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If you are interested in giving your home a bathroom makeover, one of the best ways to take it to the next level is by installing a sink that your guests are sure to be impressed with. FoxDen Décor has a wide selection of hand made copper sinks that are sure to leave an impression on all who view them. These sinks go well beyond functionality; they are truly works of art that can be installed in your bathroom. Once you choose one of these pieces for your own home, it will quickly become the focal point in the room. Each sink offers a unique style and shape, ensuring that you will find one that will go well with the rest of your décor. These sinks also showcase a gorgeous patina, which is a natural sheen produced by age, heightening their aesthetic beauty.

Copper Sinks

Round Copper Sink

This traditional, yet strikingly beautiful round copper sink may be exactly what you are looking for to brighten up your bathroom. Due to its simplistic yet striking design, this sink is sure to compliment most bathrooms, regardless of style or décor. Its form and function are sure to please; it is as gorgeous as it is useful. These sinks are 15” in diameter, making them the perfect size, no matter how small or large your bathroom is. They will serve as a striking focal point in a smaller room, or will steal the show in a large, spa-like retreat. These sinks also have a patina that you have to see to believe. Adding rich character and charm, this natural patina ranges from orange to bronze to black tones, so please expect some variation in the finish of your sink. Each piece is a hand made, unique creation that is designed with you in mind! These round copper sinks are made to order, so don’t delay if you are interested in securing one of your own for your bathroom renovation project!

Humu Fish Copper Vessel Sink

Humu Fish Copper Vessel Sink

If you aren’t shy and have a design style to match, you may be interested in the whimsical humu fish copper vessel sink, available through FoxDen Décor. These sinks are fully made to order and are sure to add a playful and unique element to any bathroom design. You are sure to have a bathroom that your guests won’t soon forget with a beautiful copper sink shaped like a fish! This sink brings a little bit of the outdoors in by incorporating nature into the design. This rustic inspired sink will look great in any bathroom vanity, and it is sure to please all who look upon it. As this sink is fully made of copper, it will compliment your wood furniture or an Americana design style beautifully.

FoxDen Décor Values You

Allow FoxDen Décor to make your dreams become a reality. If you cannot find precisely what you are looking for on our website, contact us at 1-888-666-1113 and we will do our best to help create the piece that you have visualized in your head. We are always here to help our valued customers, providing you with the information that you need to help make the very best choices for your home. We have the ability to custom create every order and respond to customer inquiries seven days per week. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and are not happy until you are!

A Rustic Touch

Let’s face it: a nice bathroom can make all the difference in your home. But even in a beautifully decorated bathroom, the sink is usually still mundane and unimpressive. A copper sink brings the rest of a bathroom to life. It gives the room a warm, rustic ambiance, and catches your eye the second you walk in. With one simple design choice, your sink goes from being a dull piece of plumbing to the highlight of your bathroom.

FoxDen Decor’s copper sinks do more than just spice up a room, though – our sinks are stunning, handmade pieces, crafted in a wide range of shapes and boasting a variety of all-natural colors, thanks to the unique natural sheen of copper. Our copper sinks are the perfect marriage of timeless style and one-of-a-kind artistry, meaning that they’ll always be classic, but they’ll never be dated.

Copper sinks are an affordable and easy way to turn a space around without breaking the bank. It can be hard to find an accent piece that’s on trend but won’t go out of style. Copper is a perfect solution to that problem; because of their warmth and variability, copper sinks go well with any design scheme. The variety of different finishes copper can have means that your copper sink can be anything from a shiny contemporary centerpiece to a subtle call back to a simpler time.Copper Sinks

Elegant and Environmental

Believe it or not, copper sinks aren’t just aesthetically gorgeous; they’re actually better for you than traditional sink materials. We all know that bathrooms are exposed to a lot of bacteria, and the last thing any of us want is for that bacteria to stick around. Copper’s natural properties mean that harmful bacteria that can survive for days or even weeks in other sinks die very quickly in copper ones, making copper a safer choice for your bathroom.

