Country styled decor is growing in popularity. It creates a warm and inviting feel to a room with endless possibilities for decorating ideas.  It is the exact opposite of a crisp white formal look.  Country styled décor creates a look and feel that encourages guests to relax and enjoy their stay.  This is why it is the decorating theme of choice in charming and quaint rooming accommodations.  Creating a country styled theme is very simple and can be very inexpensive.  Replacing a few key items will go a long way in recreating the look and feel of your entire room.

The Wonders of Reclaimed Wood

One of the main things to change is your accessory furniture. The style of your décor as well as some key colors will immediately change your entire room.  A rustic coffee table ( ) works well for a country living room.  FoxDen Decor makes rustic coffee tables from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood not only helps benefit the environment, but it also creates a center living room piece that is truly one of a kind. While the style of the table might be recreatable, the exact wood used in yours cannot be.  Reclaimed wood creates a table that will truly be a unique part of your home with its own story to tell.  As reclaimed wood comes from old houses, barns, fences and other previously built items, your table will have a true nostalgic look.  It will not shrink as the wood has had years of seasoning and it will have unique patterns and markings that could have come from a home or situation over 100 years ago.  Not only is a rustic coffee table of this caliber fantastic for your living room, but it will also become an heirloom that passes down from generation to generation.

Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic is User Friendly

Another benefit of a rustic coffee table is that, as they wear, they become better looking. Country décor is not meant to look worn out, but it is meant to look gently used.  This is wonderful for homes with families and acreages.  As always, care needs to be taken around furniture and fabric, but gentle dings and bumps will only add to the look and feel of the furniture.  This is an exact contrast to a formal look where a simple scratch can permanently damage a themed look.

A New Look does not have to be Expensive

Along with your rustic coffee table, you can take further steps to transform your room by adding decorative items with warm paint colors and rustic accents.  Of course, the more rustic changes you make, the more authentic your room will look.  However, you do not need to make expensive changes to create an entirely new room.

With a little ingenuity and careful planning, you can completely recreate your room on a very small budget.  Start with the main furniture.  Not your couch, but your coffee table.  With aesthetic decorating scheme, almost any couch, love seat or arm chair can blend into its surrounding environment.  Change your coffee table and perhaps an area rug.  A rustic coffee table will completely change the look and style of your room. It will give your living room a new look while adding a piece of furniture that is truly unique to your home.