance and class to your home, but it will also stand the test of time, meaning that you won’t have to shell out a bunch of extra cash just to replace cheap and falling-apart furniture in a few years.

That’s why all of our furniture, including our rustic bar stools, are built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. While buying our furniture won’t break the bank – our one-of-a-kind pieces are hand-crafted and custom made. We believe that investing in quality materials and exceptional manufacturing standrustic bar stoolsards is always a smart move, and we think that reasonable pricing should be a part of that too.

Rustic Charm 

One of the defining features of our pieces is that each one exudes a unique sense of rustic charm. Now, don’t confuse “rustic” with “old” or “shabby”: nothing lends a contemporary and well-styled room that extra hint of elegance like a rustic bar stool or chair. The beautiful and rich woods we craft our pieces out of will also give your home a warm and inviting vibe, and will be sure to garner many compliments from your guests.

The pinnacle of “rustic charm” is perhaps best represented by our rustic bar stools, which draw on Mexican artisanal traditions and designs to create stools that combine old world charm with contemporary design. Because of the care and attention that goes into every single item we make, you can rest assured that you and your family and guests will not only be sitting pretty in these beautiful chairs, but also comfortably.

Mix and Match

Depending on your tastes and home style, as well as the space of the area you have to work with, you may want to consider mixing and matching our rustic bar stools for a look that is both fun and eye-catching, yet functional and cohesive. Uniformity is overrated: why not pair a set of our more conventional bar stools, such as the Chief rustic bar stool, with a set of our colorful Siestas (the name says it all)? Decor should be about expressing yours and your home’s unique qualities, so if you’re thinking of re-decorating or simply adding a bit more fun and elegance to your home, our rustic bar stools are the way to go.

Short On Space?

If you’re limited for space, rustic bar stools, or any bar stools are a great option to limit the space that bulky chairs can take up at a table. The bar stool is a far more versatile piece of furniture than the average chair, as you can use it for a variety of purposes, not limited to eating or drinking. Bar stools are also very welcoming and inviting, and promote a sense of community and hospitality, especially when positioned around a kitchen island. Take a look at our collection of stunning, hand-crafted rustic bar stools for a decor option that is functional and unique.

We live in a world that is run by technology. There is nothing wrong with that—we all enjoy being able to talk over long distances, cook our food quickly and easily, and enjoy a movie or TV show at home with our friends and family. As our technology gets more advanced, however, it can sometimes feel like it is taking over. A large screen television is a wonderful thing, but it takes up a lot of space, especially when combined with speakers, game consoles, a large stereo system and other accouterments. How can you make your front room feel more like a home and less like an electronics gallery? FoxDen Decor’s rustic TV console is an excellent place to start.

Beautiful Designs

While electronics can be beautiful in their own right, there is nothing quite like the gorgeous color and texture of rustic natural wood. FoxDen Decor’s rustic TV consoles are made to look beautiful, natural and homey, with lovingly carved handmade detail. We leave plenty of space on our TV consoles for you to add your own keepsakes and other personal touches, as well as providing discreet storage space for cables and other less attractive television necessities. Your front room will start looking like a cozy, inviting home theater right away, rather than just a place where the TV is kept.

High Quality Materials

We’ve all seen what happens when low quality furniture enters the picture, and TV stands are an especially problematic piece of furniture when they don’t work properly. Remember that your console will not only be supporting a heavy and very valuable piece of equipment, it will also be containing some very important items, like your DVD player, your video game consoles and your favorite games and DVDs. FoxDen Decor’s rustic TV consoles are built to provide maximum protection for your valuables. You will never have to worry about them breaking, losing their doors or becoming ugly with age. With a bit of love and care, your TV console will last for years looking as lovely as the day you brought it home.

Custom Made For You

Your home is your castle, made to your standards, and your TV is something you selected specially to fit that space. We understand that, so FoxDen Decor’s rustic TV consoles aren’t mass-produced with the expectation that you’ll find a way to make them fit. We make each piece to order, allowing you to specify materials, design, size and every important detail. We even offer the option to have them made with our stunning reclaimed wood. Your TV console will be a one-of-a-kind work of art, made especially to warm and beautify your home.

Beautify Your Home

If “rustic” is a style that feels right to you, don’t stop at our rustic TV consoles. FoxDen Decor makes a variety of other beautiful, hand-made furniture to give your home a personal, natural touch. Each piece is custom made to your specifications. If you enjoy our TV consoles, consider making our rustic furniture a theme in your home.

If you’re looking for bathroom design ideas, have you considered a double sink bathroom vanity? Below we’re going to look at the benefits of a double sink, and give you some tips for remodeling your bathroom.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Double sinks are practical for both the family bathroom and the master bathroom; with many size and color options available, you have many choices. You can change the feel and look of the bathroom to please everyone in your family, while you also add re-sale value.