On top of that, copper has anti-rusting properties. Unlike with traditional sinks, where you have to worry about rust forming over time, copper never corrodes. Copper is also better for the environment than traditional sink materials – it’s long lasting and easy to recycle. By purchasing one of our copper sinks, you’re choosing a piece that’s stylish and sustainable.

Customized to Your Vision

At FoxDen Decor, every piece is hand-made to order, ensuring you get quality and originality. We have an amazing selection of copper sinks listed on our website. If none of them are exactly what you have in mind, though, never fear. We offer customized sinks to make sure you end up with the perfect shape, style, and color for the standout piece of your dreams. All of pieces boast delicate craftsmanship and authentic copper patina, and we are committed to helping you get the design that lifts your bathroom and breathes new life into your everyday routines.

Our copper sinks are the perfect way to update your bathroom on a budget. They’re timeless but trendy, completely one-of-a-kind, and guaranteed to impress every guest who passes through your home.

These days, more and more homes are converting their bathroom space to contain a double sink bathroom vanity.  This type of conversion gives as much function as it does style.  It creates a larger looking area in your bathroom while expanding your functionally usable space at the same time. When deciding on new bathroom fixtures, how do you know if this move is right for you?  The best way is to review the pros and cons.

Pros :

A double sink bathroom vanity instantly doubles your usable sink space. When two or more people are using the bathroom at the same time, the extra sink really opens up possibilities.  The person brushing their teeth or washing their hands does not need to get interrupted when someone else requires some sink space. It makes the morning pre-work routine much faster and easier to manage.  For homes with multiple family members and a less-than-ideal number of bathrooms, this is really a clever move to make.  This is also a benefit to those who have family members who use bathroom sinks as a place to soak or wash items.  Delicate laundry items or even dental items are often soaked or washed in bathroom sinks.  A double sink leaves a functioning sink open while the other one is occupied. As with most bathroom vanities, there are some very elegant designs on today’s market.  The double sink bathroom vanity also doubles as an excellent home fashion statement.  When a vanity is combined with the right faucet and cabinet fixtures, it instantly becomes the centerpiece for your bathroom.

Double Sink Bathroom VanityCons :

While there are definite bonuses to a double sink bathroom vanity, there are a few cons to carefully consider.  Having two sinks will cut down the counter space on your vanity.  If you are a household that has baskets or multiple accessories on the countertop of your vanity, it is important to realize that much of this surface space will be lost when a two-sink countertop is installed.  An option to solve this is to have a longer vanity.  Of course, this option is only viable if your bathroom has the space to allow for such an expansion.  Another thing to consider is that you will now be paying a plumber to install two sinks, rather than just one. The workload on this type of installation is nearly double that of a regular sink.  Be sure to get estimates of costs for a vanity installation and use it as part of your decision-making process.

FoxDen Decor manufactures custom built vanities for double bathroom sinks.  Their ability to build to order allows them to create a one of a kind vanity for your bathroom, built to your specifications.  These custom pieces are built to your measurements, and therefore will fit perfectly into your bathroom space.  If you are building your home or renovating an existing bathroom, consider the benefits of a reclaimed wood double sink bathroom vanity from FoxDen Decor. You will love the look that these vanities will bring to your bathroom space.

Nothing says “Master Bathroom” like a bold, double sink bathroom vanity cabinet. Don’t leave your large bathroom feeling empty—embrace the space-filling grandeur of this classic style of bathroom vanity.

Bathrooms Are the New Kitchens

Beautiful bathrooms are the latest design trend. The era of small, simple, out-of-the-way bathrooms is over, and the era of large, comfortable, elegant bathrooms has begun. Think about how people use bathrooms now—they’re not just functional; they’re also a place to linger for a minute to check your messages while at a party. Bathrooms are a place to escape for a moment and unwind. Having a double-sink bathroom vanity helps to create an open, spacious feeling for guests who would rather not spend their breather in a cramped, claustrophobic cell.

