An increasing number of homeowners are installing bar areas or purchasing pub-height tables for their homes. If you’ve got a bar or pub-height table, or are thinking of going in that décor direction, take a look at our selection of beautiful rustic bar stools. They come in various heights and wood stain colors, and they are all handcrafted by skilled, professional carpenters. These stools are not only built to last the wear-and-tear of daily use, but they’re also visually stunning and will be sure to receive many compliments from all of your houseguests and visitors.


All of our furniture is made-to-order, so we can customize your rustic bar stools any way you want. We offer a variety of models, including the Fiesta Rustic Bar Stool, the Cabana Rustic Bar Stool, and the Chief Rustic Bar Stool. These stools are all traditional Mexican pieces, perfectly handcrafted out of high quality reclaimed wood, and then stained in a multi-step process to create either a sleek finish or a unique distressed look. Because all of our rustic bar stools are made-to-order, you can also request any color or colors you want!

Rustic Bar StoolsA Warm and Welcoming Touch

Unlike steel or metal-framed bar stools, our rustic bar stools will automatically give your home a warm and welcoming vibe. The natural hues and grains of the reclaimed wood we use to handcraft our stools will beautifully compliment a wide array of color schemes and décor choices, and they will make your bar or seating area a very attractive and welcoming place to be.

Because our rustic bar stools are handcrafted with reclaimed wood, you can also feel good about your purchase. We believe in recycling old wood to create new and stunning pieces. The value of using reclaimed wood is, however, not simply limited to its environmentally friendly practice; in fact, reclaimed wood is much stronger and more durable than new lumber because it is usually from old-growth forests that are hundreds of years old. The beauty of reclaimed wood is also unparalleled; the wear and tear of the elements and the multiple years of use only function to bring out the wood’s natural beauty and rich hues.

 A Timeless Piece

One great aspect of the bar stool is that it never goes out of style. As long as people are cozying up to a bar area, pub-height table, or kitchen island for some food, drinks and conversation, the bar stool will continue to be a must-have in the home. Since our rustic bar stools are made in the traditional Mexican way, you can rest assured that these pieces have already stood the test of time. If you want to go for something colorful and funky, take a look at our Fiesta Rustic Bar Stool. The name really says it all – fiesta! But if you’re looking for something a bit more traditional and classic, our Chief Rustic Bar Stool may appeal to your more refined and sophisticated taste. Once again, the name kind of says it all.

Take a look at our selection of beautiful rustic bar stools, and remember, we make all of our furniture to order, so your stools are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.