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Reclaimed wood is one of the most popular ways to improve a home’s decor. Not only are these pieces usually made by hand by skilled artisans, but the wood itself is often exceptionally beautiful and can make a huge impact on the decor of any room. When it comes to vanities, there is nothing more commanding and beautiful than a custom reclaimed wood vanity, the perfect piece to set your home’s decor apart. If you are looking for a beautiful piece that will set your home’s decor apart, you should look into reclaimed wood vanities by Fox Den Decor. Here are just a few reasons why they are so popular.

1. Customization

The customization of our reclaimed wood vanities is practically unparalleled, especially compared to what you can find in your average furniture store. We pride ourselves in letting you select everything you want, and then handing your specification over to our talented furniture makers who craft incredible pieces.

Everything from color, size, and even our sink style is completely under your control, meaning you can create something that fits perfectly into your home. Whether you want an imposing double vanity that’s extra functional for you and your partner, or a functional-yet-funky piece that will fit into a smaller space, everything is up to you.

2. Incredible Artistry

The main thing that sets our reclaimed wood vanities apart from anyone else’s is our team of incredibly talented and dedicated furniture makers. This group of artists has been making furniture from reclaimed wood for years now, all using materials sourced around their studio. The pieces they produce are custom made by hand to each and every order, meaning that no two pieces are alike, and every single one is truly unique. No carbon copy, cookie cutter vanities, just beautiful pieces made with care and precision, all for you and delivered right to your door.

3. Function and Fashion

When you buy a custom reclaimed wood vanity, you not only get a beautiful piece made to your specifications, but you also get a piece that is both functional and fashionable, combining great looks with usability. For vanities, storage and size are key. Too big or small and it will look strange in the space. Not enough storage and your bathroom will be in disarray. That is why all of our pieces are easily made with plenty of storage space and to the dimensions you need, maximizing its usefulness while still looking unbelievable. Instead of getting a piece that just looks good, our vanities also help you keep your spaces organized.

Fox Den Decor has incredible, customizable vanities made from reclaimed wood that let you be in charge of everything, including size, shape, sink style, color, and more. Every piece is made by hand in our furniture studio by gifted furniture makers and sent to you directly. The result is an incredible, truly unique piece that will elevate your home’s decor. Visit Fox Den Decor today to start crafting your ideal reclaimed wood vanity that meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Reclaimed wood vanities have been the popular talk of home owners and decorators. It is easy to see why. These vanities are unique; each is made with wood that has come from a structure that is hundreds of years old. The wood grains and lines have stories to tell, and the vanity itself, even if made to a similar design, can never be perfectly replicated. Owning a reclaimed wood vanity means you literally own a piece of history.

Design aside, reclaimed wood is wood that has proven its ability to stand up to quality and longevity. The wood has already been weathered and aged. The natural aging process of the wood guarantee that it will not warp or shrink when used as a vanity. With today’s demand for lumber, wood is harvested from smaller trees (there is simply not enough time to allow for full maturity); reclaimed wood is wood that was used during the older harvesting method, generally hand cut from carefully selected trees. The beauty in the grains of wood and the quality of the cuts is very evident when compared to today’s lumber.

Reclaimed Wood VanityReclaimed wood is also, well, wood. Many of today’s products are made out of particle board. Particle board is a type of board that is created by pressing together and binding wood chips. This helps to create a much more economical type of board that can now be used to construct furniture. The issue with particle board is not the cost (it is much more economical); it is the quality and longevity. Particle board is designed for a limited amount of use and falls apart very easily. It does not stand up to high amounts of humidity and will swell and fall apart with prolonged contact with water. Solid wood, while coming in at a higher cost, will also last your lifetime and into the lifetime of future generations. The quality that comes from solid wood is unprecedented. The enhanced quality that comes from reclaimed wood goes without saying.

A reclaimed wood vanity comes with high quality, weather worn, and solid wood.

As this wood is not unlimited, they are also built to order using your specifications. Owning a reclaimed wood vanity means owning a vanity that was built from a structure that had its own story to tell—a structure that had its place in history. The custom creation also means that you are not compromising on design and style. You can specify the measurements you need for the space it will be placed in. You can also specify the look and feel and any custom embellishments you wish to have.

