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Sometimes, when rethinking home decor, bedrooms take a bit of a back seat. When looking to style your home, it’s natural to start with the more common areas (the ones the whole family will use and the company will see), and to just make do with whatever you have for the bedroom. However, a bedroom is an important space that shouldn’t be neglected. It’s where you begin and end your day, and where you are supposed to feel most relaxed and comfortable, so it’s worthwhile to invest in decor. If you’re not ready to completely revamp your entire sleep space, you might want to consider adding a couple of statement pieces that set the tone and make the room feel special. A couple of unique pieces of rustic bedroom furniture can be just the touch you need to enhance your bedroom.

A Peaceful Sanctuary

No matter what your personal style is and no matter how the rest of your home is decorated, your bedroom, above all, is a peaceful sanctuary, and that should be expressed in its appearance. Rustic bedroom furniture is a great choice because it has a certain softness to it. Rather than being bright or flashy, it bears a certain tranquility that makes your bedroom feel quiet and peaceful.

One of a Kind Pieces

Nothing makes a room feel better than one-of-a-kind furniture. Unique, original pieces make a room feel special and give it a very personal quality. Rustic bedroom furniture is often either vintage or handmade, so each piece is completely unique. There is nothing like reaching into a chest of drawers or wardrobe with a soft, worn-in patina and charmingly imperfect texture to give you a little joy to start your day. One of a kind rustic bedroom furniture is whimsical, beautiful and tells a story—the perfect setting for you to relax and dream.

Rustic Bedroom FurnitureWorn in, Not Worn out

The key to picking out rustic bedroom furniture is to remember that rustic should mean worn in, not worn out. Don’t fall for vendors selling old, battered and beaten up furniture under the guise of it being rustic. Use your instincts and, of course, your eyes. Go for pieces that show their age in an elegant way, with faded paint and knots telling the story of that piece’s history. A good piece of quality rustic bedroom furniture should look gently worn in and loved. It shouldn’t make a room look messy or dumpy. It should give the room character and interest in a handsome way.

You don’t need to completely overhaul your bedroom to make it a more beautiful or restful place. Simply adding a couple of pieces of statement furniture can be enough to completely change its character and give it a lift. Rustic bedroom furniture is a great way to add whimsy, charm and sophisticated beauty to your room, creating a warm and happy place to begin and end your day.

Ready to get started? Visit FoxDen Decor for a great selection of rustic bedroom furniture. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have.

A Rustic Touch

Let’s face it: a nice bathroom can make all the difference in your home. But even in a beautifully decorated bathroom, the sink is usually still mundane and unimpressive. A copper sink brings the rest of a bathroom to life. It gives the room a warm, rustic ambiance, and catches your eye the second you walk in. With one simple design choice, your sink goes from being a dull piece of plumbing to the highlight of your bathroom.

FoxDen Decor’s copper sinks do more than just spice up a room, though – our sinks are stunning, handmade pieces, crafted in a wide range of shapes and boasting a variety of all-natural colors, thanks to the unique natural sheen of copper. Our copper sinks are the perfect marriage of timeless style and one-of-a-kind artistry, meaning that they’ll always be classic, but they’ll never be dated.

Copper sinks are an affordable and easy way to turn a space around without breaking the bank. It can be hard to find an accent piece that’s on trend but won’t go out of style. Copper is a perfect solution to that problem; because of their warmth and variability, copper sinks go well with any design scheme. The variety of different finishes copper can have means that your copper sink can be anything from a shiny contemporary centerpiece to a subtle call back to a simpler time.Copper Sinks

Elegant and Environmental

Believe it or not, copper sinks aren’t just aesthetically gorgeous; they’re actually better for you than traditional sink materials. We all know that bathrooms are exposed to a lot of bacteria, and the last thing any of us want is for that bacteria to stick around. Copper’s natural properties mean that harmful bacteria that can survive for days or even weeks in other sinks die very quickly in copper ones, making copper a safer choice for your bathroom.

On top of that, copper has anti-rusting properties. Unlike with traditional sinks, where you have to worry about rust forming over time, copper never corrodes. Copper is also better for the environment than traditional sink materials – it’s long lasting and easy to recycle. By purchasing one of our copper sinks, you’re choosing a piece that’s stylish and sustainable.