Master bathrooms are even more important—as an extension of the master bedroom, they serve as a space where loving partners prepare for the day together every morning. With only one sink, partners might have to take turns getting ready and might find themselves stepping over one another’s feet. With a double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet, they can get ready side-by-side each with their own space. Double sinks make morning preparation a partnership, not a competition.Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Get That Rustic Feeling

You might have noticed that people are getting sick of the pale, antiseptic style of many modern bathrooms. In the past, this style evoked cleanliness, but now it just reminds people of public washrooms. If you want your spouse or your houseguests—or, for that matter, yourself—to feel relaxed and comfortable in your bathrooms, you need to embrace the warm, dark tones of rustic wood furniture. Centering your bathroom around a rustic wood double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet ensures that it will feel like a home away from home for anyone who uses it.

Fitting In

The one universal quality of all double-sink bathroom vanity cabinets is their size—it takes a lot of space to fit two sinks. Unfortunately, you can’t just change the size of your bathroom to match whatever double sink bathroom vanity cabinet you find at a retail store. Every bathroom is a slightly different size, so bathroom vanity cabinets should be, too. Getting your double sink bathroom vanity cabinet custom-made ensures that it will fit your bathroom perfectly, leaving no extra space for dust to accumulate.

More Space for Storage

People store a lot of things in their bathroom vanity cabinets ( )—medicine, first aid kits, cleaning supplies, and more gets stuffed into drawers and under sinks. A double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet gives twice as much storage space for all of your essential items, compared to a single-sink vanity. Of course, you could just leave everything on the empty floor-space where a second sink could have gone, but the double-sink vanity cabinet is a much more elegant solution.

A Unique Look

If you want to set trends with a custom-made, rustic double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet, look no further than FoxDen Decor’s unique designs. Have a one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship define the look and feel of your bathrooms.

When you think about beautifying kitchen or bathroom, your mind probably starts with countertops, wallpaper, and flooring. You might be thinking about what kind of bath mat would look good next to your tub, or what kind of light would make the area relaxing. Those are all excellent options to consider, but a major centerpiece of any room is the sink. Bathroom sinks are frequently used, so finding the right one is a very important part of decorating or renovating your home. If you’re looking to add a bit of uniqueness to your bathroom, you should look at FoxDen Decor’s line of copper sinks.

Why Copper?

Copper is a very useful metal. It’s used in electrical wiring for its excellent conductivity, and used widely for its low melting point. But when you look at the copper sinks, you’ll see that there is much more to this metal than just its practical applications. Copper, in addition to its other properties, is naturally beautiful. Think of the shine of a new penny and you can picture the potential that copper sinks brightening up your bathroom. The rich, warm hue of copper can add a rustic charm along with contemporary style.

copper-sinksBetter with Age

One reason for copper’s popularity is the way it ages. Some metals rust or corrode when they age. Others become warped and discolored, losing their strength and attractiveness. Copper, on the other hand, develops what is called a patina. A patina is an ever-changing natural coating on the surface of your copper sink. It darkens and deepens with time, but it can lighten when it encounters certain acidic substances. The result is a piece that will show its age without showing its wear and tear. For something that will be used as often as a sink will, this is important.

Easy Care

With something as beautiful and elegant as our copper sinks, you would almost expect an intensive maintenance routine to be part and parcel. Fortunately, that’s not the case at all. Copper requires no special care beyond what you would give a porcelain or steel sink. Wipe away any messes as they happen, clean it periodically with ordinary household cleaners, and your sink will remain as lovely as the day it was installed. You have enough housework to do. Let your sink take care of itself.

