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There are, of course, always several stressors when it comes to furnishing a new home or re-doing your beloved existing space. From a material point of view, the new tariffs on Canadian soft-wood lumber are not only pricing many Americans out of the housing market, but also out of many wooden goods common to household use, such as furniture. Price-point aside, simply choosing the most aesthetically grounded and versatile pieces for your home can be a struggle, if not a somewhat satisfying one at times. It is also typical that the most commonly used pieces in your home (like that unique bar stool you’ve been dreaming of) will be the ones you dote on and worry over the most when purchasing: this goes for pretty much anything used in the kitchen or the bedroom, since these are the two most frequently enjoyed spaces in your home.

Make the most of your space

The kitchen, in particular, allows for some especially creative alternatives when it comes to furnishing options: tables, cabinetry, and seating can all be brought beyond the quotidian with the right touch. Take, for example, a unique bar stool. Although sometimes overlooked in planning a kitchen or patio dining space, unique bar stools present a fun opportunity to make the most of your space. Say your house or apartment lacks the space to establish a full dining room, and you’d like to avoid the clutter that a kitchen table often offers—a bar stool at your island or countertop is a creative alternative. If you plan to use food-prep or decoration space as an eating surface, however, make sure that your seating is up to snuff; despite the fact that the bar stool style was originally deployed to dissuade customers from lingering too long at the bar, contemporary custom options are a species of seating altogether more comfortable. That said, make sure that the dimensions of your bar stools are unique to your eating surface: this generally means selecting a seat height that’s between 24’’ and 26”, while that of a conventional dining chair’s seat is only 18”.

Enjoying one of many unique bar stool options means having a piece of furniture that leaves room in its design for you, the consumer. Look for pieces that come from vendors who allow for customizable builds. Or, if you don’t necessarily want to go the made-to-order route, you can look for a neutral, earth-tone set that has an attachable cushion option; the color and design of the cushion, paired with the natural neutrality of the stool’s tones will lend more opportunity for you, the owner, to flex your own creative muscles.

Enticing Alternatives

Lastly, given the tariff situation discussed above (not to mention seemingly all the time in the news), homeowners currently have a great opportunity to look outside the box for furniture and designs that are not co-extensive with the typical production methods and production avenues. Nothing makes for a more singular piece of furniture, let alone a unique bar stool, than re-claimed wood from the likes of barns or other furniture. The current economic situation also provides a welcome chance to source out goods produced and inspired by our local businesses. In the end, it’s easy to enjoy a get-together or family meal tonight, tomorrow, or today with unique design options made the right way.

If you are looking into redecorating your house this season, then you may be looking for ideas for your home. An increasingly popular addition to homes is the kitchen island or breakfast bar, or the addition of a drinks bar into your den or another room in which you entertain guests. What all great bars need in a home is a good seating option that is comfortable for you and your guests, and stools are the best solution. You can get stools in any design and style, from short bar stools to tall ones, or from cushioned seats to seats made from various materials.


There are a vast selection of bar stool designs available for your home these days. If you are expecting your guests to be sitting for long durations while on your stools, you may want to consider using a stool with a tall back, or possibly with cushions. For a drinks bar in an entertainment room where you or your guests will be just sitting down for a short while to enjoy a refreshing beverage, you could go for short bar stools with no back that can be easy to get out of the way when needed and easy to store. When getting stools for a kitchen island, it’s often recommended that you get a tall stool so that you can have nice access to the surface top, whether you are eating at it or working. You can even get more elaborate stools that include arm rests for a more regal look in your bar area.

Matching Decor

Matching your stools to your decor is easy to do with all the options that are available to you. You are going to want to create a mood in each room in your house that is personalized to you or your family; that will accent the memories that you are going to create in those living spaces. Whether you choose short bar stools or tall, cushioned or bare, you’re going to want to choose something that you enjoy looking at day in and day out—and that you’ll want to show off to your family and friends when you are entertaining. Remember: when choosing a design, take into account the decor of the whole room so that you can create an environment you can be proud of.


It doesn’t matter if you are choosing short bar stools, tall, with a back, or not, you are going to have a selection of materials to choose from when you pick out your own bar stools. Bar stools come in a variety of solid materials, from cheap plastic to sleek, and from modern and industrial metal to old fashioned classic or rustic wood. From there, you can also select the material accents you want: do you want cloth cushion or leather? Maybe you want a leather cushion on the bottom and back, or just back support, or neither. Whatever your personal preference, you can find the bar stool you are looking for.

Custom Built

You can always choose to go with designs that are already made and stools that are already built, but if you are looking for that extra touch for your short bar stools (or whatever design you choose), custom built is going to give you the most flexibility. It may take longer than just picking up a stool from the store, but you are going to find that you can get the best quality and the most satisfaction with your renovation when buying custom built stools from professionals like Fox Den Decor.