Customized to Your Vision

At FoxDen Decor, every piece is hand-made to order, ensuring you get quality and originality. We have an amazing selection of copper sinks listed on our website. If none of them are exactly what you have in mind, though, never fear. We offer customized sinks to make sure you end up with the perfect shape, style, and color for the standout piece of your dreams. All of pieces boast delicate craftsmanship and authentic copper patina, and we are committed to helping you get the design that lifts your bathroom and breathes new life into your everyday routines.

Our copper sinks are the perfect way to update your bathroom on a budget. They’re timeless but trendy, completely one-of-a-kind, and guaranteed to impress every guest who passes through your home.

Reclaimed wood furniture is making a comeback for a few reasons, but one of them is that the material is so beautiful and eye-catching. The right rustic piece of reclaimed wood furniture can act as an authentic and beautiful centerpiece in your decor, and it can be a functional piece for storage, too.

It is for this reason that FoxDen Decor has created its own line of authentic reclaimed wood furniture. Made by skilled craftsmen using beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood, the line has become popular for its blend of function and fashion. Here are just a few reasons why people choose FoxDen Decor’s reclaimed wood furniture.

Authentic Rustic Looks

FoxDen Decor’s reclaimed wood furniture offers an authentic rustic feel because the wood comes from rustic places. Every piece is made from wood recovered from barns, corrals, and other structures found around our Mexican furniture studio. These authentic pieces of wood contribute a unique and distinguishable look to the pieces of furniture they become. The result is something that looks rustic because it is authentically so.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Reclaimed wood furniture not only has that authentic rustic feel, but it is also better for the environment. All of our reclaimed wood, recovered from Mexican agricultural buildings, reduces the need for new lumber by reusing existing pieces to create something new. So, while the piece looks fantastic, it is also better for the environment.Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Expert Craftsmanship

In our studio in Mexico, experienced and talented furniture makers build beautiful, unique pieces from high quality reclaimed materials. They are not only beautiful and rustic, but they are also made to last by using classic, tested carpentry skills. When you buy a piece of reclaimed wood furniture from FoxDen Decor, you can be assured that it will last for years and decades to come.

Customizable Options

Our line of reclaimed wood furniture fits seamlessly into your decor sensibilities for one very good reason: we can customize it to your exact specifications. When you order one of our pieces, you can choose everything about it: the dimensions, the color, the stain, and more are under your complete control. If you have a specific vision, and a specific idea of what reclaimed wood furniture would look best, you can work with our talented team of furniture makers to create that perfect piece.

Unique Pieces Just for You

Between the individual character found in the wood and your own customizations, choosing FoxDen Decor can mean you will have a piece of reclaimed wood furniture unlike anything else in the world—a piece that is wholly yours and your alone.

Reclaimed wood furniture is making a comeback. Not only are they beautiful, high quality pieces of furniture, but they are also an environmentally-friendly way to get an authentic rustic piece of furniture. At FoxDen Decor, we ensure that every piece of our reclaimed furniture line is built with strength and characters, meaning they will be unique pieces that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Rest and Relax

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. The more beautiful and elegant we can make our bedrooms, the more content and happy we will feel in our lives. But it’s easy for bedrooms to become messy and cluttered spaces, especially when there’s not enough closet or storage space – hence, why many people own dressers. But if you’re looking for a dresser, don’t just settle for any old thing. Dressers should be well-crafted and beautiful objects in and of themselves—not just storage spaces—so try a hand-crafted rustic dresser instead.

Every bedroom deserves to have a statement piece. Made from pine, our dressers are handcrafted and lightly buffed by skilled artisans, and they are custom-made to your specifications. These pieces definitely stand out—especially if you choose to have them painted in bright, bold colors. Our rustic dressers are also available in multiple finishes with a variety of hardware that you can choose from. Make your bedroom the beautiful space it deserves to be.