Endless Potential

FoxDen Decor’s copper sinks come in many shapes and sizes. We offer a variety of styles and colors to suit whatever would fit in your dream home. Each piece is an original, making your bathroom totally and uniquely beautiful. We will work with you every step of the way so that when you receive your sink, you will be completely satisfied with it for years to come. And don’t forget to check out the rest of FoxDen Decor while you shop for your copper sink. You might just find the perfect fit where you were least expecting it!

When it comes to remodeling, it can be the subtle changes that make the biggest difference. This becomes very apparent when it comes to bathroom renovations. Bathrooms, because of their size verses their use, can be very tricky when it comes to upgrading a look without compromising on size and usability. Quite often, expanding or moving utilities are not the best options. When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, one of the most noticeable changes you can make is to your bathroom sink. Rather than opting for a new version of a porcelain sink, consider buying a copper sink.

A Unique Look

Copper sinks have a unique and classic look. They stand apart from the typical white porcelain sink. A change as simple as your sink will instantly upgrade the look of your bathroom. It creates a timeless classic look that becomes the centerpiece of your bathroom. A copper sink goes extremely well with a rustic themed room. It also blends seamlessly with a contemporary and modern look. Copper sinks have don’t just add glamor but is also low maintenance.  

Antibacterial Benefits

Copper sinks are known for their antibacterial qualities. Unlike their porcelain cousins whose bacteria can last for days, the bacteria in copper sinks can die within a few hours. When you consider that sinks are used as a cleaning utility, this becomes very important. An antibacterial sink creates a cleaner and less harmful environmental space. The natural qualities of this sink gives the additional help you need to ensure that your family is one step further away from harmful bacteria.copper sinks

 Many Shapes and Sizes

Copper is a very malleable material. A sheet of copper can be molded and shaped into any design. The result is an endless supply of highly customizable copper sinks to match the design or even create a new design for your bathroom. You can step away from the traditional look and own a sink that is one of a kind. In addition to this, copper sinks do not rust. Their natural anti rusting qualities make the long term investment of these sinks worth any extra money that you were unsure of spending.

Copper sinks come in any design and style a home owner or designer desires. Their unique looks are only limited by the imagination of the creator. Copper sinks give an instant upgraded look to any bathroom they are fitted in. Not only do they increase in value and appeal over time, but they also do not rust or decline in quality over the long term use of owning one. At FoxDen Decor, we would love the opportunity to be able to work with you to sell you the perfect sink. Combined with our rustic furniture, we can work with you to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Copper sinks have recently become popular because of their beautiful look and lasting appeal. They can give almost any bathroom a brand new, rustic feel. But not all copper sinks are created equally, which is why you need to learn more about them before making a purchase. Here are some handy tips about buying a copper sink that will help you make a better, more informed decision.

1. Learn About Copper

Buying a porcelain sink is relatively straight-forward compared to buying a copper sink precisely because the material isn’t as complex. With porcelain, your only concern is with shape and size over the material itself, but with a copper sink, the material matters. Not all copper is created equally, which is why you need to learn more about copper before you can find that perfect copper sink.

Copper SinkCopper quality is gauged on two separate factors: purity and thickness. Unlike gold, purity in copper means a more durable product, which is essential for a sink. You should look for as close to pure copper as possible. Other elements can lead to unsightly discoloration and oxidization, which can compromise the sink’s durability.

For thickness, also called its “gauge,” you’ll want a thicker sink. Despite being metal, copper is still relatively soft, so a thicker sink will last longer. Thinner sinks will also make a distinct tinny noise when struck with water. In general, look for lower gauges in your copper, anything from 18 to 14 will do. Watch out for foam linings as well, which are usually used to cover up for thinner copper while reducing that distinct tin noise.

2. Think About Style

Style is just as important as the quality of materials since construction will lead to a better overall product. Since the best copper sinks are created by hand, it’s important to learn about the expected dimensions before you make a purchase. If the drain hole, for example, is too small to meet your local plumbing codes, the sink will be a liability instead of a beautiful centerpiece for your bathroom.

