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When it comes to beautiful and unique pieces for your home, there is little better than reclaimed wood furniture. Pieces made from reclaimed wood are getting more popular for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of the reasons why people are loving reclaimed wood furniture.

1. You Want Something Truly Unique

When you build reclaimed wood furniture, you are using wood that is full of unique character. Unlike brand new pieces, which refine the wood until every piece looks absolutely identical, reclaimed wood furniture is made from wood that has already been used elsewhere. It could have been a barn door, another piece of furniture, or something else, but every bit of reclaimed wood has its own history and character. Such character makes every piece look and feel different, which means you can have a piece of furniture that is truly unlike any other piece on the planet.

2. A Love of the Environment

The lumber industry, while vital in many parts of the world, is also one that needs to be carefully managed. Habitat loss is a major threat to ecosystems around the world, and felling virgin forests can destroy important parts of the planet. Reclaimed wood furniture, however, has a significantly lower environmental impact because it isn’t disrupting a fragile ecosystem. Instead, it is reusing wood that was originally used for something else, and that means reclaimed wood furniture make less of an impact on the environment while still forming beautiful pieces of furniture.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture3. Better Quality Wood and Furniture

While most people believe that newer is better, this is often not the case with wooden furniture. New wooden pieces often use newer trees as the source of their lumber, and these pieces are refined down to make them look and feel identical. The result is a piece of wood that looks the part but simply isn’t as strong or resilient. Reclaimed wood furniture, by contrast, is often made from old growth, reclaimed, and recycled wood; it’s lumber from trees that were older and, as a result, stronger, so you may actually get a piece of furniture that will last longer if you choose reclaimed wood furniture.

4. Access to Unique Types of Wood

The truth is that some trees that were commonly used decades ago are now rarer to find, meaning their unique look is also getting more and more rare. In some instances, the only way you can get furniture made from some of these rarer woods is through reclaimed wood furniture. If you want a piece that is made from a wood that’s impossible to find today, consider looking to reclaimed wood furniture.

Reclaimed wood furniture is becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons, ranging from how the pieces look to how they are made. If you are looking for beautiful, unique, and handcrafted furniture that is made from reclaimed wood, be sure to check out Fox Den Decor’s wide range of furniture pieces. Ranging from armoires to beautiful desks of drawers, these pieces are truly original and absolutely gorgeous.

Bar stools are a great addition to any kitchen because there are so many styles to choose from. Bar stools are available in a variety of materials, like leather, wood, metal, or a mixture. Whatever your home decor is, you can find a bar stool to match, whether you prefer mid-century, modern, farmhouse, or industrial. Lastly, you can choose features like swivel barstools, arms or no arms, and back or backless! But what are the pros and cons of choosing a bar stool with a back? Well, let’s find out:

Bar Stools with BacksPros:

1. More comfort: bar stools already have a reputation for being uncomfortable. If you are planning to do a lot of entertaining, or if you live in a space with children or elderly people, then comfort is important. Comfort is also important regardless of these factors, and nothing is more comfortable than a bar stool with a back.

2. More stability and security: bar stools with backs tend to be more stable and secure, which is great for mobility issues. Bar stools without backs can be dangerous because they can easily fall over. This can be a problem if you plan to have a lot of parties or meals at your bar top. Choosing a bar stool with a back means leaning with absolute freedom.

3. More seating space: while backless bar stools tend to be lighter, they also have smaller seats. People sitting on the stools won’t have much room, and it can be rather awkward, depending on your size. If you want to use your bar stools often, then consider a bar stool with a back so everyone can enjoy.


1. Heavier and larger: if you want a bar stool that is more compact because your space doesn’t have a lot of extra room, or because it goes better with your home decor, then a backless stool might be better. Bar stools with backs tend to be larger and heavier because of the extra design feature. If you are planning to move the stools to different areas of the house, or even to different floors, then you may want to consider the weight of the stool when shopping.