Benefits of a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

In addition to the above, there are also other benefits that come with choosing a double sink vanity.

  • Personal space: Did you know that a double sink can take up the same space that a single sink does? But, with a double sink each person can have their own mirror, and sink to use and store their personal items.
  • Saved space and time: With each person having their own area there is less clutter thus, the bathroom will always be organized. As well, with the additional sink two people can brush their teeth and get ready at the same time – make-up, hairstyling, shaving, etc.  So no one has to wait for the other person to finish.

Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroomdouble sink bathroom vanity

Sometimes a fresh paint color can do the trick to give your bathroom decor a new look, but sometimes it’s not enough. If you’re going to remodel your bathroom and get a double sink bathroom vanity, below are some suggestions on how to do it.

Budget: Bathrooms and kitchens are notorious for being the most expensive rooms to remodel, so make sure you prepare a budget before you begin remodeling.  First, you need to decide the extent of your renovation.

Make Over or Complete Overhaul? The extent of your remodel depends on what your bathroom looks like now, and how you want it to look. The difference between the two choices plays a big role in your budget. Thus, it could cost you anywhere from $500 – $10,000 or more if you’re going with high-end changes.

Evaluate Your Bathroom: Take an in-depth look at your bathroom before you set your budget. Look at the color, style and condition of your fixtures. Since you’re updating your look consider new trends in bathroom décor. For example, if your bathroom fixtures are blue, you will probably want to change them to a solid white color.  If your fixtures are already white, then perhaps your bathroom just needs a good cleaning.

A Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Sometimes just changing out your vanity can make a world of difference. It is possible to get an affordable double sink bathroom vanity; in fact, a double sink is often cheaper. With the double sink option you save yourself from having to buy two mirrors, or faucets.

Additionally, with a double sink vanity you can increase your storage and counter space.

At FoxDen Decor, our products are customizable, or we can create something new for you.  To see our double sink bathroom vanity selections please visit our website.

Bathrooms are a unique room. Unlimited decorating possibilities are stemmed by a limited amount of space.  A bathroom must contain a toilet, a sink, and possibly a shower or tub.  They must have a mirror and a counter space of some sort.  The key to decorating a bathroom is to be able to find furniture that can work with your bathroom size. The secret to economical redecorating is not only to find furniture to work with your space, but also to use furniture that complements your existing fixtures. It is very difficult to find cabinetry that fits a pre-existing bathroom space. Decorating themes often become compromised to simply find a cabinet that fits the space that needs to be worked with.  Quite often, the cabinet of your dreams will not work in the space you had meant it to be in.  The end result is bathroom cabinets that may be too large or too small for your initial plan.  Redecorating your bathroom can quickly turn into a dismal and frustrating experience.  If you are looking for a warm and rustic theme, a reclaimed wood bathroom vanity could be your answer.

reclaimed wood bathroom vanityReclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a unique material.  This special wood is aged wood from previous buildings.  The wood itself can be hundreds of years old.  Not only does recycling this wood help to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment, but each piece also has a story to tell.  The home the wood came from will contain its own history that now becomes a part of yours.  Reclaimed wood contains unique markings that will be unique only to your furniture; no two pieces are the same, ever.  It has a special weathered look that only improves with age and use.  Country themes are popular because of their warm feel.  Natural colors and tones as well as a family feel are some of the unique draws to using a reclaimed wood bathroom vanity for your decorating décor.

Rustic Wood VanityNo Shrinking

As reclaimed wood has been previously used and weathered, it does not shrink. This becomes very important in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity.  Wood vanities built from new wood can shrink and warp slightly as the new wood begins to age. This can drastically change the look of your bathroom over time.  Specialty treated wood or wood that has already been exposed to the elements, such as reclaimed wood, no longer has this concern. A reclaimed wood bathroom vanity can withstand the high humidity in bathrooms without losing its color, dimensions, or design.

When you purchase a reclaimed wood bathroom vanity from FoxDen Decor, your vanity is custom built with unique materials to the special size you request for your bathroom.  Your vanity is truly a one of a kind piece of furniture that cannot be found in any other home.  From unique wood to your specifications in dimensions, you are sure to have an item that you will treasure for years to come.  If you are looking to decorate your bathroom with a rustic and country theme, do not overlook the benefits of these very special and very unique vanities.

