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Assess Your Storage Needs

When choosing the right bathroom vanities and cabinets for your home, it’s important to figure out exactly what your storage needs are. If you live alone or with one other person, chances are you will need far less storage space than if you have children (unless, of course, you consider shopping to be one of your main hobbies!). How much cabinet or closet space do you have? Do you need a lot of space in a vanity to store toiletries and linens, or are you mainly looking for a vanity for aesthetic reasons?

After you’ve assessed how much storage space you need, you’ll also need to look at your space restrictions. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you’ll want to consider getting a vanity that is taller than it is wide in order to maximize storage capabilities while minimizing the amount of floor space the vanity takes up. On the other hand, if your bathroom is quite sizeable, a long, horizontal vanity may be just what you’re looking for to complete the look and feel of the room.

Custom Bathroom VanitiesSinks and Fixtures

One of the ways in which you can choose the right bathroom vanities and cabinets for your home is to determine what types of fixtures suit your lifestyle. For in-suite bathrooms, couples are particularly fond of vanities that feature two separate sinks so both partners can get ready at the same time without getting in one another’s way. Alternatively, you may not want a sink with your vanity if you already have enough sink space in your bathroom; you may prefer a more simple and sleek design.

Choosing the fixtures (the knobs and handles) for your vanity and cupboards will largely depend on your design tastes, as well as on how frequently your cupboards and vanity will be used. Some people install vanities in their bedrooms or bathrooms merely for their simple beauty and elegance as objects; others use their vanities on a daily basis, storing everyday items in them for easy use and accessibility. We offer a wide variety of sinks and fixtures so that you can custom-design your vanities and cabinets to suit your specific needs.

The Look

Choosing the right bathroom vanities and cabinets for your home will also depend on your tastes in home décor. In other words, you want to choose something that matches your design vision and will complement the other features of the space. If your bathroom or bedroom space is fairly simple in design, you may want to choose a brightly colored vanity that functions as a kind of statement piece. Alternatively, if your home is already full of color, you may be more attracted to a more understated and elegant piece that contrasts the bright colors of the room with its beautiful, earthy and rustic wood tones.

Whatever your vision, we will help you select and custom-design the perfect vanities and cabinets for your home. All of our furniture is handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and made exactly to your specifications and desires.

Reclaimed wood vanities have been the popular talk of home owners and decorators. It is easy to see why. These vanities are unique; each is made with wood that has come from a structure that is hundreds of years old. The wood grains and lines have stories to tell, and the vanity itself, even if made to a similar design, can never be perfectly replicated. Owning a reclaimed wood vanity means you literally own a piece of history.

Design aside, reclaimed wood is wood that has proven its ability to stand up to quality and longevity. The wood has already been weathered and aged. The natural aging process of the wood guarantee that it will not warp or shrink when used as a vanity. With today’s demand for lumber, wood is harvested from smaller trees (there is simply not enough time to allow for full maturity); reclaimed wood is wood that was used during the older harvesting method, generally hand cut from carefully selected trees. The beauty in the grains of wood and the quality of the cuts is very evident when compared to today’s lumber.

Reclaimed Wood VanityReclaimed wood is also, well, wood. Many of today’s products are made out of particle board. Particle board is a type of board that is created by pressing together and binding wood chips. This helps to create a much more economical type of board that can now be used to construct furniture. The issue with particle board is not the cost (it is much more economical); it is the quality and longevity. Particle board is designed for a limited amount of use and falls apart very easily. It does not stand up to high amounts of humidity and will swell and fall apart with prolonged contact with water. Solid wood, while coming in at a higher cost, will also last your lifetime and into the lifetime of future generations. The quality that comes from solid wood is unprecedented. The enhanced quality that comes from reclaimed wood goes without saying.

A reclaimed wood vanity comes with high quality, weather worn, and solid wood.