Rustic Charm

Home décor trends are constantly changing, but few of us have the time or the money to consistently keep up with the trends. That’s why it’s important to choose quality pieces that will stand the test of time. When you purchase one of our rustic dressers, you are purchasing quality and perfection. We custom-make all of our dressers according to your needs and desires, so you can rest assured that you will get exactly the dresser you want—and it made to the highest standards of quality and beauty.Rustic Dresser

Our rustic dressers will also fit any type of home décor, from the ultra-modern to a simple, more country look. If you’re looking for something that pops, you can have your dresser painted a bright red or blue. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit subtle and understated, you can go with a dresser with a more natural wood look or a soft white. Whatever you want, we’re happy to deliver! We also guarantee that all of our furniture is top-quality with that cozy and welcoming rustic charm you are sure to love.

Customer First

We value our clients; as such, we want them not only to be satisfied with our products and services, but also to be happy with them. If you’re going to buy a dresser, why not buy a rustic dresser you love? And how better to find a dresser you love than to be able to actually have it custom-made exactly to your tastes and personal style?

You might be thinking of redecorating your entire bedroom. Perhaps you’re just looking to replace or acquire a new rustic dresser. Whatever the case, we guarantee that you’ll love our service and our rustic style!

All our pine dressers are handcrafted by our artisans in Mexico. They have a rustic charm, but they also compliment multiple styles and interior designs. You pick the style, the color, the hardware, and we’ll do all the work! Why not add a bit of flavor and flare to your home with one of our rustic dressers? Make your bedroom beautiful so you can rest and relax in style.

These days, more and more homes are converting their bathroom space to contain a double sink bathroom vanity.  This type of conversion gives as much function as it does style.  It creates a larger looking area in your bathroom while expanding your functionally usable space at the same time. When deciding on new bathroom fixtures, how do you know if this move is right for you?  The best way is to review the pros and cons.

Pros :

A double sink bathroom vanity instantly doubles your usable sink space. When two or more people are using the bathroom at the same time, the extra sink really opens up possibilities.  The person brushing their teeth or washing their hands does not need to get interrupted when someone else requires some sink space. It makes the morning pre-work routine much faster and easier to manage.  For homes with multiple family members and a less-than-ideal number of bathrooms, this is really a clever move to make.  This is also a benefit to those who have family members who use bathroom sinks as a place to soak or wash items.  Delicate laundry items or even dental items are often soaked or washed in bathroom sinks.  A double sink leaves a functioning sink open while the other one is occupied. As with most bathroom vanities, there are some very elegant designs on today’s market.  The double sink bathroom vanity also doubles as an excellent home fashion statement.  When a vanity is combined with the right faucet and cabinet fixtures, it instantly becomes the centerpiece for your bathroom.

Double Sink Bathroom VanityCons :

While there are definite bonuses to a double sink bathroom vanity, there are a few cons to carefully consider.  Having two sinks will cut down the counter space on your vanity.  If you are a household that has baskets or multiple accessories on the countertop of your vanity, it is important to realize that much of this surface space will be lost when a two-sink countertop is installed.  An option to solve this is to have a longer vanity.  Of course, this option is only viable if your bathroom has the space to allow for such an expansion.  Another thing to consider is that you will now be paying a plumber to install two sinks, rather than just one. The workload on this type of installation is nearly double that of a regular sink.  Be sure to get estimates of costs for a vanity installation and use it as part of your decision-making process.

FoxDen Decor manufactures custom built vanities for double bathroom sinks.  Their ability to build to order allows them to create a one of a kind vanity for your bathroom, built to your specifications.  These custom pieces are built to your measurements, and therefore will fit perfectly into your bathroom space.  If you are building your home or renovating an existing bathroom, consider the benefits of a reclaimed wood double sink bathroom vanity from FoxDen Decor. You will love the look that these vanities will bring to your bathroom space.

Chic and Stylish

Furniture made from reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular over the last few years for a good reason. Reclaimed wood furniture has a unique look, and it is 100% one-of-a-kind; each piece is constructed from wood that is salvaged from one or more sources: an old barn or house, a wine crate, a barrel or wooden pallet – you name it! But don’t worry: reclaimed furniture doesn’t look old. In fact, it often has a very chick and stylish appeal.  While some furniture that is made from reclaimed lumber has a bit of a rustic and antiquated look, other pieces, like our handcrafted reclaimed wood tables, are sleek and ultra-modern. It all depends on the design and manufacturer.

