Rustic Decor has made a huge comeback in the decorating world. What was once considered only appropriate for farmlands and country homes has made its way into the urban decorating scene. The warm colors and casual look create a soft and inviting atmosphere. This welcomed feeling is becoming more preferred, leaving the crisp and contemporary look for offices and business establishments. An original homestead, with a rustic look, originated from necessity. As wood and natural materials were economic and easy to acquire, homesteads used them for both furnishing and function.

As technology evolved, so did building resources.

Both styles and supplies changed with more modern times. It became easier to mass produce furniture at cheaper prices. However, the tradeoff for lower cost furniture was lower quality. Dining and bedroom sets that were once family heirlooms now became a household expense that needed replacing every few years. Sophisticated designs became the standard look in both home and offices around the continent. As always, styles take dramatic turns: designers began to bring back the welcoming look of rustic decorations and furniture, reintroducing the softer side of homes. However, the new difference was pricey. What used to be an economical way to decorate became a style that only the urban elite could afford.

The focus has now turned to ways to decorate and enhance, while still staying within a budget.

Bathrooms are one of those rooms with endless possibilities. It is one of the most used rooms in a home, requiring high function but still emanating a relaxing feel. It is a room that people run in and out of as much as they love to relax in. It endures moments of high humidity along with wide variations of temperatures. This room needs functional furniture that can withstand elements, high traffic, and time. Rustic vanities are a fantastic look for bathrooms. The importance however, is in the material. At Fox Den Décor, we build our vanities to order using reclaimed wood. This wood has already withstood the elements. It will not shrink or warp in humidity or under pressure. The wood has already gone through its curing process, naturally. As our wood comes from previous structures, such as barns and homesteads, no two vanities are ever exactly the same.

By changing your bathroom vanity to one with a rustic look, you instantly transform the feel of your bathroom.

This single furniture replacement can be embellished with economical wall hangings and counter top décor, creating a completely new bathroom without having to paint a single wall. While our vanity will cost more than a mass-produced counterpart, it is built with the idea that you will never need to replace it. This single change is all you need to enhance both the look and feel of your bathroom.

Rustic decor does not need to be a full home-decorating transformation.

It can start with a single piece of furniture, accented by complementing decorations. Bathrooms are one of the most used and most demanding rooms in your home. Create an inviting and warm feel. Create a room that is welcoming to relax in. A rustic bathroom is a timeless look, a true classic that will never go out of style. It is as simple as a new vanity, created from true rustic wood. This is all you need to create a brand new room in your home.