As this wood is not unlimited, they are also built to order using your specifications. Owning a reclaimed wood vanity means owning a vanity that was built from a structure that had its own story to tell—a structure that had its place in history. The custom creation also means that you are not compromising on design and style. You can specify the measurements you need for the space it will be placed in. You can also specify the look and feel and any custom embellishments you wish to have.

It is easy to see how a reclaimed wood vanity is a must-have piece of furniture if you are looking for the perfect home embellishment. Not only are you purchasing a solid vanity that will last for several lifetimes, but you are also purchasing a conversation piece that will stand out in your home. When you are ready to decorate, speak to our staff about our reclaimed wood vanities. Check out our latest vanities, we at FoxDen Decor will work with you to help create the vanity of your dreams—the last vanity you will ever need to purchase.

Renovating an entire bathroom can be expensive and time consuming—it’s a major commitment. Fortunately, you can update your bathroom’s look with something as simple as a new vanity cabinet. Vanity cabinets are relatively inexpensive and simple to install, so they’re the perfect way to change your decor without too much hassle. Because they’re typically the focal point of the bathroom, they set the tone for the entire room, making them a savvy choice for giving your bathroom a simple makeover.

Choose Your Style

The good news: there are tons of bathroom vanity styles to choose from. The bad news: there are tons of bathroom vanity styles to choose from. It’s great to have options, but sometimes too much choice can feel a little overwhelming.

The trick is to identify what style of vanity cabinet you’re looking for after doing a little initial browsing. There are a few different things to consider when choosing a style. Do you prefer modern or vintage? Sleek and minimalist or ornately detailed? Think about the overall look of your home and bathroom and let that guide you.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Another important consideration is how much space you have to work with. Choosing a vanity cabinet that’s too small might take some of the balance away from the room, or make it feel like a cold, stingy space, like a public washroom. On the other end of the spectrum, a vanity cabinet that’s too large might not leave enough floor space to comfortably move around, and could overwhelm the space.

You’ll also want to consider whether you want an open or closed style. If you’re very organized and don’t have many items to store, you might want to consider an open style with visible shelving instead of closed-in doors and drawers.

Don’t Forget About Storage!

And speaking of doors and drawers, you might be wondering which style is better for storing your items. If you have several small items, drawers are the way to go. If you’re primarily concerned with larger items like towels, a cupboard style may be enough for you.

And don’t just consider the items you would like to store—also consider the ways in which you like to store and organize your items so you can make sure your vanity cupboard accommodates. Drawer separators, trays, bins, and baskets should all fit comfortably.

Consider Other Pieces in Your Bathroom

A bathroom is supposed to be a peaceful place where you can relax and rejuvenate; however, it won’t feel so relaxing if everything in it clashes. Visual harmony is important, so consider the other pieces you already have in your bathroom before choosing your vanity cabinet. Try to keep your vanity, bathtub, storage shelves, and any other items you might have in your bathroom in the same general style and tone. Make sure size is balanced, too.

The right vanity cabinet can completely change your bathroom’s decor by adding an element of style and bringing the whole look together. Ready to start shopping? Check out FoxDen Decor today.

Nothing says “Master Bathroom” like a bold, double sink bathroom vanity cabinet. Don’t leave your large bathroom feeling empty—embrace the space-filling grandeur of this classic style of bathroom vanity.

Bathrooms Are the New Kitchens

Beautiful bathrooms are the latest design trend. The era of small, simple, out-of-the-way bathrooms is over, and the era of large, comfortable, elegant bathrooms has begun. Think about how people use bathrooms now—they’re not just functional; they’re also a place to linger for a minute to check your messages while at a party. Bathrooms are a place to escape for a moment and unwind. Having a double-sink bathroom vanity helps to create an open, spacious feeling for guests who would rather not spend their breather in a cramped, claustrophobic cell.

