Rustic furniture creates a warm and inviting look to any home. It immediately gives any room a comfortable feel and invites people to linger and relax longer in it. There are many benefits to owning genuine rustic furniture in any room, and since one of the most important rooms in the home is the bedroom, there are some clear benefits to choosing rustic bedroom furniture for your decor.

It is Relaxing

When you walk into a room with rustic decorations, you are immediately relaxed.  Themed after cottages and ranches, rustic themed rooms are designed to give a “country” feel away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  They are meant to look lived in, without looking worn out.  A bedroom furnished with rustic bedroom furniture is furnished in a way that is meant to unwind you, promoting a better night sleep.  Let’s face it, everybody sleeps better when they are relaxed.  Rustic décor is one of the great ways to achieve this.

Know the Difference

There is a very large difference between genuine rustic furniture and mass rustic themed décor.  Mass produced rustic themed décor is made from a precut mold.  Each piece of furniture is cut from the same stamp and is generally made from particle board.  While this is a cheaper and faster alternative, it lacks originality and longevity because the material is not designed for long term use.  While it may be a more cost effective option, it may not be the best choice for your selection of rustic bedroom furniture.

rustic bedroom furnitureGenuine rustic bedroom furniture is made from reclaimed wood.  This is wood that has been saved from its previous use—generally from older, original houses and other long-standing outdoor items—and as a result offers some clear benefits.

Benefits of Choosing Reclaimed Wood

This reclaimed wood used in your rustic bedroom furniture has already stood the true test of time. It has been naturally weathered.  There is no further shrinking or changing in the wood as this has already happened years ago.  As each log of wood harvested has different wear and patterns to it, so will the look of your furniture.  No two pieces of furniture will be exactly alike.

Years ago, when the rustic look was just a way of life, each home was different.  Not by choice, but simply because the wood they used to hand make their home weathered and wore in different ways.  That exact look is what is being recreated now—not by weathering wood, but by recycling wood that has already gone through this process.  Not only are you getting rustic bedroom furniture that truly has a story to tell, but you are also helping with the environmental footprint by using some of the highest available woodworking products that are readily available to you without the task of additional harvesting.

Shop Around

There are many vendors today that sell rustic bedroom furniture.  As this furniture is designed to last for life, be aware of what you are purchasing.  Look for a vendor that can custom make your furniture to your specifications. Make sure your vendor has a warranty and is available afterwards for questions on care or maintenance.  Be assured that your vendor is reputable, and be aware of where their wood comes from.

At FoxDen Decor, we want to ensure that you are happy with your furniture and that it will last you for the lifetime that you intended. We custom build to order to ensure that what you receive is exactly, or even better than, what you had expected.  We will be as happy as you are when you finally have the bedroom of your dreams, furnished with rustic bedroom furniture.