3. Get the Right Sink from the Right Supplier

Copper sinks, while beautiful, are not created equally. In fact, they are not. At FoxDen Decor, each copper sink is made to order by our incredible development team. Each sink is also made with a gorgeous patina that not only looks amazing, but will also help protect your copper sink from discoloration. If you’re on the market for the perfect copper sink and want one with a unique, individual look, be sure to check out our wonderful selection of copper sinks.

Copper sinks used to be a piece of necessity but they have roared back into trendy homes because of their functional designs and amazing looks. Perfect for rustic-looking bathrooms, cottages, and cabins, the perfect copper sink can come to define a bathroom’s look. And with the right construction, a copper sink can outlast a traditional porcelain one—as long as you find the right model. For beautiful, unique copper sinks, be sure to look through our website.

Choosing a focal point in any room during a renovation, major or minor, can be tough! You have all kinds of choices, from light fixtures to accent walls, special flooring to luxury features, how do you choose? Well, if you are like most people doing renovations, you likely have a budget! If you are looking for an affordable way to create a focal point in a bathroom renovation, consider choosing a unique sink.


There are many materials available for sinks ( ) these days. While you can still choose traditional porcelain or ceramic, there are more exciting options out there. You can choose from an array of metals, including copper, which offers a distinctly earthen feel and appearance, or you can go with something ultra-modern like glass. The important thing is that you review everything available before deciding on something run-of-the-mill.

Copper Sink


Sink styles have changed a boat load over the years, too. There are pedestal versions, top mounts, bottom mounts, round ones, oval ones…you name it! This means that you can choose a sink in a shape and style that best compliments your renovation vision. If, for example, you know you want a copper sink, you then have to decide what shape you want it in. Do you want it to sit on top of your counter, or to be mounted from underneath? This, of course, will depend on the impact you want the copper to have. Should it be obvious and center-stage, or should it be a more subtle feature that you discover as you enter the room?


The vanity can play a large role in the sink you choose. A traditional store bought vanity may be predesigned to only accommodate a certain style of sink, such as a top mount. You must keep this in mind when shopping for your bathroom cabinets, vanities and storage solutions. Another option is to repurpose another piece of furniture for your bathroom vanity. You can re-use an old dresser, cabinet or desk, and alter to accommodate any sink you want. This will also allow you to provide any finish you desire. This is a great way to incorporate rustic or vintage furniture into your bathroom.


Copper sinks aren’t expensive, and they are a great way to update a bathroom, even if you can’t afford a full-on renovation. A simple sink swap can go a long way to changing the mood of the room, and paired with some fresh paint and updated accessories, you can create a whole new space with just a few hundred dollars.

Get creative

Copper sinks are a great modern fixture to feature in your home and they are an affordable option. Switching out small feature pieces like sinks, faucets and even lighting, can be a great but manageable way to update your space on budget. Investigate your options today at FoxDen Decor to see if copper sinks are good fit for your home. Maybe you will get the inspiration you need to change the whole mood of your living space with minimal effort!

Every one of our sinks is meticulously handcrafted, making each one truly unique. Because all of our sinks are crafted by hand, each sink has its own unique patina, which is a naturally forming green or brown film that is produced in the process of oxidization. The patina adds a beautiful rustic and non-replicable design to each of our beautiful copper sinks. If you want to make a statement, install a one-of-a-kind copper sink in your bathroom. Your guests will be sure to compliment you on it!