Rustic furniture and design is all the rage right now, but when you are looking to renovate your home, sometimes going rustic can make it seem like you are renovating in the wrong direction; so how can you incorporate rustic designs into your home without making your home seem outdated?  Here are a few tips that can help you feature all your rustic pieces without making it feel like your biggest renovation chore was dusting off the cobwebs.

How to incorporate rustic designs into the modern homerustic furniture

First, it is important to remember that, just because you want to feature some rustic furniture in your home, it doesn’t mean you have to do a complete rustic overhaul on your house.  It may surprise you, but rustic pieces with modern design elements actually complement each other quite well, which means you can have the modern, clean cut look and you can combine it with the softened touch of rustic accent pieces.

For instance, in your bathroom, you can combine modern walls—clean white walls with square-framed art or photos—with rustic furniture like a vanity, or even a rustic cabinet.  How can you tie it all together?  Try adding a retro bathtub (it works well because retro is the new…er…old modern), and make sure you emphasize your floor and ceiling.  Stone floors might set off the whole look, complimented by a gothic chandelier or pendant light, and if you have vaulted or exposed beam ceilings, make sure you highlight those during your makeover.  Tie it all together with a modern shower mat or rug that fits in with your color scheme,

Rustic doesn’t have to be brown

Remember, just because you are going rustic doesn’t mean you are stuck with that brown wood stain—unless you want that.  You can modernize your rustic style by choosing different colors for your rustic furniture.  You can still have that rustic look in black, grey, or even in a brighter color, like pink.

Mix and match

Choosing the right décor for your room renovation is all about mixing and matching.  Making your living room too modern can make it feel a bit too stark and uncomfortable.  Adding a few rustic furniture touches may be all you need to re-introduce a little warmth—that lived-in comfortable feel—to the room.  How can you incorporate that feel in a few simple steps?  Try creating a rustic accent wall by simply turning one wall of your room into a rustic bookshelf or library.  Books work wonders when it comes to décor—they come in all sorts of styles and cover types, they can be artfully arranged, and you can place a few books throughout the room to incorporate that rustic style throughout.  There really is nothing more beautiful or rustic than a leather-bound book—unless you have the full set.  Further, to compliment that rustic accent wall, incorporate a rustic coffee table and some rustic or retro light fixtures.

Adding a bit of rustic charm to your home is an easy way to add a little warmth and style to any modern design, and the true perk is that it is easy—just leave those beams exposed or rough up the wood a bit on that accent wall.  The great thing about incorporating rustic furniture into your home is that you can complement it easily with inexpensive items, like antique garage sale finds, things that have sat around and got a bit rusty (it isn’t junk anymore—it’s art), or even just a few books and candles.

Be creative and add a little of that rustic touch to your home.

What’s in vogue for bedrooms is constantly changing. From bedroom, office combos, to loft beds, platform beds… and remember waterbeds? The world of home décor is constantly shifting, but what always remains in style is great storage. Your storage solutions need to be functional while adding to the appeal of the space – it should never detract from the look or feeling of the space. It can be a challenge to strike this balance, but with a little patience you can find great, beautiful storage pieces.

Whether you are lucky enough to have a beautiful walk-in closet, his and hers closets, or had to add storage to your bedroom with an armoire or dresser, storage solutions are a great opportunity to add some additional flare to your bedroom.

Adding storage space

Many older homes were built with very small closets or no closets at all in bedrooms. In these cases, you have to get by with using a dresser or armoire (or a combination of both). There are some really beautiful pieces out there to choose from, from rich wood pieces to ultra-modern mirrored pieces, there is something for everyone. There is a big décor movement toward rustic, French country and DIY looks. If you are interested in any of these looks, wood is your best-friend, and what better way to get it than by buying real wood, rustic dresser or armoires.

Rustic DresserRustic elements

There are many versions of ‘rustic’ to choose from, which is nice. A lot of people think rustic means knotty pine, but this isn’t always the case. You can achieve a rustic design scheme by adding real wood pieces into your home. In your bedroom, a nice unfinished dresser or bare-looking wood armoire is a great way to bring rustic to the bedroom.

You do have another option though. Some people find the unfinished wood, or finished knotty pine furniture to be a little too kitschy. If you are among those people, reclaimed wood furniture is another way to go. Reclaimed wood furniture is new furniture built out of old wood. Typically, this wood comes from old buildings that have been dismantled, like barns and fences.

The bedroom

A great rustic dresser is the perfect way to keep your wardrobe organized in a room that doesn’t come with built-in storage options. The right rustic dresser can also be a great focal point for your bedroom and double as a display or even a television stand. Within the world of dressers, you have many style options. You can find long, low ones with vanity mirrors, or narrow tall ones – even short and fat ones – which means the perfect dresser for your space does exist.