An increasing number of homeowners are installing bar areas or purchasing pub-height tables for their homes. If you’ve got a bar or pub-height table, or are thinking of going in that décor direction, take a look at our selection of beautiful rustic bar stools. They come in various heights and wood stain colors, and they are all handcrafted by skilled, professional carpenters. These stools are not only built to last the wear-and-tear of daily use, but they’re also visually stunning and will be sure to receive many compliments from all of your houseguests and visitors.


All of our furniture is made-to-order, so we can customize your rustic bar stools any way you want. We offer a variety of models, including the Fiesta Rustic Bar Stool, the Cabana Rustic Bar Stool, and the Chief Rustic Bar Stool. These stools are all traditional Mexican pieces, perfectly handcrafted out of high quality reclaimed wood, and then stained in a multi-step process to create either a sleek finish or a unique distressed look. Because all of our rustic bar stools are made-to-order, you can also request any color or colors you want!

Rustic Bar StoolsA Warm and Welcoming Touch

Unlike steel or metal-framed bar stools, our rustic bar stools will automatically give your home a warm and welcoming vibe. The natural hues and grains of the reclaimed wood we use to handcraft our stools will beautifully compliment a wide array of color schemes and décor choices, and they will make your bar or seating area a very attractive and welcoming place to be.

Because our rustic bar stools are handcrafted with reclaimed wood, you can also feel good about your purchase. We believe in recycling old wood to create new and stunning pieces. The value of using reclaimed wood is, however, not simply limited to its environmentally friendly practice; in fact, reclaimed wood is much stronger and more durable than new lumber because it is usually from old-growth forests that are hundreds of years old. The beauty of reclaimed wood is also unparalleled; the wear and tear of the elements and the multiple years of use only function to bring out the wood’s natural beauty and rich hues.

 A Timeless Piece

One great aspect of the bar stool is that it never goes out of style. As long as people are cozying up to a bar area, pub-height table, or kitchen island for some food, drinks and conversation, the bar stool will continue to be a must-have in the home. Since our rustic bar stools are made in the traditional Mexican way, you can rest assured that these pieces have already stood the test of time. If you want to go for something colorful and funky, take a look at our Fiesta Rustic Bar Stool. The name really says it all – fiesta! But if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional and classic, our Chief Rustic Bar Stool may appeal to your more refined and sophisticated taste. Once again, the name kind of says it all.

Take a look at our selection of beautiful rustic bar stools, and remember, we make all of our furniture to order, so your stools are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

The modern bathroom is facing a storage crisis. Not by size, but by design. While bathrooms may be getting bigger, their open concept designs are sometimes making it harder to store the things you need. And bathrooms need to store a lot of things, sometimes discretely, and sometimes for regular use. Here are just a few reasons why a rustic bathroom cabinet from FoxDen Decor could be the storage solution you’ve been looking for, and that your bathroom desperately needs.

1. Custom-Made Cabinets

When you order a rustic bathroom cabinet from FoxDen Decor, you aren’t simply getting a piece that’s beautiful and built to last, you are also getting something that’s custom-made to your specifications. Our cabinets are designed with your needs in mind, including the bathroom itself, so the finished piece will fit in exactly where it needs to be. With many modern bathrooms needing specialized storage options, a customized piece can help you take full advantage of your bathroom layout. That means more storage options, often in a lot less space compared to a pre-made piece from a major manufacturer.

rustic bathroom cabinet2. Made from the Finest Materials

The key to making quality furniture lies in the materials you use to build them. Whether your rustic bathroom cabinet is a piece made from fresh materials or reclaimed wood, every piece we use is beautiful and strong. We hand select every piece of wood that’s used to build any and all of our furniture to ensure the quality of the finished product is the highest it can possibly be.

This is especially true for any FoxDen Decor rustic vanity cabinet. These beautiful and individual pieces are made from wood that is collected from old stables, barns and houses in Mexico. Each piece is carefully inspected and evaluated before being used, and all of our pieces are designed by professional furniture makers who know how to get the most out of reclaimed materials.

3. A Rustic Look with a Quality Design

Most furniture that looks rustic gets that feel from a key factor: rust, something that’s terrible for quality, working furniture. A rustic vanity cabinet from FoxDen Decor uses that classic, rustic look, but combines it with quality craftsmanship made by real furniture builders. That means you get quality pieces with a rustic look, but that is strong enough to stand up to regular use. Our bathroom pieces in particular are made to work within the humid environment of the modern bathroom as well, so you can enjoy them for years without the pieces succumbing to moisture damage.

If you’re having storage issues in your bathroom, it’s time to turn to an effective and beautiful storage solution, like a rustic bathroom cabinet from FoxDen Decor. These beautiful, handmade pieces are custom-made to each individual order and are designed to stand up to regular use in the modern bathroom. With a FoxDen Decor rustic vanity cabinet, you can have all the storage space you need, along with a beautiful, handcrafted piece that could become the defining piece of furniture in your home.

