Are you looking for a rustic bath vanity that will give your bathroom personality? FoxDen Decor has rustic bathroom vanities that can do that, regardless of your taste. All of our vanities are custom made to order, and you will be impressed with the results.

A bathroom that stands out

We have an eclectic selection of rustic bathroom vanities. All of the vanities are made from 100% kiln dried pine, and you can also have a rustic bath vanity that is made from reclaimed barn wood. Additionally, they are made with only the highest quality wood, and they are smoothly polished to make the bathroom vanities appear rustic. Furthermore, we have vintage vanities, such as our farmhouse bathroom vanities, and it will add a country feel to your bathroom. The center door has an x pattern on it, and it is popular in farmhouse décor. The sink can go above the vanity door, and it can be drop in or vessel. It is equipped with two fully-functional drawers, and the vanity has a hand-rubbed paste wax on the surface. Moreover, the top of the vanity is sealed to protect against any water.

rustic bath vanity

Another popular way of incorporating a rustic bath vanity is by using the double vanity style. It is an effective way you can share your bathroom with your family members. For example, you would like our double sink vanity that is made from reclaimed wood. It is suitable for a large bathroom, and it is also made from reclaimed barn wood.

If you’re looking for a bright vanity, our Star White vanity is a good choice. It has a beautiful hand carved design on each door, and it has a white finish with a hand rubbed wax. Additionally, there is no need to worry about getting water on this rustic bath vanity, because it is sealed to protect against water damage. The cabinets have a lot of space for plumbing, and so you can keep a lot of items in them.

Functionality and Beauty

Another option is our seven drawer black rustic bath vanity. The drawers on each side are functional, but the center drawer is fake. Additionally, the finish is matte black with light distressing. If you’re looking for a vanity with a lot of drawers, you will like our six drawer vanity. It is made from reclaimed barn wood that is from old barns and stables in Mexico. It is also sanded down so it will become smooth, and it is finished with a hand rubbed paste wax.

In addition, we have a bowl-topped sinks, and there are some that are similar to our farmhouse vanities. One example is our Anson distressed rustic bath vanity, which has two bowl-topped sinks. It can be used for either single or double sink vanities, and you can customize the color and style as well. Our rustic wood furniture allows you to use your imagination, and you can customize it. At FoxDen Decor ( ), we have something for every bathroom, and we guarantee you can make your bathroom your own personal oasis.