We at FoxDen Decor custom-make all our reclaimed wood tables. That way, we can ensure our clients will get exactly what they want. All our furniture is handcrafted and tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs and desires. If you’re interested in ordering a custom-made, high-quality, reclaimed wood table, contact us for a quote.


One of the major benefits of purchasing furniture made from reclaimed lumber is that you can feel good about your buy. Because they are made from recycled and reused materials, reclaimed wood tables and chairs are eco-friendly. We all need tables, so why not get a table that you can feel good about? As we become increasingly conscious of environmental issues, it’s important to use our buying power to change environmentally hazardous practices of clear-cutting and deforestation, supporting sustainable practices (like reclaiming wood) instead. Reduce your carbon footprint with a reclaimed wood table. Feel great about your purchases!

Reclaimed Wood TableReclaimed wood is also typically stronger than new wood. In many cases, reclaimed lumber is salvaged from items or dwellings that are made from old growth forests. Trees in new growth forests haven’t had the time to develop and mature, so the wood is a bit softer and easier to damage. But when it comes to a kitchen or dining room table, you want a table that won’t get damaged easily, a table that will withstand the test of time and everyday use. Our custom-made reclaimed wood tables are strong and built-to-last.

In Vogue

Reclaimed wood furniture is one of the most popular trends in home and office décor right now. Whether you’re going for a rustic look or for something sleek and professional, a reclaimed wood table is the perfect addition to your home or office. These tables make a statement, but they are also easily integrated into any kind of home or office interior design strategy. You can pair a reclaimed wood table with uber-modern design styles, or you can complement a more traditionally-styled room with a reclaimed wood table. Whatever look you’re going for, reclaimed wood tables are the perfect match.

The “Cool” Factor

Because of their popularity, reclaimed wood tables also have a bit of a “cool” factor. Wander into any of your city or town’s hippest cafes and bars and you’ll be sure to find at least one piece of furniture that is made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood furniture isn’t just trendy and “cool,” though; it’s cool because of its natural beauty, its elegance, and the fact that it’s eco-friendly.

Nothing says “Master Bathroom” like a bold, double sink bathroom vanity cabinet. Don’t leave your large bathroom feeling empty—embrace the space-filling grandeur of this classic style of bathroom vanity.

Bathrooms Are the New Kitchens

Beautiful bathrooms are the latest design trend. The era of small, simple, out-of-the-way bathrooms is over, and the era of large, comfortable, elegant bathrooms has begun. Think about how people use bathrooms now—they’re not just functional; they’re also a place to linger for a minute to check your messages while at a party. Bathrooms are a place to escape for a moment and unwind. Having a double-sink bathroom vanity helps to create an open, spacious feeling for guests who would rather not spend their breather in a cramped, claustrophobic cell.

Master bathrooms are even more important—as an extension of the master bedroom, they serve as a space where loving partners prepare for the day together every morning. With only one sink, partners might have to take turns getting ready and might find themselves stepping over one another’s feet. With a double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet, they can get ready side-by-side each with their own space. Double sinks make morning preparation a partnership, not a competition.Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Get That Rustic Feeling

You might have noticed that people are getting sick of the pale, antiseptic style of many modern bathrooms. In the past, this style evoked cleanliness, but now it just reminds people of public washrooms. If you want your spouse or your houseguests—or, for that matter, yourself—to feel relaxed and comfortable in your bathrooms, you need to embrace the warm, dark tones of rustic wood furniture. Centering your bathroom around a rustic wood double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet ensures that it will feel like a home away from home for anyone who uses it.

Fitting In

The one universal quality of all double-sink bathroom vanity cabinets is their size—it takes a lot of space to fit two sinks. Unfortunately, you can’t just change the size of your bathroom to match whatever double sink bathroom vanity cabinet you find at a retail store. Every bathroom is a slightly different size, so bathroom vanity cabinets should be, too. Getting your double sink bathroom vanity cabinet custom-made ensures that it will fit your bathroom perfectly, leaving no extra space for dust to accumulate.