Are you looking for a rustic bath vanity that will give your bathroom personality? FoxDen Decor has rustic bathroom vanities that can do that, regardless of your taste. All of our vanities are custom made to order, and you will be impressed with the results.

A bathroom that stands out

We have an eclectic selection of rustic bathroom vanities. All of the vanities are made from 100% kiln dried pine, and you can also have a rustic bath vanity that is made from reclaimed barn wood. Additionally, they are made with only the highest quality wood, and they are smoothly polished to make the bathroom vanities appear rustic. Furthermore, we have vintage vanities, such as our farmhouse bathroom vanities, and it will add a country feel to your bathroom. The center door has an x pattern on it, and it is popular in farmhouse décor. The sink can go above the vanity door, and it can be drop in or vessel. It is equipped with two fully-functional drawers, and the vanity has a hand-rubbed paste wax on the surface. Moreover, the top of the vanity is sealed to protect against any water.

rustic bath vanity

Another popular way of incorporating a rustic bath vanity is by using the double vanity style. It is an effective way you can share your bathroom with your family members. For example, you would like our double sink vanity that is made from reclaimed wood. It is suitable for a large bathroom, and it is also made from reclaimed barn wood.

If you’re looking for a bright vanity, our Star White vanity is a good choice. It has a beautiful hand carved design on each door, and it has a white finish with a hand rubbed wax. Additionally, there is no need to worry about getting water on this rustic bath vanity, because it is sealed to protect against water damage. The cabinets have a lot of space for plumbing, and so you can keep a lot of items in them.

Functionality and Beauty

Another option is our seven drawer black rustic bath vanity. The drawers on each side are functional, but the center drawer is fake. Additionally, the finish is matte black with light distressing. If you’re looking for a vanity with a lot of drawers, you will like our six drawer vanity. It is made from reclaimed barn wood that is from old barns and stables in Mexico. It is also sanded down so it will become smooth, and it is finished with a hand rubbed paste wax.

In addition, we have a bowl-topped sinks, and there are some that are similar to our farmhouse vanities. One example is our Anson distressed rustic bath vanity, which has two bowl-topped sinks. It can be used for either single or double sink vanities, and you can customize the color and style as well. Our rustic wood furniture allows you to use your imagination, and you can customize it. At FoxDen Decor ( ), we have something for every bathroom, and we guarantee you can make your bathroom your own personal oasis.

Choosing a focal point in any room during a renovation, major or minor, can be tough! You have all kinds of choices, from light fixtures to accent walls, special flooring to luxury features, how do you choose? Well, if you are like most people doing renovations, you likely have a budget! If you are looking for an affordable way to create a focal point in a bathroom renovation, consider choosing a unique sink.


There are many materials available for sinks ( ) these days. While you can still choose traditional porcelain or ceramic, there are more exciting options out there. You can choose from an array of metals, including copper, which offers a distinctly earthen feel and appearance, or you can go with something ultra-modern like glass. The important thing is that you review everything available before deciding on something run-of-the-mill.

Copper Sink


Sink styles have changed a boat load over the years, too. There are pedestal versions, top mounts, bottom mounts, round ones, oval ones…you name it! This means that you can choose a sink in a shape and style that best compliments your renovation vision. If, for example, you know you want a copper sink, you then have to decide what shape you want it in. Do you want it to sit on top of your counter, or to be mounted from underneath? This, of course, will depend on the impact you want the copper to have. Should it be obvious and center-stage, or should it be a more subtle feature that you discover as you enter the room?


The vanity can play a large role in the sink you choose. A traditional store bought vanity may be predesigned to only accommodate a certain style of sink, such as a top mount. You must keep this in mind when shopping for your bathroom cabinets, vanities and storage solutions. Another option is to repurpose another piece of furniture for your bathroom vanity. You can re-use an old dresser, cabinet or desk, and alter to accommodate any sink you want. This will also allow you to provide any finish you desire. This is a great way to incorporate rustic or vintage furniture into your bathroom.


Copper sinks aren’t expensive, and they are a great way to update a bathroom, even if you can’t afford a full-on renovation. A simple sink swap can go a long way to changing the mood of the room, and paired with some fresh paint and updated accessories, you can create a whole new space with just a few hundred dollars.

Get creative

Copper sinks are a great modern fixture to feature in your home and they are an affordable option. Switching out small feature pieces like sinks, faucets and even lighting, can be a great but manageable way to update your space on budget. Investigate your options today at FoxDen Decor to see if copper sinks are good fit for your home. Maybe you will get the inspiration you need to change the whole mood of your living space with minimal effort!