The modern bathroom is facing a storage crisis. Not by size, but by design. While bathrooms may be getting bigger, their open concept designs are sometimes making it harder to store the things you need. And bathrooms need to store a lot of things, sometimes discretely, and sometimes for regular use. Here are just a few reasons why a rustic bathroom cabinet from FoxDen Decor could be the storage solution you’ve been looking for, and that your bathroom desperately needs.

1. Custom-Made Cabinets

When you order a rustic bathroom cabinet from FoxDen Decor, you aren’t simply getting a piece that’s beautiful and built to last, you are also getting something that’s custom-made to your specifications. Our cabinets are designed with your needs in mind, including the bathroom itself, so the finished piece will fit in exactly where it needs to be. With many modern bathrooms needing specialized storage options, a customized piece can help you take full advantage of your bathroom layout. That means more storage options, often in a lot less space compared to a pre-made piece from a major manufacturer.

rustic bathroom cabinet2. Made from the Finest Materials

The key to making quality furniture lies in the materials you use to build them. Whether your rustic bathroom cabinet is a piece made from fresh materials or reclaimed wood, every piece we use is beautiful and strong. We hand select every piece of wood that’s used to build any and all of our furniture to ensure the quality of the finished product is the highest it can possibly be.

This is especially true for any FoxDen Decor rustic vanity cabinet. These beautiful and individual pieces are made from wood that is collected from old stables, barns and houses in Mexico. Each piece is carefully inspected and evaluated before being used, and all of our pieces are designed by professional furniture makers who know how to get the most out of reclaimed materials.

3. A Rustic Look with a Quality Design

Most furniture that looks rustic gets that feel from a key factor: rust, something that’s terrible for quality, working furniture. A rustic vanity cabinet from FoxDen Decor uses that classic, rustic look, but combines it with quality craftsmanship made by real furniture builders. That means you get quality pieces with a rustic look, but that is strong enough to stand up to regular use. Our bathroom pieces in particular are made to work within the humid environment of the modern bathroom as well, so you can enjoy them for years without the pieces succumbing to moisture damage.

If you’re having storage issues in your bathroom, it’s time to turn to an effective and beautiful storage solution, like a rustic bathroom cabinet from FoxDen Decor. These beautiful, handmade pieces are custom-made to each individual order and are designed to stand up to regular use in the modern bathroom. With a FoxDen Decor rustic vanity cabinet, you can have all the storage space you need, along with a beautiful, handcrafted piece that could become the defining piece of furniture in your home.