2. Aesthetic: depending on the design of your kitchen, a bar stool with a back may not work in your space. Backless bar stools give the illusion of more open space in a kitchen because your eyes aren’t being blocked by anything. However, it might just take some extra time to find the perfect bar stools with backs, but it can be done! The length of a bar stool’s back also comes in a wide range of options: curved, low, tall, cage, solid, etc.

3. Adjustability: because of the design of a backless bar stool, they are often adjustable. This is great if you are using the stool to play music, to paint, or to draw because it allows you to be versatile. We aren’t saying that there are no adjustable bar stools with backs, but we are saying they can be trickier to find—unless you decide to consult a company, like FoxDen Décor, that can custom-make your bar stool for you.

Of course, there’s a reason that houses are measured in terms of square feet rather than cubed feet. The floor space of your house is, for the most part, the best indicator of what you can do in that space; you can make use of it, interact with it, and live in it. But there’s actually a hidden tension between how we measure a home’s opportunities in square feet and how we describe it in terms of space: space, after all, refers to three dimensions, not the flat two dimensions that square feet indicate! Just as apartment and condo complexes make the most of available area by taking advantage of available vertical space, so do the most savvy homeowners make the most of all the space their home has. In places such as mud rooms, closets, and bathrooms, the shelving, drawers, and bathroom vanity cabinets sync up the aesthetic with the overwhelmingly practical. Here’s how to take advantage of some necessary design choices that every homeowner will have to make.

Bathroom Vanity CabinetsFirst of all, depending on what your living situation is—condo, apartment, detached, or semi-detached—you may not have an atrium space such as a mud room. That said, regardless of where you live, you are bound to have a bathroom, and you are certainly going to have a number of closets. Since the bathroom sees more use than a home’s closets, it makes sense to think about how to maximize your bathroom’s use first and foremost. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you take that newly spruced up en suite or the guest bath—size doesn’t count here—things are going to get a little damp. Whether it’s from the shower or the sink, minimizing the number of surfaces that are constantly exposed to water will increase the life of your furniture and your space. Bathroom vanity cabinets are a stylish and economical solution to the seemingly ever-present chore of keeping one of your most intimate and personal domestic spaces tidy.

For all that, a homeowner may nonetheless want to shelve the idea of a bathroom vanity cabinet in favor of just that—a shelf. While generally less expensive, the bathroom shelf solution to local storage problems has its drawbacks. For one thing, a shelf will lack the privacy a vanity cabinet will afford. Even a hanging cupboard, though more private, won’t make the most efficient use of space in what can oftentimes be the room that is designated the least spacious room in the house. A sink restricts standing and utility room beneath itself anyway; by incorporating cabinetry into what is an otherwise inaccessible space, bathroom vanity cabinets offer not only efficient use of space, but also an aesthetic of mindfulness, care, and forethought.

To that end, it is worth looking into the various options that are available for bathroom vanity cabinets. As mentioned above, these options are not limited to mere floating, or wall-mounted, units, but also include built-in options with either framed or open faces. Floor-set cabinets can also easily be custom ordered to include a drop-in sink option or a vessel sink option.

Perfectly designing an interior space takes skill, and this skill is definitely under-appreciated. How do you get the optimal amount of storage without overcrowding a space or taking away from the overall design? How do you find a piece that blends with your style but doesn’t break the bank? And what exactly is a sofa table and where exactly does it go? A sofa table makes for a versatile addition to your living room because it is both functional and fashionable. Not only does it provide you with more storage space, but it also enhances the overall look and feel of your room. Use these tips to pick out the perfect rustic sofa table for your rustic space.

1. Placement

The most common spot for a sofa table is directly behind a sofa—hence the name. This is a great surface for your lamps, photos, books, or decor pieces that can draw attention to your fabulously comfy couch, all while giving the room a more attractive quality. This is also a sneaky way of creating more space behind your couch. If you have limited electrical outlets or don’t want to block the airflow from a radiator or heating vent, then consider shopping around for a rustic sofa table! If you don’t need a table for behind your sofa, then take a look around the rest of your home to see if you require any extra storage in the hallway or dining room. You can even use a sofa table to divide a space. This is perfect for those with open concept layouts or lofts.