Master bathrooms are even more important—as an extension of the master bedroom, they serve as a space where loving partners prepare for the day together every morning. With only one sink, partners might have to take turns getting ready and might find themselves stepping over one another’s feet. With a double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet, they can get ready side-by-side each with their own space. Double sinks make morning preparation a partnership, not a competition.Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Get That Rustic Feeling

You might have noticed that people are getting sick of the pale, antiseptic style of many modern bathrooms. In the past, this style evoked cleanliness, but now it just reminds people of public washrooms. If you want your spouse or your houseguests—or, for that matter, yourself—to feel relaxed and comfortable in your bathrooms, you need to embrace the warm, dark tones of rustic wood furniture. Centering your bathroom around a rustic wood double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet ensures that it will feel like a home away from home for anyone who uses it.

Fitting In

The one universal quality of all double-sink bathroom vanity cabinets is their size—it takes a lot of space to fit two sinks. Unfortunately, you can’t just change the size of your bathroom to match whatever double sink bathroom vanity cabinet you find at a retail store. Every bathroom is a slightly different size, so bathroom vanity cabinets should be, too. Getting your double sink bathroom vanity cabinet custom-made ensures that it will fit your bathroom perfectly, leaving no extra space for dust to accumulate.

More Space for Storage

People store a lot of things in their bathroom vanity cabinets ( )—medicine, first aid kits, cleaning supplies, and more gets stuffed into drawers and under sinks. A double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet gives twice as much storage space for all of your essential items, compared to a single-sink vanity. Of course, you could just leave everything on the empty floor-space where a second sink could have gone, but the double-sink vanity cabinet is a much more elegant solution.

A Unique Look

If you want to set trends with a custom-made, rustic double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet, look no further than FoxDen Decor’s unique designs. Have a one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship define the look and feel of your bathrooms.

From a decorating perspective, the bathroom is a special place. Unlike other rooms, which usually connect to one another through open doors and hallways, the bathroom is most often experienced as a separate world unto itself. Whether it’s your personal master bathroom or the one on the main floor, you can completely redefine a bathroom’s look and feel by choosing the right bathroom vanity cabinet.

Single or Double

The first consideration when buying a bathroom vanity cabinet is whether to make it a single sink or a double. This question partly depends on the size of the bathroom—not every bathroom can fit two sinks—but it can also be a matter of style. If you have a larger bathroom, you might want a smaller bathroom vanity cabinet in order to create a spacious feeling. Another option is to have two different single cabinets in order to give off a quirky, mismatched feel. Whatever you choose, pay attention to the specific dimensions that will fit in your bathroom without causing claustrophobia.

Bathroom Vanity CabinetsThe Perfect Fit

Everyone’s bathrooms are different, and unlike furniture, tubs and toilets aren’t so easy to move around. Unless you want to pay a fortune to have your entire plumping system redone, you’ll be working within restrictions when it comes to the size and shape of your bathroom vanity cabinet. Store-bought vanity cabinets are generally factory-made to the most common sizes, but you deserve better than to awkwardly try to fit a cabinet in your unique bathroom—instead, buy a custom-made cabinet that will fit perfectly.

Stand Out

It seems as though everyone is living in the same house these days: suburban houses that look the same inside and out. If you’re passionate about decorating, though, you want to stand out. Modern bathroom vanity cabinets may look good, but everyone has them. Make your bathrooms unique by decorating them with rustic, handmade wooden furniture. The comfortable, lived-in feeling that rustic wood can give to your bathroom is so much nicer than the sterilized white cabinets in most modern homes. Your guests will definitely appreciate the change of pace.

Go for Longevity

If you’re decorating or redecorating your home, then chances are you plan to live there for a long time. Don’t settle for factory-made furniture that will need to be replaced in five or ten years. Handmade wooden bathroom vanity cabinets don’t just look timeless—they are timeless. Handmade furniture is carefully built to stand the test of time, meaning that your beautiful bathroom vanity cabinets can continue to impress for a lifetime. And if you’re buying something for life, that’s all the more reason to make sure it’s a perfect, one-of-a-kind piece that you can be proud to own.