If you are interested in reclaimed wood furniture, specifically something for your bedroom like a dresser or armoire, consider shopping with us at FoxDen Decor. Our handcrafted, artisanal pieces provide wonderful quality furniture, and unique styles with the ability to customize the design. If you want to create a more modern interpretation of rustic décor, our reclaimed wood furniture is definitely the way to go. Browse our inventory of rustic dressers, barstools, end tables – the works!

Everyone likes to add some creativity into their home. One way you can do this is with FoxDen Decor’s custom furniture. We can make any type of furniture including home décor and bar stools, and you can even alter a piece of furniture or design your own furniture. It will give your home individuality, and it will complete your design.

Merging quality with a timeless look

We have a lot of styles to choose from including door tops, reclaimed, painted, rustic, and cedar just to name a new. They are all hand crafted and finished with a hand rubbed paste wax. In addition, you will be impressed with our world-class service.

If you like metal furniture, we can oxidize or paint your furniture, or you can leave it as is. We can restore several types of furniture including vanities, beds, bookcases and chairs or bar stools. You can also personalize your furniture by choosing the stain, or you can add doors or drawers.

custom furniture

What exactly is reclaimed wood? It is a type of wood that is made out of aged lumber that was used in boxcars, barns, or warehouses. It is mainly used for home decorating, which will turn your home into a valuable estate filled with beautiful antiques. You will even be able to reclaim rustic mirrors in either wood or a beautiful turquoise color. Moreover, the color will vary because of the product material, but you will always be pleased with the result.

Our inventory

One example of what you can expect from us is our two drawer rustic bathroom vanity. This is ideal for someone who is looking for furniture to fit a small powder room, or if you have a small bathroom. It has protection from water damage, and it has a smooth, flat surface. If you are looking for a table, we have beautiful end tables such as our Rancho Mexican end table. It is a combination of handcrafted copper and old wood. This shows how our tables are unique, and they are made with the finest craftsmanship. You can take a look at all our stains to find a color you like.

In addition, if you’re looking for a bookcase, our Libros rustic bookcase is a good option. It is made from 100% kiln dried pine. It has a smooth surface and light finish, which will help preserve the qualities of the wood. Your books will look great on an antique like this, and you will have some Mexican flavor added into your home as well.

Larger pieces

If you want something bigger, you can choose the three drawer reclaimed vanity. Another advantage with this vanity is the middle drawer, which can be functional or fake, but the other two drawers are fake. All of the wood on this vanity is made from a combination of old wood from corrals and barns. In addition to the quality and the beauty of the wood, it is also environmentally friendly, and it won’t get damaged easily. These pieces can be used for displays, television consoles or purely as a piece of interest.

Why should you waste valuable wood when you can turn it into something eclectic? Look no further than our custom furniture in order to do that. Take a look at our website today to see the options you have.

When you’re remodeling your master bathroom or maybe simply looking to upgrade your vanity situation, you may think that one sink is the way to go. Why would you need two sinks anyway? When you’re utilizing the bathroom, it’s usually when you’re alone; one person wouldn’t need to use two sinks at once. But for the busy, on-the-go individuals or families, two sinks can be the best way to crunch time and get out the door with a few minutes to spare. Between kids and spouses, private space often comes at a premium.

More sinks, more personal space

A double sink vanity can be a great way to take bacolored-double-sink-bathroom-vanityck your personal space. For couples, it can be hard to keep toiletries separate because storage in bathrooms can be rather limited, however, with a double sink vanity, both people can keep their belongings on their designated side, utilizing the counter space around their own personal sink. Things will be easy to locate and easy to grab, making a usual rushed morning into a much needed leisure time.

Take back your time

Getting ready in the morning is a stressful event because sleeping in is often favored over getting up at a reasonable time, people tend to be very rushed. When you’re living in a household where you share a bathroom with another person, having only one sink to use in the morning is your worst nightmare. This is where the double sink vanity is a lifesaver. You can get ready at the same time your partner does simply because you have two sinks. You can both share the counter space and use running water at the same time; so, if your mornings are often a race against the clock, being able to get ready when you need to will ensure you’re out the door when you need to be.

Declutter where it matters

Bathrooms are notorious for never having enough storage space (or maybe people are notorious for having too much stuff). Lotion bottles are displayed on toilet tanks, shower caddies are stacked to the brim, and styling tools get stored just about anywhere they’ll fit. This leaves bathrooms looking cluttered and downright uncleanly, however, when you have a double sink vanity this just doesn’t mean double the sinks—it also means double the storage. Because more room is needed for the sinks and plumbing, the actual storage space underneath will be larger. This allows you to move some of your clutter to underneath the cabinet where no one will be able to see it, leaving your bathroom looking neat and tidy where it matters.

