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Bathrooms are tricky spaces when it comes to décor. You want your bathroom to be welcoming, and you want it to capture the same charm and essence as the rest of your home; however, they are tricky spaces to work with. They tend to be small, and there also tend to be a lot of awkward angles to work around. Wall space is usually minimalized by the need to have mirrors, medicine cabinets, and other forms of cabinetry for towel storage, not to mention the space your shower takes up. You still want the space to look nice, though, so how do you achieve that accented décor look without taking up too much space with accessories and other decorative adornments?

Easy: use your essentials to add their own unique charm.

Okay, so maybe that solution doesn’t actually sound very simple. How can you add charm using only your bathroom fixtures? A decoratively framed mirror is easy enough to come by, but that alone isn’t going to be enough to change the atmosphere of your room. You can, however, make a big impact on the way your room is perceived by featuring a unique and charismatic item like a copper sink.

Copper SinksYour sink is essential, so why not turn the essential features of your bathroom into the design elements that will give the space the charm you’ve been dreaming about?

There really isn’t any need to add a bunch of extra accessories and decorative features to a space that could benefit from the most efficient use you can provide. In fact, you can use the simplicity of design that the space requires to showcase the charm of your most unique features. A copper sink, for instance, is an eye-catching piece. Copper sinks are designed for utility and functionality, but they are also unique, and they feature a combination of rustic charm and modern chic that can give any bathroom an atmospheric edge. Why try to incorporate additional design elements into an already cramped space when you can use the design of one of your essential items to showcase the charming atmosphere you had hoped to capture? Once you’ve created a focal point of your copper sink, you can incorporate other designs and décor items. Perhaps a mirror with a frame that accentuates the design or compliments the color of your sink, or you can accent the charm of your sink with complimentary faucets for your sink, shower, and bathtub, or with light fixtures that offer the same charm or modern chic style.

There is no need to over-clutter your bathroom trying to create a sense of ambiance; use the simplicity of the design to your advantage by investing in necessities that already possess all the charm you are looking for. A copper sink, a rustic bathroom counter, or rustic cabinetry for your toiletries can add class and charm without requiring the accessories that will occupy the space you need to make your bathroom functional.

Don’t settle for an uninspired sink: choose a copper sink, hand-made by FoxDen Décor; you’ll be surprised how much charm it can add to your bathroom’s ambiance.

Coffee tables are wonderful pieces of furniture, but they are also often not used to their full potential. Instead, they are used to hold magazines, remotes, and occasionally mugs filled with cold coffee. But with a little ingenuity and a touch of style, a rustic coffee table can be the launching point for something greater. Here are just a few ideas for activities and style choices with a coffee table that can help you make full use of its limitless potential.

1.  Host a Games Night

Coffee tables are the perfect height for a night of cards, snacks, and a few delicious drinks. You and your guests can use some throw pillows for seats and get down with a games night around your rustic coffee table. It will make for a night of casual fun, free from the pressure of a proper dinner party with a focus on fun. Plus, if your table is large enough, you can have the games, the snacks, and your beverages all within reach of your guests.

Rustic Coffee Table2.  Create a Visual Display

Many people believe that a rustic coffee table is meant to be used, so they keep it relatively free of decorative pieces and knickknacks. However, the opposite can be very effective at creating a visual anchor for your room, so instead of leaving your table bare, why not create a cohesive collection of beautiful pieces? Anything from a series of statuettes from the same designer to similar pieces you found on a vacation can all make for excellent decor choices—and they can create a visually striking conversation piece that your guests will want to know more about.

3.  Have a Picnic at Home

Yes, picnics are traditionally outside, but winter is also traditionally not a great time to whip out the picnic basket. Inside, however, is always a great place for a picnic when the weather doesn’t cooperate, and your rustic coffee table can make the perfect place to enjoy one. You can decorate it with a picnic blanket and load it up with your favorite picnic food items. It makes for a fun activity with the kids, or, if you want a more grown-up picnic, you can include a bottle of bubbly. After all, the bylaw officers won’t be raiding your living room.

Coffee tables, in many ways, are the underdogs of tables and home decor. Often thought of as a single purpose item, they are actually the launching point for fantastic activities and stunning decor. A rustic coffee table can be even more versatile, especially when you can customize the piece to fit your exact needs.