More Space for Storage

People store a lot of things in their bathroom vanity cabinets ( )—medicine, first aid kits, cleaning supplies, and more gets stuffed into drawers and under sinks. A double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet gives twice as much storage space for all of your essential items, compared to a single-sink vanity. Of course, you could just leave everything on the empty floor-space where a second sink could have gone, but the double-sink vanity cabinet is a much more elegant solution.

A Unique Look

If you want to set trends with a custom-made, rustic double-sink bathroom vanity cabinet, look no further than FoxDen Decor’s unique designs. Have a one-of-a-kind piece of craftsmanship define the look and feel of your bathrooms.

Your living room is, without a doubt, the most important room in your house. It’s where your family spends time together; it’s where you sit quietly with a good book or a puzzle; it’s where friends and family gather for events at your house—or just to visit. It’s the one room in your home that needs to be the most sophisticatedly comfortable. It needs to give a good impression right away, but it also needs to be homey, comfortable, and welcoming, and that means you don’t want it to be too sterile. The contemporary minimalist look is in right now, and it can be lovely, but it can also seem a little cold. How can you achieve a minimalist look without taking away from the unique character of the room? Go rustic. A one-of-a-kind rustic coffee table ( ) is the perfect starting point for sculpting the perfect living room.

Why choose a rustic coffee table?

Not so long ago, the trend was to add character to a space by adding decorative items to it. Now, however, trinkets are considered a little tacky, and even the nicest pieces of décor can seem cumbersome and can often clutter up a space—not to mention the dusting nightmare no one wants to deal with. The solution? Choose pieces of furniture that are high-quality, useful, practical, and that double as works of art. The rustic coffee table is the perfect starting point.Rustic Coffee Table

Whether you choose to go with rustic couches or more modern leather couches, a rustic coffee table is the perfect furniture addition that can complement any style. Plus, it acts as a unique and interesting focal point for the room. It’s practical and functional, and, if you get the right piece, it can function as a piece of art, too.

What makes a rustic coffee table so unique?

A rustic coffee table can offer you one-of-a-kind character. True rustic coffee tables are made from reclaimed wood—often reclaimed barn wood. That means the wood that is used has a lot of character to offer, and you are guaranteed to get a one-of-a-kind look. Even if someone purchases the same style of coffee table as you, they won’t end up with a table that can offer quite the same look. Plus, with FoxDen Decor, you can custom order a rustic coffee table to ensure you get just the right look to make a unique focal point for your room.

Your rustic coffee table is the centerpiece of your room, so why scrimp on the style and quality of the piece you choose? A table made from reclaimed wood can guarantee you high quality lumber that is sure to stand up to the test of time—why? Because it already has. Further, customizing your table can not only ensure you get the look you want, but you can also customize it to act as the perfect de-clutterer for your space, too. Do you have too many magazines laying around? Too many board games from all that family time you spend with your kids? Books? Movies? Why not customize your table to have the perfect hideaway compartments to handle storage for even the most award-to-store items? It’s the one-of-a-kind artistic centerpiece that can keep your living room entertaining-ready.

Don’t just live your life in style; live it out in a room that is as stylish and practical as you are. Browse our online store so you can add the perfect rustic coffee table to make your living room the focal point of your dream home.


Reclaimed wood furniture is made from lumber salvaged from other structures, such as old barns, crates, pallets and wine barrels. As people become increasingly aware of the hazards to the environment caused by mass production and rampant consumerism, furnishing your home with reclaimed wood furniture is one way to make your space look great and keep your eco-conscience clean! Reduce, Re-use, and Re-cycle, right? More artisans and manufacturers are using reclaimed lumber as a way to manufacture beautiful products out of pre-existent, environmentally friendly materials.