FoxDen Decor’s bathroom vanity cabinets are everything you need: long-lasting, fully customizable, handmade wood furniture designed to fit your taste and needs perfectly. Don’t settle for whatever you can find at a store—imagine your perfect bathroom, and then make that unique vision a reality. You can look through our selection of designs to find inspiration, but if your imagination takes you somewhere new, tell us! After all, you’re decorating your dream home.

If you are interested in making your bathroom one to remember, investing in a custom bathroom vanity cabinet will stop your guests in their tracks. Whether you want to go for a spa-like feel in your bathroom or would rather keep it rustic and unique, you are sure to find a piece that will suit your own style with FoxDen Decor. As each piece is handmade to order, you will be amazed by the high quality of craftsmanship you will find when ordering with us.

bathroom-vanity-cabinetsHandmade and Built to Last

Every piece of furniture created at FoxDen Decor is handmade to order, ensuring that you get the highest quality product possible. Whether you’d like a particular piece found on our website or would like to customize the features of your bathroom vanity cabinet to fit your decor, you will receive a truly unique piece of furniture. It is very difficult to make pre-built bathroom vanities fit into every space; everyone’s bathroom layouts are quite different. Also, if you are trying to avoid overhauling your entire bathroom and are only looking to replace your dated vanity, buying a non-customizable bathroom vanity from a store may leave you with more headaches as you try to make your purchase work within your space. An important feature to keep in mind is that these pre-built vanity cabinets are often assembled in factories, meaning that you will not receive the skilled craftsmanship that you will find with made-to-order furniture. If you are tired of the “one size fits all” products that are available in home decor stores throughout the nation, experience the difference when ordering your own fully customizable vanity through us. It is our goal to be flexible and to create the perfect piece for your home that no one else has.

Fully Customizable Furniture

Absolutely everything that you see while browsing through our website is fully customizable, right down to the very last nail. You can choose from a wide selection of unique hardware and color options for each piece that you are designing. If you don’t see something that you like, simply let us know and we can help you find or create exactly what you are looking for. If you are concerned about size, everything that we offer can be built in a different size than what is shown. We will simply create a detailed sketch to scale, to ensure that you know exactly what your new bathroom vanity cabinet will look like in your bathroom at both a smaller and larger size. There is no need to worry if you have a tight space to work with, as we can shrink the scale of our vanity cabinets, to ensure that they will fit perfectly in any home. There is no problem adding or omitting various details on each piece, depending on the size and customization that you are looking for.rustic-bathroom-vanity

Browse our unique selection of rustic bathroom vanities and experience the difference for yourself. It is very difficult to find a “one size fits all” product that will fit perfectly inside a bathroom. By customizing the furniture that you choose to include in your design, you have the freedom to really wow your guests with your bathroom renovation. Start by looking at some of our bathroom vanity cabinets featured on our website, but if nothing strikes your fancy, simply let us know and we can help you design your very own unique piece of furniture, which is sure to impress your guests for years to come. Let’s get started designing your custom bathroom vanities today!

Is your bathroom feeling a little less beautiful than you would like?  It might be time for a renovation, but that doesn’t mean you have to start calculating the time and money for an extensive overhaul. In fact, you can give your bathroom a completely new look that is as functional as it is fabulous by simply installing replacing your sink with a double sink bathroom vanity.

Two is better than one

We’ve all seen those irksome home-buying shows where the prospective buyers simply won’t settle on a house unless it has a double sink bathroom vanity. While it may seem a little over-the-top, and it probably is a lot more over-exaggerated for the sake of spicing up the episode with a little drama, double sink bathroom vanities really are where it’s at.

Even if your home or condo has two bathrooms, there is probably one bathroom in particular that is more preferable than the other.  Maybe you like getting ready together in the morning, no matter what your particular pet peeve is, a double sink bathroom vanity can go a long way towards easing that morning tension—especially when you are both late for work.

Transform your space by introducing more function

Introducing a double sink bathroom vanity can transform the whole look of your bathroom—and that can be a very good thing. The sink is usually the first place that catches your eye when you walk into the bathroom, so make the most of a natural focal point by installing a double sink bathroom vanity that possesses all the charm and elegance you want in your bathroom.