Fox Den Decor’s rustic coffee tables are created using reclaimed wood from around our Mexican furniture studio. Put together and designed by incredibly talented furniture makers, these pieces make for the perfect centerpiece for any room. Further, because you can choose everything from the dimensions to the finish, you can get a piece that does everything you need, and perhaps a little bit more.

Sometimes it’s the most practical piece of furniture that really makes the biggest statement in your home. Take, for instance, the humble bathroom vanity cabinet. This piece may be as practical as can be, but it can also punctuate your bathroom with style and set the tone for your entire day as you stand before it to get ready in the morning. Here are the elements to consider when designing a custom bathroom vanity cabinet.


As fun as it is to choose or customize a bathroom vanity cabinet based on appearance, there are practical matters that you must consider first (although functionality doesn’t have to come at the expense of appearance!).

Your main practical consideration should be storage. Storage considerations will vary depending on the size of your family and the type of bathroom. If the bathroom in question is a two-piece powder room, you probably don’t have to worry too much about storage. You may want a small cupboard space for things like extra bathroom tissue or soap, but you likely don’t have to plan for much more than that.

For a larger, main bathroom, however, the considerations will be different, especially if you have a larger family. Think about which items you’d like to store in the vanity cupboard—tissue, toiletries, towels, hair accessories, makeup—and plan your space accordingly. And it’s not just the amount of space you need to plan for, but the layout as well. If you’re only storing larger items, like towels or tissue, you can make do with a large, open cupboard space. However, if you’re storing smaller items, like cotton balls, hair elastics, or makeup brushes, you will want smaller, more divided spaces to keep everything sorted and separated for easy location and organization.

Custom Bathroom VanitiesStyle

Once you have the practical considerations out of the way, it’s time for the fun part! Customizing the aesthetic style of your bathroom vanity cabinet can be very rewarding and an exciting experience. The key is to not just think about what you like, but also about what works in the space. Make sure that the style of your bathroom vanity cabinets matches with the style of the bathroom. If your bathroom has a rustic feel, go for a rustic vanity cabinet. If it has a mid-century modern vibe, customize your vanity cabinet to match that look. That level of cohesion and continuity will pull the whole room together for a unified appearance.

Uniquely You

The most important consideration when customizing a bathroom vanity cabinet is to choose a design that is uniquely you and uniquely yours. Having a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else has will imbue your home with personality and make it feel like a special place.

Are you ready to begin working on a custom design for a bathroom vanity cabinet? Get in touch with us here at Fox Den Decor. Our team of experts will help you to create a bathroom vanity cabinet that is beautiful, functional, and uniquely you.

Rustic Beauty

Bedroom décor doesn’t have to be boring, but while many people spend a lot of time and energy perfecting the décor of their living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms, they often leave their bedrooms neglected. Perhaps this is because the bedroom is a private place, typically not seen by houseguests and visitors.

Of all the rooms in your home, however, your bedroom is perhaps the most important room in which to create the perfect mood and atmosphere. After all, people spend a great deal of time in the bedroom, whether they are getting a good night’s sleep, cuddling up with their loved one, or simply relaxing while reading a book or watching a riveting television show.

If you want to add a touch of charm and rustic beauty to your bedroom, we offer a selection of gorgeous, hand-crafted rustic dressers to choose from so that you can find that perfect rustic dresser for your bedroom. Whether you’re going for a more modern or antiquated look, adding a rustic dresser to your bedroom will automatically create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t shortchange yourself by skimping out on your bedroom décor. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, and it deserves the same care and attention as any other room in your home.Rustic Dresser

Style and Function

Dressers are a wonderful way to store clothes and organize other household items in neat and organized ways. However, a dresser is so much more than the mere function it provides. Dressers can also be statement pieces, beautiful works of art that feature as much style as they do function.

If you’re looking for a unique and one-of-a-kind dresser that combines elegant rustic beauty with organizational function, look no further than our custom-designed rustic dressers. Finding that perfect rustic dresser for your bedroom is easy with us; we will custom-make you a dresser to your unique specifications and décor vision. Whether you want a long dresser or something a bit more upright, we will ensure that you get the perfect rustic dresser for your bedroom.

