Bar stools are an excellent addition to almost any home. Not only do they give your family and friends a more casual place to relax, but they also can add an extra bit of style to your kitchen or living space. And while many people are buying metal bar stools, there has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of wooden bar stools.

Home owners are increasingly looking at wooden bar stools for their homes—not simply because the stools look great, but also because they have some added benefits over non-wooden stools. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider wooden bar stools for your home.

1. They’re Versatile

While there has been an influx in chrome and plastic bar stools, they often only look good in specific decor set ups. Mostly, they work well in modern designs, where there is already a lot of black and chrome. But wooden bar stools can fit into almost any look. From rustic stools to beautifully painted ones, you can find a wooden bar stool that fits into your space and complements your decor choices.

2. Strength

While many people think the plastic and metal bar stools will better stand the test of time, a well-constructed wooden bar stool can stand up to almost anything. While plastic can bend and warp, wooden bar stools are built to last, meaning your next purchase could last for years to come.

3. They Give You a Place to Relax

Whether you’re starting your day at the counter with a cup of coffee or having a drink at the end of the day, bar stools add a certain casual, relaxed feel to your home. Wooden bar stools can do this with their warm, inviting feel. They are also easier to upholster and can be easily padded for extra comfort, meaning that you won’t be uncomfortable when you’re reading the paper at your breakfast bar.

4. You Can Customize

One of the benefits of wooden bar stools from Fox Den Decor is their customization. Unlike pre-made bar stools, our wooden bar stools are made to your specifications and expectations. You are in control of everything, from the size to the color and kind of wood used. You can also choose from our many stools that have already been crafted by our talented artisans.

By choosing a Fox Den Decor wooden bar stool, you can have an authentically rustic stool that will elevate your home’s decor, and you can control its look so it can fit right in. Plus, each is made by hand, so it is a truly unique piece that no one else can ever replicate.

Wooden bar stools are sturdy, stylish, and they can elevate the look of almost any room. Besides giving you and your guests an extra place to relax, a well-made wooden bar stool can be enjoyed for years to come. If you are looking for quality wooden bar stools, Fox Den Decor has a wide range of styles, makes, and colors that are sure to fit into your home decor choices.