The most important part of the renovation is ensuring you plan for the space you have.  You don’t want to cram a vanity that is too big and cumbersome into too small a space.  Alternatively, you don’t want your vanity to seem too small in a bigger space.  This may seem limiting, but there are a lot of options out there.  For a smaller space, choose a compact double sink bathroom vanity.  There are even double sink bathroom vanities that feature copper sinks.  For a larger space, choose a double sink bathroom vanity that offers a little extra counter space, or maybe one that incorporates some extra storage space into its design.

You also have a ton of choices when it comes to material, style and color.  Double sink bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes, and you can have one custom made, too.  For a more rustic or unique look, try choosing a vanity that incorporates reclaimed wood.  For a more modern look, try vessel sinks.  Whatever look you are aiming for, a double sink bathroom vanity can make it happen.

For a look at a wide variety of unique and beautifully crafted double sink bathroom vanities, visit us at FoxDen Decor-and get ready to fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

Goin’ Country?

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom to give it a more natural and rustic feel, why not go country? If you’re looking for full-on American western, or just a hint of the rustic, we carry a beautiful selection of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind bathroom vanities for you to choose from. These vanities are not only hand-crafted and unique, but they are also made with the finest of materials and to the highest of standards. In fact, many of our rustic bathroom vanities are made with reclaimed wood, which means that our vanities don’t just look rustic; they arustic bathroom vanityre, in fact, rustic!

Furniture made with reclaimed wood is not only eco-friendly, but also 100% unique, salvaged from old barns, factories, boxcars, crates, and even wine barrels. When you order a rustic bathroom vanity from us, you’ll not only be giving your country style bathroom a sense of the good ol’ days, you’ll also be ordering an heirloom piece that is completely one-of-its-kind, irreplaceable, and impossible to replicate. Plus, reclaimed wood is typically of a much higher quality than new wood because much of the reclaimed wood comes from trees that grew in old forests rather than new forests.

Country Chic

All of our rustic bathroom vanities can be custom-made to order, so you can choose the design and the look you desire. You can also choose to add a copper sink to any of our handmade vanities, which instantly adds a touch of glamour to your rustic bathroom vanity. After all, just because it’s rustic doesn’t mean it can’t be chic, right?

Whether you’re renovating or simply swapping out some furniture, sophisticated copper sinks do much more than just adding glamor and class. And, just because our rustic vanities are designed with the bathroom in mind (as we include at least two false drawers in our vanities to allow for plumbing), that doesn’t mean that the bathroom is the only room in which these beautiful, hand-crafted, time-worn, and long-lasting pieces are suitable.  They are also wonderfully suited to a hallway, drawing room, or even bedroom.

Copper: Classic and Chic

Copper is an incredibly durable and resilient metal, which is why so many settlers relied on copper instruments and household items for support and sustenance in the early years of North American civilization. Yet, despite its illustrious past, copper is making a comeback in modern design and décor trends. For a country style bathroom, copper sinks add of touch of glamour, nostalgia, style, and classic sophistication to your rustic bathroom vanity.

Don’t settle for anything less than the highest of quality in beauty and durability. Take a look at our selection of beautiful rustic bathroom vanities with copper sinks and, if nothing catches your eye (but we’re confident it will!), we will happily customize any piece you desire.

Customize Your Space

If you’re currently renovating or remodeling your bathroom, or if you are simply thinking about it, don’t settle for a cookie-cutter look: customize your space with a unique bathroom vanity. Whether your bathroom is large or small, it’s important to install a vanity that is eye-catching, functional, and durable to give your bathroom a practical and stylish look.

Our custom-made vanities are absolutely one-of-a-kind, hand-manufactured, and lovingly crafted with style and function in mind. We use only the finest quality of wood, including reclaimed wood, ensuring that your pieces are entirely unique and built to withstand the test of time. Plus, we offer a wide selection of custom-made vanities in all shapes and sizes, so you have many options to choose from. Customize your space with a unique bathroom vanity!