Our rustic dressers are made to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Depending on your needs and desires, we will paint your dresser whatever beautiful shade – or shades! – you ask for, or we will leave your rustic dresser in all of its rich and unpainted beauty.

Bring the Country into Your Home

The term rustic generally connotes wide open pastures and a simpler, easier country life. Whether you live in the country, on the coast, or in a bustling metropolitan area, you can add that touch of simple charm to your home with one of our gorgeous, hand-manufactured, rustic dressers. You don’t have to go “full country,” either; a rustic dresser will beautifully compliment a more modern design strategy. Choose one of our multi-colored rustic dressers to add vitality and vibrancy to an otherwise neutral palette. Or, off-set the stark edges of modern furniture with the rich hues and textures of a rustic dresser.

Finding that perfect rustic dresser has never been easier; just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!

Cozy Comfort

Rustic furniture can add comfort to your home. A piece of furniture that looks a bit worn and aged is a great addition to any home décor strategy. The beautiful hues and textures of a rustic chair or coffee table will make any room seem more welcoming because rustic furniture brings charm and warmth into a room.

If you’re designing a living room or bedroom space, consider adding a rustic coffee table to bring warmth and a welcoming vibe into the room. All of our tables are custom-made and handcrafted by skilled artisans, so we can guarantee that, if you decide to add a rustic coffee table to your home, it will be an original piece of art.

Rustic Coffee TableBuilt to Last

Rustic furniture has already stood the test of time. If you choose, we can build you a rustic coffee table out of reclaimed wood, which has become increasingly popular recently. Furniture that has been built out of reclaimed wood is stronger than furniture that is made from new lumber because reclaimed wood typically comes from old barns, factories, wine barrels, and pallets, built during the time when wood was used as the primary building material because of its strength and abundance. Unfortunately, many of the woods that were so abundant in bygone eras have since been exhausted and are only available through reclamation.

In addition to its strength, reclaimed wood is also a great way to build furniture in an environmentally conscious way because it employs all the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Because furniture can also be made of reclaimed wood that comes from a variety of sources, many chairs, coffee tables, and other items feature rich and diverse hues.

Adding a rustic coffee table to your home is a great way to add a durable and beautiful piece of furniture without placing further stress on the environment. As we custom-make all our furniture, we can build you a beautiful and eco-friendly coffee table to your specifications. If you’d like us to paint the coffee table, we will do so, or you can request to leave it unpainted to allow it to shine in all its rustic glory.

Any Aesthetic

Another reason to add a rustic coffee table to your home is that it will match any aesthetic vision you may have for your home décor. Even if you prefer a slick, modern look, a rustic coffee table will compliment this aesthetic by bringing warmth and beauty into the room. You can choose to have your rustic coffee table painted in a variety of bright and beautiful colors, or you can choose to let the elegance and simplicity of unpainted wood bring warmth and comfort into your home.

All furniture that has been made from reclaimed wood also has a story to tell that could be hundreds of years old. When you add a rustic coffee table to your home, you’re bringing in a piece of furniture that has a history. Some people love antique furniture because of the stories it has to tell, but many people can’t afford to pay the high price tags that are typically associated with antique items. When you buy a rustic coffee table that has been made from reclaimed wood, you are also bringing a piece of history into your home, but without having to pay exorbitant prices.

These days, having a space in your home for your guests to drink and visit makes a big difference to your social experiences, and of course, to the value of your home. Having a cozy, warm social space is big asset. Your den area can be the focal point of the home once you have made the furniture as lovely and as personal as the rest of it. Don’t just use any chairs or metal stools for seating; redesign your bar space to be magnificent with rustic bar stools using the materials and design expertise you can find at Fox Den Decor.

Wood is a really wonderful material to make furniture out of, and that is why it is prized above all else. Reclaimed wood is very warm and homey, and it looks beautiful. The wood is high quality and full of memories. Re-using it to make new furniture for your home means that the space you are redesigning has both a modern feel and a strong sense of the antique. It is the best of both situations, and you will not be sorry.

The advantages of having the bar stools designed with your space in mind is that you won’t end up with some stock furniture that would work for any bar space, or any kitchen table. To create a really personal experience, it is necessary not to go light on the finishing touches. It is the small details that will set your bar space apart, and the rustic bar stools that can be designed at any height, in any type of wood, and with any kind of ornamentation will really show off.Rustic Bar Stools

Order the stools in any color or style that works with the rest of your decor. Choose from some of the stools that you see on the site, or use them as inspiration to design your own. Each piece is handmade to order and will be what you want when it arrives. It does take a small amount of time to have the pieces made because they are high quality furniture that is made by fine artisan crafts people.