It is easy to see how a reclaimed wood vanity is a must-have piece of furniture if you are looking for the perfect home embellishment. Not only are you purchasing a solid vanity that will last for several lifetimes, but you are also purchasing a conversation piece that will stand out in your home. When you are ready to decorate, speak to our staff about our reclaimed wood vanities. Check out our latest vanities https://foxdendecor.com/bathroom-vanities/in-stock-bathroom-vanities/, we at FoxDen Decor will work with you to help create the vanity of your dreams—the last vanity you will ever need to purchase.

Reclaimed wood furniture is making a comeback for a few reasons, but one of them is that the material is so beautiful and eye-catching. The right rustic piece of reclaimed wood furniture can act as an authentic and beautiful centerpiece in your decor, and it can be a functional piece for storage, too.

It is for this reason that FoxDen Decor has created its own line of authentic reclaimed wood furniture. Made by skilled craftsmen using beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood, the line has become popular for its blend of function and fashion. Here are just a few reasons why people choose FoxDen Decor’s reclaimed wood furniture.

Authentic Rustic Looks

FoxDen Decor’s reclaimed wood furniture offers an authentic rustic feel because the wood comes from rustic places. Every piece is made from wood recovered from barns, corrals, and other structures found around our Mexican furniture studio. These authentic pieces of wood contribute a unique and distinguishable look to the pieces of furniture they become. The result is something that looks rustic because it is authentically so.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Reclaimed wood furniture not only has that authentic rustic feel, but it is also better for the environment. All of our reclaimed wood, recovered from Mexican agricultural buildings, reduces the need for new lumber by reusing existing pieces to create something new. So, while the piece looks fantastic, it is also better for the environment.Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Expert Craftsmanship

In our studio in Mexico, experienced and talented furniture makers build beautiful, unique pieces from high quality reclaimed materials. They are not only beautiful and rustic, but they are also made to last by using classic, tested carpentry skills. When you buy a piece of reclaimed wood furniture from FoxDen Decor, you can be assured that it will last for years and decades to come.

Customizable Options

Our line of reclaimed wood furniture fits seamlessly into your decor sensibilities for one very good reason: we can customize it to your exact specifications. When you order one of our pieces, you can choose everything about it: the dimensions, the color, the stain, and more are under your complete control. If you have a specific vision, and a specific idea of what reclaimed wood furniture would look best, you can work with our talented team of furniture makers to create that perfect piece.

Unique Pieces Just for You

Between the individual character found in the wood and your own customizations, choosing FoxDen Decor can mean you will have a piece of reclaimed wood furniture unlike anything else in the world—a piece that is wholly yours and your alone.

Reclaimed wood furniture is making a comeback. Not only are they beautiful, high quality pieces of furniture, but they are also an environmentally-friendly way to get an authentic rustic piece of furniture. At FoxDen Decor, we ensure that every piece of our reclaimed furniture line is built with strength and characters, meaning they will be unique pieces that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.


Reclaimed wood furniture is made from lumber salvaged from other structures, such as old barns, crates, pallets and wine barrels. As people become increasingly aware of the hazards to the environment caused by mass production and rampant consumerism, furnishing your home with reclaimed wood furniture is one way to make your space look great and keep your eco-conscience clean! Reduce, Re-use, and Re-cycle, right? More artisans and manufacturers are using reclaimed lumber as a way to manufacture beautiful products out of pre-existent, environmentally friendly materials.

If you want to add a touch of beauty and rustic charm to your home – but in an eco-friendly way – take a look at our selection of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood furniture ( http://foxdendecor.com/reclaimed-wood-furniture/ ). We offer vanities, bar stools, chairs, dressers, etc., all made from 100% reclaimed wood. We’ll also custom-make you something as per your request and specifications. Whatever you choose, know that you can feel good about it. Decorating your home shouldn’t have to take a toll on the environment.Reclaimed Wood Furniture


Not only is reclaimed wood furniture eco-friendly, but it’s also very aesthetically appealing. A piece of reclaimed wood furniture may be made from a variety of salvaged lumber from different sources, often featuring rich and diverse grains and hues. Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture is absolutely one-of-a-kind, so if you’re not into mass produced furniture, reclaimed wood furniture just may appeal to you.