2. Size

Do you ever make the mistake of shopping for furniture before you actually measure your space? Save yourself some time by carefully measuring the height and width of your sofa to ensure the sofa table is high and wide enough. You also don’t want to pick a rustic sofa table that doesn’t allow you to display the items you want. Make sure the top of the table isn’t too narrow.

Rustic Sofa Table3. Style

Rustic sofa tables come in a variety of colors, materials, shapes, and levels of distressing. Who knew choosing the perfect one could be so complicated? If you want to have a bit of fun with your décor, then we suggest looking at reclaimed or door-top rustic sofa tables because they have a worn charm that is warm and inviting. If you want something a bit more modern, then choose from a simple cedar or walnut piece. You can also paint and distress your sofa table to make it look a bit more vintage and antique.

4. Function

The last tip is deciding what the function of your rustic sofa table is. If you plan on displaying larger pieces, like vases or art, then a solid wood surface is better suited for this than a glass tabletop. If storage is crucial, don’t waste your time by considering sofa tables without shelving or drawers. This is especially important for other spaces that require storage, like your entryway or your kitchen, too.

Can’t find the perfect piece? Visit FoxDen Décor to view our selection, or get in touch to consult about a custom rustic sofa table build.

It’s your right to design your home however you like, and the bathroom is no exception. You don’t have to settle for what your grandparents had. There are several design choices when it comes to this part of your home. However, if you love the natural and simple touch of unrefined materials and décor, then we suggest you choose a rustic bathroom vanity design.

A rustic bathroom combines different wood types accented with bricks, stones, rocks, iron, etc. Since the main material of a vanity is wood it’s an ideal ornament for your rustic bathroom. Below we’re going to look at four impressive ideas you can use for your rustic bathroom vanity.

Four Rustic Vanity Ideas

1. Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Vanity

A farmhouse vanity is different than a traditional vanity because of where the sink goes and how it looks. Your sink will drop in centered over your counter top, or vessel; and the sink’s front is usually exposed after its installed.

The idea behind a farmhouse rustic bathroom vanity is that it fits in with farmhouse décor. A farmhouse style consists of study materials, streamlined shapes and age-worn finishes. Thus, each piece will look reminiscent of buildings you’d find on a farm such as barns.

The color you choose makes a difference to the mood of your bathroom. You don’t have to get plain, boring white.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity• White Wash: Whitewashing wood is a technique to brighten wood without hiding the grain pattern. While wood painted white has a traditional feel, a whitewashed vanity is totally rustic.

• Turquoise Blue: Turquoise is a fun color that offers emotional balance.

• Rustic Black: This unique vanity color has oxidized metal panels to make it stand out.

2. Rustic Bathroom Vanity for Small Spaces

Even if you have a small bathroom you can still get a beautiful bathroom vanity to enhance the room and make it look bigger, but you must make sure what you need is included. For example, the drawers on some vanities won’t be functional because they’ll house plumbing. Just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they have to scrimp on style, so be imaginative!

3. Unique Rustic Bathroom Vanity

If you have the space, you can get a larger vanity with unique styling such as turned legs, and an open design. One made of solid wood and metal will be both sturdy and eye catching.

4. Customizable Bathroom Vanity

Another unique idea for your rustic bathroom vanity if you have a larger bathroom is one with hand carved designs on the door, and a completely open area inside the cabinet for storage and plumbing. Since it’s customizable, you can tweak it so fits in your space.

If you’re looking for a rustic bathroom vanity we can help. At FoxDen Decor, we specialize in home décor and have a range of vanities to choose from, in striking colors, to add flare to any bathroom. We can also create a design based on your preferences. To see our elegant selection of bathroom vanities you can visit our website.