Creating the home you want in which you can store your memories and create new ones for your children, your family, and your friends is all about designing your own space and making it personal. Often, uniqueness can be achieved with just one piece of furniture that tells a story. You can bring in a pair of bar stools that are in your colors, or you can match the rest of the furniture so that you can enjoy your conversations just that much more.

There are four steps to getting your personal, beautiful piece of furniture from Fox Den Decor. First, look at your home and decide where the furniture will look the best, and then look at what we have on our website. Second, choose what you want and customize it to match it to your specific wants and needs. Third, discuss your ideas with FoxDen Decor. We will put our artists to work on it. When the piece is ready to be shipped, it will be photographed for your approval and then shipped to you to become a part of your future memories.

Often the biggest impact in a room comes from just one item: one piece of furniture, one artwork, or one paint color or wallpaper pattern. Using a statement piece to draw the room together is a great way to express your personal style and refresh the room.

When it comes to bedrooms, the dresser is a great focal point. It’s large, can be as decorative or as plain as you like, and it has the added bonus of being very functional as well. Here are a few reasons you should consider enhancing your bedroom with the addition of a rustic dresser.

The First Thing You See

One of the first things you see as you get ready each morning is your dresser. It’s where you go to pick your clothing for the day, and it’s where you’ll be thinking about how you want to visually present yourself throughout the day. So why not set the tone by having a dresser that looks great and makes you happy?

It’s always important to start the day off on the right foot, even before you leave the house. The items that you place in your bedroom can affect your mindset, so why not fill the space with beautiful pieces that will get you in a good mood to start the day? A beautifully crafted rustic dresser will bring a smile to your face as you get ready to face the day.

As Stylish as the Clothes Within

You’ve spent time curating your wardrobe, stocking it with beautiful pieces that make you feel special, expressive, and attractive. It would be a shame to invest all that time into developing your own sense of personal style only to take those items of clothing and dump them in a bland, uninspired chest of drawers.

A rustic dresser is reflective of a strong, unique, and beautiful sense of style, and it will be as much of a reflection of your personal sense of style as are the clothing within. Store your clothes the way they deserve to be stored: in a beautifully crafted rustic dresser.

A Unique Touch

It’s easy to go to a big box store and pick out functional furniture that will do the trick, but there is something disheartening about buying all of the same furniture pieces that everyone else has. There is nothing worse than going to a friend’s house and seeing that they have all the same furniture pieces as you! It can make you feel like your sense of personal style isn’t personal at all when, really, it isn’t your style that’s the problem. You just need better ways to express it.

A one-of-a-kind rustic dresser is a great way to express your personal style. It’s a unique statement, and one that no one else in your neighborhood will be able to mimic because every rustic piece is unique.

If you’re ready to dress up your bedroom space and start every morning off on the right foot, get in touch with us here at FoxDen Decor. Our consultants can’t wait to help you select the perfect, one-of-a-kind rustic dresser to make your bedroom and your day a little bit brighter.

Aside from function, furniture is a major part of interior home decorating. The same room will look completely different if you change as much as the center table. Colors, themes, and styles can all be defined by the furniture that is placed in the room. While many combinations can be chosen from department store products, custom furniture goes a step further, not only in creating a unique room, but in cost as well.

Custom is More Functional

Custom furniture is designed precisely for your use, specifically for the room you will be placing it in. When a generic piece of furniture is purchased, it is purchased as close as possible to your needs; then, the secondary thought is the best place to put it in a room. Custom furniture is designed and created exclusively for a specific place in a specific room with your exact needs in mind. The furniture arrives to fit perfectly into a designated spot, creating the exact look you were hoping for. There aren’t over or undersized fittings to worry about. Also, by having furniture designed for you, you no longer have to buy secondary furniture or additional countertop items to further accommodate you.