The popularity of reclaimed wood furniture doesn’t just have to do with the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. In fact, many people are drawn to the unique character and beauty of reclaimed wood furniture, its rustic beauty and timeless charm. Depending on the design and manufacturer, reclaimed wood furniture can have a traditional or ultra-modern look, and it can either be painted in a variety of colors or left to showcase the raw beauty of the wood.

Strength and Beauty

Another benefit of reclaimed wood furniture is that it’s built to last, mainly because the lumber it is made from has already proven its strength and durability over hundreds of years. A lot of reclaimed wood comes from old growth forests rather than the new growth forests of today. The trees of these old forests were allowed to mature and grow strong before they were eventually cut down and made into lumber. Furthermore, many of the trees used for lumber a hundred or more years ago were hardwoods – oak, maple, beech, hickory, and birch – rather than softwoods. Unlike conifers or softwoods, trees classified as hardwoods are, as the name suggests, typically “harder” and more durable than softwoods. Harder would is more difficult to dent or damage, which means it lasts longer against elemental damage and every day wear-and-tear.

There are many reasons to choose reclaimed wood furniture : it’s eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind, and utterly gorgeous. Any piece of reclaimed wood furniture will be sure to make your home or office appear more beautiful and welcoming, not to mention chic and stylish. Check out our stunning selection of reclaimed wood vanities, dressers, chairs, and stools to add to your home or office. Remember: we will happily custom-make furniture upon request.

Have you ever walked into someone else’s living room for the first time only to be hit with a major case of Deja vu? Even though it’s a new place, you feel like you’ve been there before. Then you look around and realize why: they have the exact same furniture as many other people, maybe even you! There’s the coffee table you bought at a popular department store, the book shelf you assembled yourself from a discount furniture retailer, and the media cabinet you purchased from a big box store.

It can be disheartening to see that what you thought was your own personal style can actually be found in someone else’s home. That’s why, when it comes to decorating your home, it’s a good idea to add little personal touches that come from unique places to add a little charm and personality. Reclaimed furniture is a great way to add something that’s completely unique to your home.

A Second Life

Reclaimed wood furniture is furniture made from wood that previously had another use. It might come from barn walls, corral fencing, a large door or just about anything else. Using reclaimed wood to craft furniture is a great way to prevent waste—rather than being disposed of, these pieces of wood are given a second life as a beautiful piece of furniture, reducing the need for new trees to be cut down.Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Every Piece Has a Story

The beautiful thing about reclaimed wood furniture is that every piece has its own unique story. No two pieces are alike, and each one has a history attached to it: maybe your reclaimed wood headboard was once an ornate parlour door—the pride of someone’s home. Or perhaps your reclaimed wood china cabinet was constructed from the wood of a barn, the center of a bustling family farm, bringing that warm and rustic charm to your own home. Whatever the source, the wood used in this furniture is imbued with the stories, traditions, and charm from another place and time, adding a depth to your home that simply can’t be found in furniture from a chain retailer.

Attainable Individuality

Everybody wants a unique home, but a house full of high-end furniture and custom furnishings isn’t always attainable. Often, people default to furniture from big box stores because they can’t afford a house full of custom pieces. One of the best features of reclaimed wood furniture is that each piece stands out, so you don’t need to fill your home from top to bottom. Just one well-placed door, table, or cabinet will draw attention and add a wonderful warmth and texture to a room, so you can take your time collecting pieces that you love.

If you want to learn more about reclaimed wood furniture, contact us at Fox Den Decor. We’d love to tell you about our selection and help you find the perfect piece—a piece that will become a part of your home as your home becomes a part of its story.

Reclaimed wood furniture is making a big comeback this season. It boomed into popularity a decade ago, but soon fell out of favor. Now, as we head back to a more natural feel in our decor sensibilities, reclaimed wood furniture is back and more popular than ever.