If you want to add a touch of beauty and rustic charm to your home – but in an eco-friendly way – take a look at our selection of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood furniture ( ). We offer vanities, bar stools, chairs, dressers, etc., all made from 100% reclaimed wood. We’ll also custom-make you something as per your request and specifications. Whatever you choose, know that you can feel good about it. Decorating your home shouldn’t have to take a toll on the environment.Reclaimed Wood Furniture


Not only is reclaimed wood furniture eco-friendly, but it’s also very aesthetically appealing. A piece of reclaimed wood furniture may be made from a variety of salvaged lumber from different sources, often featuring rich and diverse grains and hues. Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture is absolutely one-of-a-kind, so if you’re not into mass produced furniture, reclaimed wood furniture just may appeal to you.

The popularity of reclaimed wood furniture doesn’t just have to do with the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. In fact, many people are drawn to the unique character and beauty of reclaimed wood furniture, its rustic beauty and timeless charm. Depending on the design and manufacturer, reclaimed wood furniture can have a traditional or ultra-modern look, and it can either be painted in a variety of colors or left to showcase the raw beauty of the wood.

Strength and Beauty

Another benefit of reclaimed wood furniture is that it’s built to last, mainly because the lumber it is made from has already proven its strength and durability over hundreds of years. A lot of reclaimed wood comes from old growth forests rather than the new growth forests of today. The trees of these old forests were allowed to mature and grow strong before they were eventually cut down and made into lumber. Furthermore, many of the trees used for lumber a hundred or more years ago were hardwoods – oak, maple, beech, hickory, and birch – rather than softwoods. Unlike conifers or softwoods, trees classified as hardwoods are, as the name suggests, typically “harder” and more durable than softwoods. Harder would is more difficult to dent or damage, which means it lasts longer against elemental damage and every day wear-and-tear.

There are many reasons to choose reclaimed wood furniture : it’s eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind, and utterly gorgeous. Any piece of reclaimed wood furniture will be sure to make your home or office appear more beautiful and welcoming, not to mention chic and stylish. Check out our stunning selection of reclaimed wood vanities, dressers, chairs, and stools to add to your home or office. Remember: we will happily custom-make furniture upon request.

The humble bedroom dresser is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Besides being a handy place to store anything from clothes to linens, a rustic dresser can also be a defining piece of your bedroom’s look. FoxDen Decor understands the importance of this piece of bedroom furniture, which is why we have gone to great lengths to create a line of dressers that can combine both function and fashion.

The FoxDen Decor rustic dresser is a fully customizable piece of furniture that we create to your specifications. It combines the beauty of rustic furniture pieces with the functionality you need from a quality dresser. Here are just a few reasons why a FoxDen Decor dresser may be what you need for your bedroom.Rustic Dresser

1.  The Color You Want

While most dressers of a similar price to FoxDen Decor’s rustic dressers come in one or a couple of color options, we can create a dresser that fits within seven different color ranges based on our own specialized stains. From lighter Americana stains to bold, stylish Turquoise finishes, we can help craft a piece that fits in perfectly with your decor vision for your bedroom.

2.  The Material You Need

FoxDen Decor provides you with a chance to determine not only how your dresser will look, but also with what materials it will be made. You can choose between reclaimed wood or brand new wood for your piece. Each has its own distinct advantages and looks, but this option provides you with complete control over your rustic dresser.

3.  Expert Craftsmanship and Customized Furniture

Every FoxDen Decor rustic dresser is made by expert furniture makers in our Mexico studio. Their combined decades of experience truly shine in every piece produced, from the ease of use to the simple, rustic stylings. But besides the quality craftsmanship, our incredible furniture makers can also customize your piece to your exact needs in terms of dimensions. From smaller pieces to large dressers that command attention, everything is possible thanks to the skill of our furniture makers.

4.  Stylish Bedroom Furniture

At the end of the day, the FoxDen Decor rustic dresser is a beautiful piece, one that is sure to elevate the decor of any bedroom in your home. Its masterful construction and distinct look will be something that you will enjoy for years to come.

Dressers are an important part of any bedroom. Not only are they excellent storage pieces, but their size and position in a bedroom often means that they are important decor pieces as well. Because of their function and fashion, your next dresser for your bedroom should have the look and dimensions that you need. That’s why the FoxDen Decor rustic dresser is the perfect piece for your next big bedroom decor change. Made from the materials you want and in the colors and size you need, it can be both a defining piece of your bedroom’s decor and a handy place to store almost everything.