In order for any kitchen to make a statement, an island or bar is an important furniture piece. Not only are these items functional, they’re also ideal as a social hub for dinner parties and family gatherings. Not to mention they give you the perfect excuse to go bar stool shopping!

Just the idea of integrating high-quality bar stools into your kitchen décor is a fast way to redecorate and give your home some style points. Whether you’re going for a traditional, contemporary, or rustic look you’ll have a blast shopping for modern, traditional, and rustic bar stools.

There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to high-quality bar stools. So, your decision rests on the style and type you want, and your budget.

Rustic Bar StoolsBelow we’ll look at what you can do to enhance your kitchen with high-quality bar stools.

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Great With High Quality Bar Stools

Bar Stool Seat Cover Fabric

When it comes to bar stool seat surfaces, the use of fabric is the most versatile. There are thousands of patterns, textures, and colors available. Since you can use bar stools for both socializing around your bar, and dining around your island, padded seats make sense because they’re practical.

A rustic style emphases natural, rugged beauty with earthy colors and nature-inspired textures to create a welcoming vibe. You can choose a few seat cover colors for your rustic bar stools that also go with your rustic themed kitchen or bar; or you can go with one color. You could also get different seat covers to match the seasons.

Low Rustic Bar Stools

Low bar stools don’t fit with any distinct style. They’re unique and their best feature is that they’re low, so they draw the eye. They’re ideal for traditional, modern, and rustic bar stools.

Modern Bar Stools

Bold shades and strong lines influence most contemporary bar stools. You can look for bar stools with a sleek allure and graphical designs. This type of barstool should be crisp and simplistic with monochrome and dynamic colors, not natural like rustic bar stools.

Traditional Bar Stools

This style of bar stool features ornate details and they’re usually made from dark wood. They create a formal look, not an earthy feel like rustic bar stools.

We hope our ideas will help you when you go shopping for modern, traditional, or rustic bar stools. If you’re ready to go shopping make sure you buy high-quality because you want them to last.

If you’re looking for high quality bar stools we can help. At FoxDen Decor, we specialize in home décor and have a range of bar stools to choose from. We can also create a design for you. To see our vast selection of beautiful and elegant modern, traditional and rustic bar stools you can visit our website.

There are, of course, always several stressors when it comes to furnishing a new home or re-doing your beloved existing space. From a material point of view, the new tariffs on Canadian soft-wood lumber are not only pricing many Americans out of the housing market, but also out of many wooden goods common to household use, such as furniture. Price-point aside, simply choosing the most aesthetically grounded and versatile pieces for your home can be a struggle, if not a somewhat satisfying one at times. It is also typical that the most commonly used pieces in your home (like that unique bar stool you’ve been dreaming of) will be the ones you dote on and worry over the most when purchasing: this goes for pretty much anything used in the kitchen or the bedroom, since these are the two most frequently enjoyed spaces in your home.

Make the most of your space

The kitchen, in particular, allows for some especially creative alternatives when it comes to furnishing options: tables, cabinetry, and seating can all be brought beyond the quotidian with the right touch. Take, for example, a unique bar stool. Although sometimes overlooked in planning a kitchen or patio dining space, unique bar stools present a fun opportunity to make the most of your space. Say your house or apartment lacks the space to establish a full dining room, and you’d like to avoid the clutter that a kitchen table often offers—a bar stool at your island or countertop is a creative alternative. If you plan to use food-prep or decoration space as an eating surface, however, make sure that your seating is up to snuff; despite the fact that the bar stool style was originally deployed to dissuade customers from lingering too long at the bar, contemporary custom options are a species of seating altogether more comfortable. That said, make sure that the dimensions of your bar stools are unique to your eating surface: this generally means selecting a seat height that’s between 24’’ and 26”, while that of a conventional dining chair’s seat is only 18”.