Reclaimed wood furniture has a distinct and beautiful aesthetic that many people want for their homes. Shopping for it, however, takes a special eye for detail. Here are a few tips for helping you pick out the perfect piece of reclaimed wood furniture. Keeping these in mind while you’re shopping could save you money and ensFinding the Best Reclaimed Wood Furnitureure you get the best quality, customized reclaimed furniture product.

  1. Look for Experience

Reclaimed wood is a particularly temperamental material because it has been exposed to the elements. It’s not uncommon for reclaimed wood to crack and peel while it’s in use, which is a problem for all reclaimed wood furniture. Ideally, you’ll want to work closely with a professional furniture maker who has experience working with reclaimed wood. They can fashion a customized piece that will look great and won’t fall apart.

  1. Avoid Giant Furniture Stores

Many people often go to the big box stores for reclaimed wood furniture, but this can be a bad idea. Since box stores want to save as much money as possible, their reclaimed wood is often made on a mass production scale, which can compromise quality. It’s always better to work closely with the furniture designer so he or she can help you get the best products made to the highest quality.

  1. Look for Signs of Quality Craftsmanship

If you aren’t a professional cabinetmaker, you may have a hard time inspecting a piece of reclaimed wood furniture for its quality, but there are a few things you can look for that are easy to spot. The first is a floating top on tables. Floating tops mean the tabletop isn’t fully attached to the base. This helps ease the strain on the reclaimed wood, which now has room to expand and contract naturally. Another thing to look for is quality finishing and sealing. Poor construction quality will often do a poor job of sealing and properly finishing the wood. Look for very uneven coloring and spots that look unfinished or improperly sealed. These will both be signs of poor construction and inferior quality.

When you’re looking for quality reclaimed wood furniture, it’s always best to go with a custom order. This helps you stay in control of more of the project instead of settling on whatever the store has left in stock. With reclaimed wood, especially, it’s important to work with a company that has the right people and the right experience to handle the job. Reclaimed wood is fragile and needs to be worked in a particular way. Without that customized wood furniture experience, you could end up with something of inferior quality.

At FoxDen Decor, we pride ourselves on working closely with all our clients to give them beautiful, unique reclaimed wood furniture. Contact us today to see what we can make for you.

Reclaimed wood furniture, or furniture made from wood that is used is a beautiful alternative to brand new furniture. Here are a few reasons why people are falling in love with reclaimed wood furniture.

1 Environment- Friendly

Furniture building is a great strain on the environment. Fresh-cut timber and wood is often required to make brand-new furniture, and even low-quality pieces that use composite require a lot of trees to make even a simple piece. Reclaimed wood furniture is made from old wood that’s already been harvested rather than cutting down healthy trees. This makes it better for the environment by reusing materials instead of harvesting brand new ones.

  1. Truly UniqueReclaimed Wood Furniture

Besides the environmental advantages, reclaimed wood is also inherently individual and unique. Unlike brand new furniture that is made to look the exact same, reclaimed wood furniture is made from pieces of wood that bear individual looks. It would give a natural charm and an antique feel. Whatever the reasons, no piece of reclaimed wood furniture ever looks exactly the same as another because the wood itself has a lot of personality and character.

  1. Strength and Durability

While reclaimed wood furniture may be older and used, the best varieties are built for years to come. Many people do not know this, but reclaimed wood is often stronger than fresh lumber due to the fact that it has been dried and treated. Quality construction and design are key factors to creating the best furniture made from reclaimed wood, and FoxDen Decor’s has attracted some of the most talented furniture artisans to make the best furniture available. Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture made by one of these talented craftsmen is both beautiful and functional, so you can have a piece that not only looks different, but will also stand up to everyday use for years, even decades, to come.

  1. Natural Beauty

Reclaimed wood furniture usually becomes a centerpiece in almost any room, and the reason is simple: they command attention. The combination of unique materials and a bold look can help define a room’s decor. Because of the rugged look, these pieces look best in rooms that lean into the rustic feel. When combined with antique accent pieces and copper finishes, reclaimed furniture will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a different era.

