When it comes to functional, fashionable bathrooms, nothing better encapsulates both like cus-tom bathroom vanities. Made from scratch, by hand, and to your exact specifications, a custom vanity can be the functional and fashionable choice for your home, all for much less than you may expect.

The best custom bathroom vanities keep you in control of every aspect, from the size to the lit-tle aesthetic embellishments. Here are just a few aspects of your custom vanity that you can control when you decide to skip the pre-made products and go custom.

Custom Bathroom Vanities1.  Color

The first thing anyone will notice about custom bathroom vanities is that they look completely different from your average vanity, and nothing says that more immediately than the color. Your custom vanity can be stained and painted in any number of colors to suit your decor needs. That includes subtle stains that show off the reclaimed wood and bold paint colors that make the vanity stand out.

2.  Size

Probably one of the most appealing aspects of custom bathroom vanities is the size, especially for people whose homes are a little different from the standard. Unconventional floor plans and bathrooms call for unconventional vanities, which is why you should be in control of your vani-ty’s size. Everything from a small 24” vanity to massive 80” vanities are available, all so they can fit perfectly into your bathroom, and your decor choices.

3.  Sink Style

While vanities need to look good, they also need to fit in with your lifestyle, which is why the best custom bathroom vanities offer a choice in sinks along with everything else. Options in-clude a single sink for smaller bathrooms, a double sink for couples who need to get ready in the morning, and stylish apron sinks for an extra flourish.

Thinking about the function of your vanity is important when looking at custom bathroom vani-ties, so when you are selecting aspects like color, size, and budget, consider also how you intend to use the piece.

4.  Extra Accents

Custom bathroom vanities don’t just put you in control of the size and price; they also let you design the little flourishes that truly make it your own. At Fox Den Decor, the many options for decor accents on the vanities include everything from metal banding to oxidized paneling. As a result, the piece looks exactly how you want and includes little embellishments to help it fit in with your style. The ornate forged iron accents, for example, give the vanity an even more rus-tic appeal, which is perfect for cabins, cottages, and decor styles that make you feel like you are on a country estate.

If you need a unique, beautiful piece that fits perfectly into your home and decor choices, look no further than custom bathroom vanities from Fox Den Décor ( https://foxdendecor.com/ ). Made with reclaimed wood and built by hand by talented artisans, these custom pieces perfect-ly combine function and fashion. And with you in control of almost every aspect, you are sure to have a piece that is entirely unique.