Enjoying one of many unique bar stool options means having a piece of furniture that leaves room in its design for you, the consumer. Look for pieces that come from vendors who allow for customizable builds. Or, if you don’t necessarily want to go the made-to-order route, you can look for a neutral, earth-tone set that has an attachable cushion option; the color and design of the cushion, paired with the natural neutrality of the stool’s tones will lend more opportunity for you, the owner, to flex your own creative muscles.

Enticing Alternatives

Lastly, given the tariff situation discussed above (not to mention seemingly all the time in the news), homeowners currently have a great opportunity to look outside the box for furniture and designs that are not co-extensive with the typical production methods and production avenues. Nothing makes for a more singular piece of furniture, let alone a unique bar stool, than re-claimed wood from the likes of barns or other furniture. The current economic situation also provides a welcome chance to source out goods produced and inspired by our local businesses. In the end, it’s easy to enjoy a get-together or family meal tonight, tomorrow, or today with unique design options made the right way.

If you are looking into redecorating your house this season, then you may be looking for ideas for your home. An increasingly popular addition to homes is the kitchen island or breakfast bar, or the addition of a drinks bar into your den or another room in which you entertain guests. What all great bars need in a home is a good seating option that is comfortable for you and your guests, and stools are the best solution. You can get stools in any design and style, from short bar stools to tall ones, or from cushioned seats to seats made from various materials.


There are a vast selection of bar stool designs available for your home these days. If you are expecting your guests to be sitting for long durations while on your stools, you may want to consider using a stool with a tall back, or possibly with cushions. For a drinks bar in an entertainment room where you or your guests will be just sitting down for a short while to enjoy a refreshing beverage, you could go for short bar stools with no back that can be easy to get out of the way when needed and easy to store. When getting stools for a kitchen island, it’s often recommended that you get a tall stool so that you can have nice access to the surface top, whether you are eating at it or working. You can even get more elaborate stools that include arm rests for a more regal look in your bar area.

Matching Decor

Matching your stools to your decor is easy to do with all the options that are available to you. You are going to want to create a mood in each room in your house that is personalized to you or your family; that will accent the memories that you are going to create in those living spaces. Whether you choose short bar stools or tall, cushioned or bare, you’re going to want to choose something that you enjoy looking at day in and day out—and that you’ll want to show off to your family and friends when you are entertaining. Remember: when choosing a design, take into account the decor of the whole room so that you can create an environment you can be proud of.


It doesn’t matter if you are choosing short bar stools, tall, with a back, or not, you are going to have a selection of materials to choose from when you pick out your own bar stools. Bar stools come in a variety of solid materials, from cheap plastic to sleek, and from modern and industrial metal to old fashioned classic or rustic wood. From there, you can also select the material accents you want: do you want cloth cushion or leather? Maybe you want a leather cushion on the bottom and back, or just back support, or neither. Whatever your personal preference, you can find the bar stool you are looking for.

Custom Built

You can always choose to go with designs that are already made and stools that are already built, but if you are looking for that extra touch for your short bar stools (or whatever design you choose), custom built is going to give you the most flexibility. It may take longer than just picking up a stool from the store, but you are going to find that you can get the best quality and the most satisfaction with your renovation when buying custom built stools from professionals like Fox Den Decor.

Bar stools are an excellent addition to almost any home. Not only do they give your family and friends a more casual place to relax, but they also can add an extra bit of style to your kitchen or living space. And while many people are buying metal bar stools, there has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of wooden bar stools.

Home owners are increasingly looking at wooden bar stools for their homes—not simply because the stools look great, but also because they have some added benefits over non-wooden stools. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider wooden bar stools for your home.

1. They’re Versatile

While there has been an influx in chrome and plastic bar stools, they often only look good in specific decor set ups. Mostly, they work well in modern designs, where there is already a lot of black and chrome. But wooden bar stools can fit into almost any look. From rustic stools to beautifully painted ones, you can find a wooden bar stool that fits into your space and complements your decor choices.