Reclaimed wood furniture enjoys a continued popularity for a number of reasons. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a better alternative to brand new furniture. If you are looking for unique, individual, and incredible furniture made from reclaimed wood, be sure to check out the selection at FoxDen Decor. Designed by some of the world’s best furniture creators, and built using the finest reclaimed wood, your next piece of furniture could come to define your entire home’s new look.

Are you looking for a new table for your house? You may want to consider reclaimed wood tables. Here at FoxDen Decor, we have various styles and sizes to choose from, and they are available made to order. It is a cost-effective way to furnish your home, and your home will have a timeless, traditional, and beautiful look that can only be achieved with reclaimed wood.

Why is it a smart alternative?

First of all, reclaimed wood is old wood that was used in construction to make buildings that are currently demolished. However, the reclaimed wood is recycled instead of being destroyed. It is made from old lumber, and you can use it for warehouses, barns and boxcars, but you will also see it a lot in homes in the form of tables, desks and drawers. Furthermore, it will become the centrepiece of any room, and it will add value.

Reclaimed wood furniture is about creating a history with your family, and it is made with high quality materials that you will enjoy for years to come. We work with furniture manufacturers around the world, and they all have their own unique style. Moreover, you will be supporting the “going green” movement, because this type of wood doesn’t contain materials that are hard on the environment.

 reclaimed wood table

Reclaimed wood is becoming increasingly popular among customers

For example, one reclaimed table that we have is the “Savannah dining room table”, which is a beautiful rustic dining table with x-style legs. It is made from kiln pine with a traditional, trademark look, and the legs fold underneath. This feature makes the table easier to move around.  In addition, our reclaimed wood is left unfinished in order to preserve the natural rustic look, and the lumber is salvaged and rare. Additionally, your table will vary from what you see on our website.

Another example is our “Acuna Rustic coffee table,” which is a custom, handmade coffee table. You will have a variety of colors to choose from, as well as which hardware you would like to have. In addition, you will like the drawer in the middle, which has a ring in the centre to help you pull the drawer with ease.

Why is it cost-effective?

There are many reasons why you should choose reclaimed furniture. One reason is because it is cost-effective, and you can save lots of money with this type of furniture. It is the cheaper alternative because wood furnishing is becoming expensive. This is because of the damage that it causes to the environment.

Another reason it is cost effective is because fewer trees are being used, and it doesn’t have to be reshaped, which helps companies like ours save money on labor costs and time. Furthermore, the wood is already treated, so you will not have to treat it again, which will save you more money. It is one of the best methods of recycling, mainly because it doesn’t require the use of new lumber.

Here at FoxDen Decor, we are committed to selling tables that will last a long time, and tables that are elegant as well.

Every home needs updating every now and then—whether it’s a change in color scheme, rearranging furniture, or re-decorating a space. Maybe you want to switch your theme from modern contemporary to more of a chi- rustic look. A rustic or reclaimed look can make your home appear like a brand new space. Even a few new additions such as mirrors, kitchen islands or entertainment centres can breathe new life into a boring or aged home. If you’re looking for a fresh look with a rustic twist, try adding some reclaimed wood furniture to the mix.

What kinds of reclaimed wood furniture can you implement into your home?

There are so many different kReclaimed wood furnitureinds of upgrades you can make with reclaimed wood furniture. Simple

changes such as a new mirror can add a lot of character to boring home décor. Reclaimed wood is taken from barns, corrals and other old structures, and reclaimed to look like new, while still keeping that aged look. You can also implement different pieces into your home such as entertainment centres, kitchen islands, and vanities. Reclaimed pieces can also be finished in many different colours such as light, dark and grey wood, and more vibrant shades of blue, yellow and other palettes.

Reclaimed pieces can be implemented into any décor theme. Because rustic and aged furniture is making a comeback, people are using them in contemporary and modern themes, as well as traditional, nautical, country and many others. This furniture is really great for any space.

