The humble bar stool has experienced a resurgence recently. Once thought of as the ultra-casual place to enjoy a drink, it has now become a versatile piece that balances function with fashion. Here are a few reasons why people are turning to rustic bar stools and adding a touch of style to their homes.

1.  They Work All Day, Not Just at Night

As anyone with a breakfast nook will tell you: the rustic bar stool is for more than having a drink at the end of a long day. With the right setup, they are useful morning, noon and night.

The versatility of the rustic bar stool is just one of the reasons they are experiencing a resurgence in popularity right now, and that is why they are getting used more and more often. A rustic feel can easily complement almost any decor choice, from a cottage getaway feel to a more contemporary look. But, more importantly, they offer a casual and comfortable place to sit and enjoy a moment of the day. That could be with a loved one beside you or with just you, your morning coffee and a good read.Rustic Bar Stools

2.  They Mix & Match Very Well

While former and informal dining areas often need the exact same kind of chair around the table, bar stools can actually look better when they are slightly different from each other. It may seem counterintuitive, especially since the same could not be done with the chairs around your dining table, but a group of aesthetically similar (yet distinctively different) rustic bar stools can create a bold look.

If you choose rustic bar stools made from reclaimed wood, each one will have its own distinctive look and feel, all while still fitting in with your decor plan. The wood, carefully curated around Fox Den Decor’s furniture studio, carries an individual character that is teased out by our expert furniture makers. The end result is a beautiful set of bar stools with a rustic charm and a whole lot of character.

3.  Find the Perfect Bar Stools for Your Home

At Fox Den Decor, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer experience. That is why we offer a wide range of purchasing options that connect you with the rustic bar stools you want. When you shop with us, you will have access to beautiful, hand-crafted bar stools that can fit in seamlessly with your decor designs. Or, if you are looking for something very specific, we can create custom pieces that can set the tone for your home’s entire aesthetic. The choice is up to you and you will enjoy the results for years to come.

Fox Den Decor’s rustic bar stools combine quality materials, expert craftsmanship and beautiful designs into unforgettable pieces. Manufactured using reclaimed wood for that authentic rustic feel, they can help to elevate the decor of your room and provide you and your family with a comfortable, stylish place to sit and enjoy your home.