And, for those who also share their bathroom with visiting guests, this can allow you to store your personal belongings where they won’t be able to see them. This will make you and your guest feel more comfortable with the space.

Double sink bathroom vanities may cost a little more than the single sink variety, but in the end, the investment will save your time (and a large headache).

It’s becoming very popular with many people to install a bar area or buy a pub height table for their home. Fox Den Decor has a selection of rustic bar stools that are sure to look amazing in your space. We offer customers bar stools in various heights, wood stain colors, and you can make all sorts of customization to your order because they are hand crafted by skilled carpenters. Our company also has a quick turnaround time and we deliver fairly quickly too. Read on to find out more about the advantages of the beautiful rustic bar stools made by FoxDen Decor.

You Can Select from Varying Stool Heights

rustic bar stoolWhen you purchase bar stools from FoxDen Decor, you can select them varying in heights from 18″ to 30″. We offer this to our customers because not all homes come with bars that are the same measurements, and this way you can ensure that you will find a bar stool that fits with your bar top or table.

You Can Choose from a Selection of Stains

Here at FoxDen Decor, we offer our customers a selection of wood stains to choose from when you make your purchase. We understand that tables can come in various colors of wood. We can stain your wood in a lighter, warm tone, or you can go for a dark brown or cherry colored finish that can go with any table, bar counter pattern, or paint color that you may have in the room you are decorating.

You Can Customize Your Bar Stools

Another great feature FoxDen Decor offers for their rustic bar stools is that we can provide customizable options. If you need subtle changes to your stools or have a special request, we can usually accommodate reasonable alterations to our basic bar stool templates.


You Can Get Your Bar Stools Delivered Quickly

If you decide to customize your bar stool, you will still receive your order from FoxDen Decor quite quickly. While some furniture manufacturers could take months to provide customers with a specialized order, we can still deliver within 4-6 weeks. We usually deliver the bar stools sooner if there are no customization requests with the order.

Your Bar Stools are Made by Skilled Artisans

All of the bar stools sold by FoxDen Decor are created by skilled artisan carpenters. You can see that the bar stools are of a high caliber of craftsmanship by the attention to detail and through the materials used. Your products will always be solid and durable.

Place an order with FoxDen Decor today if you want a high quality bar stool that will fit with your bar space or pub. We offer varying height options to suit any counter, bar or table. You have a great selection of wood stains to choose from to ensure that the stools you get are unlike anything else on the market. Our skilled artisans will even customize the stool for you with your individual requirements and still turn the order around in record time.


Rustic decor appeals to a strong sense of belonging in many people. It’s the old world, strong, solid appeal of the wood, along with the style, and the seeming agelessness of the furniture that makes people want to incorporate it into their homes. And today, more than ever, we need our homes to be the oasis away from the hectic pace of our day jobs. We want a home we can enjoy and we want to decorate our house with furniture that gives us that sense of home, and yet still be modern enough to fit our lifestyle. FoxDen Decor makes furniture that takes us back to a time when life was simpler.

Top Quality

One of the reasons that we seek out the quality of an older piece of furniture is because so much that is in our lives these days is convenient and made to be disposable. So much of the furniture that is on the market today is made from cheaper materials, like plastic, wood veneer, and wood shavings. We put it together from a kit, and it weakens every time it moves. The rustic furniture collection at FoxDen Decor is 100% handmade from old solid wood. It will last forever.

Design it yourself

You can have the piece of furniture that you want. You don’t have to choose from store stock. Design it yourself, and have every piece in your house to match. Our talented craftsmen can make rustic furniture from old woodexactly what you want, in the color and style that suits your lifestyle. The beauty is right there in the wood and the quality. It even comes at a price that is comparable to the veneer and particle board piece you have to put together yourself.

Old wood

Many of the pieces of furniture here at FoxDen Decor are made out of reclaimed old wood. That’s the secret to our fabulous blend of antique and modern. The wood is reclaimed from older projects, and the design is fresh. The wood has history; it’s weathered and unique. Once a barn, a corral, a fence, it can now be a headboard, a bathroom vanity, a bar stool, dresser or any other thing in your home. The age of the wood guarantees that no other piece will be exactly the same. If you want something truly unique, something that really does bring a solid feeling of warmth and home into your living space, you will find it in the wood of these pieces.

You can have exactly what you want.

Rustic furniture is both modern and cozy. It has history, and it has style and a unique quality that will very quickly become the conversation piece of your home. Best of all, the piece of furniture will be custom designed to your size and stain specifications. We at FoxDen Decor will work with you on the design of your piece. Usually, a piece can be built in 4-6 weeks, so there is very little delay. Don’t be caught up in the rat race of convenience when you come home. Ask FoxDen Decor for your piece of the oasis.