Where can I find reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture can be found at a number of different department stores, furniture stores and boutiques, however, this reclaimed furniture is not always authentic, and can simply be furniture that has been made to look reclaimed but is actually utilizing new products. At FoxDen Decor, we use only the most authentic of resources. We source our wood from old barns, corrals and other structures all over Mexico, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Each of our pieces is hand made so your chosen item will be unique. We also construct our furniture on a made-to-order basis; therefore, you have the opportunity to customize your piece’s color and dimensions. No two pieces will ever be alike, which is an added bonus when decorating your home, as everyone wants their décor to be rare and original.

Ordering and customization can be easy.

When ordering a piece from FoxDen Decor, customization is easy. All you need to do is simply notify us of the customization before your place your order and we get to work on your special item! Make each piece match your current theme by implementing a colour scheme. Need a certain item to fit into a specific space? Make dimensional customizations with just a click of a button!  Customization can be fun and easy, and you’ll be happy with your unique choices.

If you’re looking for reclaimed wood furniture that makes a statement, contact us at FoxDen Decor today, or visit our website to place an order.


When it comes to furniture, there is little better than old pieces being given new life. A combination of older materials and a contemporary design aesthetic can rejuvenate almost any room and update its look while still honoring the past. If you’re on the market for something unique and beautiful for your home, consider a custom-built piece of reclaimed furniture  from FoxDen Decor. Here are just a few reasons why it could breathe new life into your home’s look.

reclaimed furniture1. Something Old

Probably the most predominant trait of reclaimed furniture is its older look. By using previously-used wood, any piece made by Fox Den Decor will have a distinctly rustic and lived-in look, simply because the materials are themselves well-worn and distinctive. The pieces look like something that’s been around for years, even if it has a modern design sense, which can help your home look like a place where people live rather than the sterilized feel that many contemporary pieces can sometimes project.

2. Something New

But with the old comes a little bit of something new, distinctive, and different. Our furniture creators are hand-picked from around the world for their particular design sense, bringing you some of the most talented people in the world. The combination of reclaimed materials and modern styles means that, while the piece will have a beautiful sense of the past, it will fit into, even define, a contemporary aesthetic and give your home a personalized touch of style.

3. Something You

Of course, every custom-made FoxDen Decor piece that’s made from reclaimed wood also has a look that has a little bit of your own touch, letting your home exude your own design and decor sense through a couple of well-placed pieces. Custom-built reclaimed furniture at FoxDen Decor are made to your specifications and in conjunction with a talented and professional furniture creator. The entire process is collaborative, so you can have a piece that feels like you’re a part of its creation, rather than something that fits in with what you had in mind. The result is a look that screams “you,” not someone else, and that can only lead to a better looking home decor experience.

Choose FoxDen for your furniture needs

Reclaimed furniture is a beautiful addition to nearly any home, yet it must be done with care and style. Using old pieces of wood from various sources means that your piece, even before it’s built, will have a distinctive look that harkens back to the days of old. But when it’s turned into something beautiful through a custom-build with FoxDen Decor, that piece of wood can rejuvenate a home’s look, all while providing a piece that has a sense of you within it. Rather than settle on something new that fits within your vision, work together with some of the best furniture designers in the world for a piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood. It’s one of the best ways you can reclaim your home’s beauty.

Fashionably Green

As people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, the business world is responding to customers’ demands for sustainable products. Furniture manufacturers, for example, are using reclaimed wood to build stylish and attractive tables, shelves and chairs. In fact, using reclaimed wood is becoming an increasingly popular way to build furniture, so much so that reclaimed or antique lumber is primarily being used for decoration and furniture/home building.

