Choosing a focal point in any room during a renovation, major or minor, can be tough! You have all kinds of choices, from light fixtures to accent walls, special flooring to luxury features, how do you choose? Well, if you are like most people doing renovations, you likely have a budget! If you are looking for an affordable way to create a focal point in a bathroom renovation, consider choosing a unique sink.


There are many materials available for sinks ( ) these days. While you can still choose traditional porcelain or ceramic, there are more exciting options out there. You can choose from an array of metals, including copper, which offers a distinctly earthen feel and appearance, or you can go with something ultra-modern like glass. The important thing is that you review everything available before deciding on something run-of-the-mill.

Copper Sink


Sink styles have changed a boat load over the years, too. There are pedestal versions, top mounts, bottom mounts, round ones, oval ones…you name it! This means that you can choose a sink in a shape and style that best compliments your renovation vision. If, for example, you know you want a copper sink, you then have to decide what shape you want it in. Do you want it to sit on top of your counter, or to be mounted from underneath? This, of course, will depend on the impact you want the copper to have. Should it be obvious and center-stage, or should it be a more subtle feature that you discover as you enter the room?


The vanity can play a large role in the sink you choose. A traditional store bought vanity may be predesigned to only accommodate a certain style of sink, such as a top mount. You must keep this in mind when shopping for your bathroom cabinets, vanities and storage solutions. Another option is to repurpose another piece of furniture for your bathroom vanity. You can re-use an old dresser, cabinet or desk, and alter to accommodate any sink you want. This will also allow you to provide any finish you desire. This is a great way to incorporate rustic or vintage furniture into your bathroom.


Copper sinks aren’t expensive, and they are a great way to update a bathroom, even if you can’t afford a full-on renovation. A simple sink swap can go a long way to changing the mood of the room, and paired with some fresh paint and updated accessories, you can create a whole new space with just a few hundred dollars.

Get creative

Copper sinks are a great modern fixture to feature in your home and they are an affordable option. Switching out small feature pieces like sinks, faucets and even lighting, can be a great but manageable way to update your space on budget. Investigate your options today at FoxDen Decor to see if copper sinks are good fit for your home. Maybe you will get the inspiration you need to change the whole mood of your living space with minimal effort!