Copper is, after all, not the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they’re shopping for sinks. Most people go the classic route, choosing porcelain or, if they’re a bit more adventurous, glass. Yet copper is the perfect material for a bathroom sink: it’s durable and water and stain resistant, in addition to being beautiful. If you want to impress your guests with your bathroom décor, install the unpredictable – a copper sink. It’s truly unique.Copper Sinks

Stand Out

Some people might think that a copper sink wouldn’t match their toilet or bathtub. But the fact is, there is no need to match! Adding an element of contrast into your bathroom décor is an excellent way to make the space more attractive and dynamic. By installing a copper sink, you’ll definitely add contrast to your bathroom décor, and draw people’s attention to the beauty and elegance of your bathroom sink. Copper sinks stand out in ways that typical porcelain or ceramic sinks can’t. Have you ever complimented anyone on their bathroom sink? Chances are, you probably haven’t. Most sinks just blend in with the bathroom décor. When you install a copper sink, however, expect to hear compliments all the time. In fact, if there’s one drawback to copper sinks, it’s that you might get sick of hearing all the compliments about it!

Timeless Style

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, think about installing a copper sink. Because it combines the contemporary with rustic style, copper sinks are timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Even if you decide to remodel your bathroom again in ten or twenty years, you’ll be sure to keep your copper sink. These sinks will hold up against water damage and daily use, and look great for years to come.

Not only are they attractive, copper sinks are also an affordable addition to any bathroom. Why not take a look at our selection of beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-crafted copper sinks? Installing a copper sink will completely transform your bathroom, even if you do no other remodeling to the space! Copper sinks are a great choice for bathrooms, and when you buy from us, you are guaranteed only the highest in quality and design.

In fact, you may love your bathroom copper sink so much that you’ll want to install a copper sink in your kitchen or in another room in your house. These sinks automatically add a touch of class and style to any room, so go on and get creative!

Updating your bathroom can be time consuming and difficult when it comes to choosing a proper theme or design scheme. First, you have to decide what exactly you want to change in your bathroom, and then you have to decide on what colors, materials and items you will be using in your space. With all of the choices available, it can be hard to choose what you want.

Oftentimes, people spend days going over swatches for paint colors, countertop materials, tiles, you name it! Another important component of the bathroom renovation is the sink. Sinks are a crucial part of the bathroom, and are often the focal point. A sink can cost a pretty penny, though, especially the higher-end ones. But what if you still want a nice looking sink that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg in the end? This is where copper comes in.

Design choices

Sinks now come in a variety of designs, colors and materials. Modern, odd-shaped sinks are starting to become more and more popular, especially in expensive, contemporary homes, however, one type of sink that should be used more widely in bathroom renovations is the copper sink. Copper was one of the first metals ever to be used by humans, and to this day it continues to be a material that we turn to for a lot of different uses. Because copper is easily molded, it is perfect for creating beautiful items such as sinks. It is also resistant to corrosion which can often happen after years of running water, such as a sink would see.

Versatile copper

Not only is copper extremely resistant and useful, it is also beautiful. Copper can be shined, molded and engraved to create beautiful surfaces and, yes, even sinks. Copper sinks Copper Sinkscan come smooth, rough, bumpy, distressed, or with a swirl of different colors. They provide a rustic look to a space, so if you’re going with a rustic or even contemporary theme, copper sinks will be sure to please.

The best place to find copper sinks is somewhere that takes pride in constructing their sinks by hand. At FoxDen Decor, we have a beautiful selection of copper sinks. Our sinks are made by hand, and because of this you can be sure that you’re getting a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. While the design elements may be the same, no patina is.

Our selection

FoxDen Decor’s copper sinks come in a variety of shapes and designs. There are four to choose from, which include the sleigh sink, swirl design sink, round sink, and turtle shell sink. All of our sinks offered are reasonably priced making them a great budget friendly addition to your renovation, while offering a touch of something special. Prices can range from $155 to $195, typically, and when you consider the importance of the sink to your bathroom design, you’ll realize how much of a steal our prices really are.

If you’re looking for reliable, quality copper sinks, look no further than us, FoxDen Decor. Our great selection of copper sinks is sure to catch your eye and with such a reasonable price point, who could ever say no? Visit our website today and start the process of breathing new life into your bathroom.