The trend

Why is reclaimed wood so popular? Well, for one, it’s a sustainable and environmentally conscious way to use discarded lumber that would otherwise end up in the trash. When you use reclaimed wood, you are employing all three of the three “R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. In addition to being great for the environment, reclaimed wood tables and other furniture also looks great, as the different hues and tones of the reclaimed wood gives furniture made from it a unique and striking appearance. Reclaimed wood is also popular for the history it carries. People often scavenge reclaimed lumber from old and dilapidated buildings, which means that the wood may have come from a forest that, unfortunately, may not even exist anymore. Given the increases in clear-cutting forestry practices, the reclaimed lumber a furniture manufacturer uses is a testament to a time when forests thrived. Reclaimed wood furniture not only helps the environment, it also tells a story.

reclaimed wood tables

The Test of Time

What’s interesting to note is that reclaimed wood is not only very attractive in appearance, but it is also incredible strong, resistant and durable. In fact, because a lot of reclaimed lumber can be over a hundred years old, its increased strength is often attributed to the lack of air pollution that existed up until the massive industrialization of the 20th century. In addition, a lot of the wood harvested in the early 20th century was often harvested from virgin growth timber, which grew over the course of centuries and, as such, had a couple of hundred years to develop into strong, durable, and stable lumber.

Reclaimed wood is so popular among consumers for its strength, durability, and attractiveness that some sellers will try and pass off newer, distressed wood as “antique.” And, while it might seem contradictory to charge more for furniture made with old wood rather than new, the fact of the matter is that in many cases, furniture and decorative pieces made with reclaimed lumber often come with a higher price tag, due to the increased quality of the lumber. Reclaimed wood, after all, is labor intensive, because it often requires carpenters and manufacturers to remove all of the rusted nails, hinges and metal pieces that are stuck in it. It’s well worth the effort, however, as anything crafted with reclaimed wood is both visually stunning and long-lasting. After all, reclaimed lumber has already beaten the test of time.

If you want to add a stylish but highly functional piece to your home, take a look at our selection of reclaimed wood items at FoxDen Decor. You’ll fall in love immediately with their perfect combination of the old and the new.

With the increasing focus on environmentally friendly and green building materials for construction and designs, the industry has worked hard to find solutions to preserve nature. One of the most popular of these solutions is using reclaimed wood, which is why the design of the future is reclaimed wood furniture.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

This type of wood (reclaimed wood) is wood that was used in construction to make a building; but now the building has been disassembled for various reasons. The use of reclaimed wood is recycling the wood materials instead of destroying it and having to cut down more trees to build something else.

The dismantling of buildings often happens when the building falls into disrepair, is no longer used, or is sold to someone who intends to repurpose the land. Wooden beams in these buildings, such as barns, may be transplanted to a different, similarly sized building, but other aspects of the building can be reclaimed and used to make furniture and other items.

For now we are going to look at the benefits of using reclaimed wood on the environment.

Reclaiming Wood to Save the Environment

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Recycling wood is one of the purest forms of recycling in the building industry. Demolishing one building and then using the wood to build furniture, other buildings, and to create flooring has many benefits. The main thing is that new lumber is not necessary so fewer trees are cut down. Another benefit to recycling wood is that many times it only has to be transported without having to be reshaped which saves on labor costs and time.

The Cost of Reclaimed Wood

Because of these money savings, the use of reclaimed wood is usually less expensive. As well, the wood is usually already treated so the user of the wood does not have to repeat this step. This saves even more money.

Reclaimed Wood Choices

Recycled wood comes in a variety of types just as regular lumber does. Whether it’s, oak, mahogany, pine or another type of wood, if it was used before it can go on the market for new items.

Benefits: The Design of the Future – Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Besides using reclaimed wood to build buildings and other structures, it is ideal for wood furniture. The biggest benefit of furniture designed from reclaimed wood is that it is unique, and the wood to create it can come from anywhere in the world. Another reason why no two pieces of furniture will be the same is that the color varies depending on the nature of the product when it was originally built. In addition, carpenters handcraft furniture pieces so they can offer one of a kind dimensions and customizations to each piece.

Style Options with Reclaimed Wood Furniture Designs

When it comes to home décor there are no restrictions to what reclaimed wood can be used for. It can be used to create vanities, mirror frames, mantles, household furniture, beds, etc.

At FoxDen Decor we care a lot about the environment. If you are environmentally conscious or if you just love unique furniture, you can see our designs by going to our website. It is important to note that we also accept customized requests. Find out why the design of the future is reclaimed wood furniture.