Unique Bathroom VanitiesAdd a Splash of Color

Bathrooms should have a welcoming and tranquil feel. That’s why choosing the right color scheme is essential to creating a relaxing and homey feel. Our rustic and unique vanities are the perfect addition to any bathroom, no matter how modern or retro the design. Even if you’re going for an ultra-modern look, consider one of our reclaimed bathroom vanities to off-set and contrast with your modern design. Adding a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom will automatically create a warm and welcoming look.

Our unique bathroom vanities come in a variety of colors, so you can add just the right splash of color to your bathroom. We even offer multi-colored vanities for those who want a bit of everything. Because each and every one of our vanities is made-to-order, you can request to have your vanity stained, painted and waxed in whatever colors you choose. If you’re not super keen on the rustic look, we can also omit or minimize the amount of distressing applied. In other words, tell us what you want and we’ll make sure you get it!

Truly Unique

Your home is your sanctuary. That’s why it’s so important to decorate and model your home in a way that not only expresses your individuality, but also gives you a sense of serenity and comfort. That’s why all of our furniture is custom-made; we understand that when it comes to home décor, a “one size fits all approach” just won’t cut it. Our goal is to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind quality furniture that expresses our clients’ décor needs and desires. Make your home feel exactly the way you want it to with your unique bathroom vanities!

When you order a unique bathroom vanity from us, we will work closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want. And, if you’re not sure what you want, we will happily help you choose the best and most unique bathroom vanity for your home. From old-world to more contemporary designs, from rustic looks to sleek finishes, we offer only the highest of quality and style in vanity manufacturing. Take a look at our wide selection of eye-catching designs, and let’s get started designing you the perfect bathroom!

If you’re looking for bathroom design ideas, have you considered a double sink bathroom vanity? Below we’re going to look at the benefits of a double sink, and give you some tips for remodeling your bathroom.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Double sinks are practical for both the family bathroom and the master bathroom; with many size and color options available, you have many choices. You can change the feel and look of the bathroom to please everyone in your family, while you also add re-sale value.

Benefits of a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

In addition to the above, there are also other benefits that come with choosing a double sink vanity.

  • Personal space: Did you know that a double sink can take up the same space that a single sink does? But, with a double sink each person can have their own mirror, and sink to use and store their personal items.
  • Saved space and time: With each person having their own area there is less clutter thus, the bathroom will always be organized. As well, with the additional sink two people can brush their teeth and get ready at the same time – make-up, hairstyling, shaving, etc.  So no one has to wait for the other person to finish.

Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroomdouble sink bathroom vanity

Sometimes a fresh paint color can do the trick to give your bathroom decor a new look, but sometimes it’s not enough. If you’re going to remodel your bathroom and get a double sink bathroom vanity, below are some suggestions on how to do it.

Budget: Bathrooms and kitchens are notorious for being the most expensive rooms to remodel, so make sure you prepare a budget before you begin remodeling.  First, you need to decide the extent of your renovation.

Make Over or Complete Overhaul? The extent of your remodel depends on what your bathroom looks like now, and how you want it to look. The difference between the two choices plays a big role in your budget. Thus, it could cost you anywhere from $500 – $10,000 or more if you’re going with high-end changes.

Evaluate Your Bathroom: Take an in-depth look at your bathroom before you set your budget. Look at the color, style and condition of your fixtures. Since you’re updating your look consider new trends in bathroom décor. For example, if your bathroom fixtures are blue, you will probably want to change them to a solid white color.  If your fixtures are already white, then perhaps your bathroom just needs a good cleaning.

A Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Sometimes just changing out your vanity can make a world of difference. It is possible to get an affordable double sink bathroom vanity; in fact, a double sink is often cheaper. With the double sink option you save yourself from having to buy two mirrors, or faucets.

Additionally, with a double sink vanity you can increase your storage and counter space.

At FoxDen Decor, our products are customizable, or we can create something new for you.  To see our double sink bathroom vanity selections please visit our website.