Rustic furniture and design is all the rage right now, but when you are looking to renovate your home, sometimes going rustic can make it seem like you are renovating in the wrong direction; so how can you incorporate rustic designs into your home without making your home seem outdated?  Here are a few tips that can help you feature all your rustic pieces without making it feel like your biggest renovation chore was dusting off the cobwebs.

How to incorporate rustic designs into the modern homerustic furniture

First, it is important to remember that, just because you want to feature some rustic furniture in your home, it doesn’t mean you have to do a complete rustic overhaul on your house.  It may surprise you, but rustic pieces with modern design elements actually complement each other quite well, which means you can have the modern, clean cut look and you can combine it with the softened touch of rustic accent pieces.

For instance, in your bathroom, you can combine modern walls—clean white walls with square-framed art or photos—with rustic furniture like a vanity, or even a rustic cabinet.  How can you tie it all together?  Try adding a retro bathtub (it works well because retro is the new…er…old modern), and make sure you emphasize your floor and ceiling.  Stone floors might set off the whole look, complimented by a gothic chandelier or pendant light, and if you have vaulted or exposed beam ceilings, make sure you highlight those during your makeover.  Tie it all together with a modern shower mat or rug that fits in with your color scheme,

Rustic doesn’t have to be brown

Remember, just because you are going rustic doesn’t mean you are stuck with that brown wood stain—unless you want that.  You can modernize your rustic style by choosing different colors for your rustic furniture.  You can still have that rustic look in black, grey, or even in a brighter color, like pink.

Mix and match

Choosing the right décor for your room renovation is all about mixing and matching.  Making your living room too modern can make it feel a bit too stark and uncomfortable.  Adding a few rustic furniture touches may be all you need to re-introduce a little warmth—that lived-in comfortable feel—to the room.  How can you incorporate that feel in a few simple steps?  Try creating a rustic accent wall by simply turning one wall of your room into a rustic bookshelf or library.  Books work wonders when it comes to décor—they come in all sorts of styles and cover types, they can be artfully arranged, and you can place a few books throughout the room to incorporate that rustic style throughout.  There really is nothing more beautiful or rustic than a leather-bound book—unless you have the full set.  Further, to compliment that rustic accent wall, incorporate a rustic coffee table and some rustic or retro light fixtures.

Adding a bit of rustic charm to your home is an easy way to add a little warmth and style to any modern design, and the true perk is that it is easy—just leave those beams exposed or rough up the wood a bit on that accent wall.  The great thing about incorporating rustic furniture into your home is that you can complement it easily with inexpensive items, like antique garage sale finds, things that have sat around and got a bit rusty (it isn’t junk anymore—it’s art), or even just a few books and candles.

Be creative and add a little of that rustic touch to your home.