2. Strength

While many people think the plastic and metal bar stools will better stand the test of time, a well-constructed wooden bar stool can stand up to almost anything. While plastic can bend and warp, wooden bar stools are built to last, meaning your next purchase could last for years to come.

3. They Give You a Place to Relax

Whether you’re starting your day at the counter with a cup of coffee or having a drink at the end of the day, bar stools add a certain casual, relaxed feel to your home. Wooden bar stools can do this with their warm, inviting feel. They are also easier to upholster and can be easily padded for extra comfort, meaning that you won’t be uncomfortable when you’re reading the paper at your breakfast bar.

4. You Can Customize

One of the benefits of wooden bar stools from Fox Den Decor is their customization. Unlike pre-made bar stools, our wooden bar stools are made to your specifications and expectations. You are in control of everything, from the size to the color and kind of wood used. You can also choose from our many stools that have already been crafted by our talented artisans.

By choosing a Fox Den Decor wooden bar stool, you can have an authentically rustic stool that will elevate your home’s decor, and you can control its look so it can fit right in. Plus, each is made by hand, so it is a truly unique piece that no one else can ever replicate.

Wooden bar stools are sturdy, stylish, and they can elevate the look of almost any room. Besides giving you and your guests an extra place to relax, a well-made wooden bar stool can be enjoyed for years to come. If you are looking for quality wooden bar stools, Fox Den Decor has a wide range of styles, makes, and colors that are sure to fit into your home decor choices.

Bar stools are a great alternative to traditional dining areas, especially if you are trying to maximize your space or live in a smaller space. Bar stools can be casual and informal, but also elegant and elevated, depending on the style of your space. We’ve compiled a guide to help you find the best black bar stool for your space – no matter the size!

1. Style

The most important style factor that you will have to decide on is back or no back. A backless black bar stool will give your space a cleaner and sleeker look, and it will make your room appear larger. This is great if you have a smaller space and are trying to create a grander illusion. Keep in mind that backless bar stools automatically give off an uncomfortable appearance. Consider who else will be using the stools – children, elderly people, or people with physical disabilities. While backless stools are minimalistic, most adults may not want to sit on them for very long, and children can easily get hurt if they lean backwards without thinking. Once you have tackled this debate, there are a few more style aspects to consider. Do you want an adjustable stool? A swivel stool? Round or square? Arms or no arms? And don’t forget about the footrest!

2. Home decor

The decor of your kitchen will also dictate the style of your black bar stool. You don’t want anything to clash with your countertop, but luckily, there are endless options that can easily be incorporated into your space. Brushed stainless steel adds a modern and sophisticated touch to a space. Mixing materials can easily create a laid-back, yet comfortable and warm, atmosphere. Walnut or chrome bar stools with black accents is very popular with the emergence of mid-century decor, but they can also fit in well with a rustic urban look. Finding the right stool for your kitchen is a lot easier once you have determined what features you want in a bar stool.

3. Height

Before you start shopping, make sure you measure the height of the surface you are shopping for. Then measure it again…and again! Remember to keep 9 – 12 inches between the seat of your black bar stool and the bottom of the counter. This will ensure that there is enough comfortable leg space for you, your family, and your guests. Traditional bar stools measure 30 inches.

4. Spacing

When deciding how many black bar stools you should buy for your counter space, it is best to stick to the general rule of thumb: allow 26 to 30 inches between the centers of each barstool, or one stool per 2 – 2 1/2 feet. This rule ensures that everyone sitting at the counter has enough room to be comfortable and to enjoy themselves. Avoid having your space look crowded by allowing 15 inches from the outer bar stool to the end of the counter.

5. Construction

You want your black bar stools to stand the test of time and accommodate a range of people – regardless of height or weight. Bar stools that feature brackets and scratch-resistant finishes are more durable than those that don’t. With chairs, you get what you pay for, so if you don’t plan on replacing them often, put some time and effort into your search.