Bathrooms are a unique room. Unlimited decorating possibilities are stemmed by a limited amount of space.  A bathroom must contain a toilet, a sink, and possibly a shower or tub.  They must have a mirror and a counter space of some sort.  The key to decorating a bathroom is to be able to find furniture that can work with your bathroom size. The secret to economical redecorating is not only to find furniture to work with your space, but also to use furniture that complements your existing fixtures. It is very difficult to find cabinetry that fits a pre-existing bathroom space. Decorating themes often become compromised to simply find a cabinet that fits the space that needs to be worked with.  Quite often, the cabinet of your dreams will not work in the space you had meant it to be in.  The end result is bathroom cabinets that may be too large or too small for your initial plan.  Redecorating your bathroom can quickly turn into a dismal and frustrating experience.  If you are looking for a warm and rustic theme, a reclaimed wood bathroom vanity could be your answer.

reclaimed wood bathroom vanityReclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a unique material.  This special wood is aged wood from previous buildings.  The wood itself can be hundreds of years old.  Not only does recycling this wood help to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment, but each piece also has a story to tell.  The home the wood came from will contain its own history that now becomes a part of yours.  Reclaimed wood contains unique markings that will be unique only to your furniture; no two pieces are the same, ever.  It has a special weathered look that only improves with age and use.  Country themes are popular because of their warm feel.  Natural colors and tones as well as a family feel are some of the unique draws to using a reclaimed wood bathroom vanity for your decorating décor.

Rustic Wood VanityNo Shrinking

As reclaimed wood has been previously used and weathered, it does not shrink. This becomes very important in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity.  Wood vanities built from new wood can shrink and warp slightly as the new wood begins to age. This can drastically change the look of your bathroom over time.  Specialty treated wood or wood that has already been exposed to the elements, such as reclaimed wood, no longer has this concern. A reclaimed wood bathroom vanity can withstand the high humidity in bathrooms without losing its color, dimensions, or design.

When you purchase a reclaimed wood bathroom vanity from FoxDen Decor, your vanity is custom built with unique materials to the special size you request for your bathroom.  Your vanity is truly a one of a kind piece of furniture that cannot be found in any other home.  From unique wood to your specifications in dimensions, you are sure to have an item that you will treasure for years to come.  If you are looking to decorate your bathroom with a rustic and country theme, do not overlook the benefits of these very special and very unique vanities.