Custom FurnitureCustom Saves Time

Furniture shopping can be a lengthy process. Hours are spent visiting show homes as well as department stores searching for the exact furniture that you had in mind for your home. By customizing your furniture, you do not have to comparison shop different products. You design the item you are looking for and determine the size you need it to be. This completely eliminates the need to price compare, color match, and look for accessories to customize a generic piece of furniture. What could be months of shopping can be shortened into a couple of days of designing from the comfort of your home.

Custom Saves Money

When you purchase generic furniture, you also purchase additional drawers or counter top accessories to further match your needs. You also purchase additional pieces for extra cupboard space or further room customization. These costs can add up quickly. While customized furniture can initially cost more on its own, it is cheaper than the overall cost of your entire room assembly when you are trying to match and work with generic furniture. In addition to the cost of having to purchase less, customized furniture is made with higher quality; there is no need to replace furniture every few years because it will not wear out.

At FoxDen Decor, we take reclaimed wood to make customized home furniture specifically for you. We work with you to create the exact item you had in mind, delivering a piece of art no other home will own. Your furniture is truly unique to your home and taste, and it is designed with only you in mind. Reclaimed wood has withstood the elements for many years. It has proven to withstand the test of time. It will be the last piece of furniture you will need to purchase for your home.

A double sink bathroom vanity offers extra storage and the key ability for two people to get ready without fighting over the sink. It’s an incredible thing that many people absolutely adore, but having two sinks is just the beginning. There are lots of amazing things you can do with a double sink bathroom vanity to give your bathroom a truly unique look. Here are just five ideas.

1.  Copper Sinks

One way to add a completely unique flair to your double vanity is by getting copper sinks. Besides looking distinctive and beautiful, especially since they are often made from the same sheet, they have inherent antibacterial properties to help keep them clean. They do not require any waxes or finishes, either, so maintenance is a lot easier than other sink materials. They also do not rust or corrode, so you can enjoy your distinctive sink for years, even decades, to come.

Copper Sinks2.  Funky Mirrors

Standard mirrors are an excellent way to accent your vanity and make it all the more useful, but that is just the beginning. By looking a little past the standard mirror, you can offer some unique shapes to break up the hard, right angles of your bathroom, giving it a more funky and fun vibe. Look for rustic mirrors that complement in terms of design, but that also offer unique lines that break up the bathroom. This will make them all the more eye-catching and will give your bathroom an exciting new look.

3.  Open Cabinets

While your bathroom does need some privacy to hide some of the more personal items, open cabinets can offer a break in color and texture for a more complete look. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to keep the things you need at the ready—especially towels.

4.  Matching Medicine Cabinet

While open cabinets and breaking up the look with funky mirrors make your bathroom look a little more funky, a matching medicine cabinet can bring a sense of coherence into the room. Plus, it will give you extra storage in your bathroom, right where you need it.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity5.  Rustic Wood

Fox Den Decor crafts beautiful, customized double sink bathroom vanities for almost any space, and they come with many of the options listed above. Made from reclaimed wood near our Mexico furniture studio, each piece is made from unique wood for a distinctive look. Plus, the beautiful reclaimed wood adds a rustic look to any bathroom. If you are tired of the usual double sink bathroom vanity, with its plain vinyl countertops and chrome accents, Fox Den Decor’s incredible double sink bathroom vanities made from reclaimed wood are sure to give your bathroom a distinctive new look.

If you are on the hunt for a truly beautiful, unique take on the double sink bathroom vanity, be sure to check out Fox Den Decor’s reclaimed wood vanities. These unique pieces can offer that unique look that you need, all while fitting your exact specifications for size, color, mirrors, sinks, and more!

It’s often the little accents that really make a room shine, especially in your living room. Your larger pieces, such as your sofa, china cabinet, or media console, anchor the room and set the overall tone, but it’s the little flourishes, such as smaller accent tables, artwork, and decorative objects, that really bring the room to life.

That’s why something like a sofa table can make such a big difference in a room. It may not be big or the main focal point, but it ads visual interest, and can hold vases, framed photos, and other decorative objects that really personalize the space.

If you’re looking to update your living room, consider adding a rustic sofa table to make a captivating first impression.

Updating with Accents

It’s amazing how you can change the feel of a room just by updating the accent pieces. A sofa table is a perfect place to start because it’s big enough to be noticeable and make an impression, but it’s also small enough that a bold design won’t be overwhelming or overshadowing. Adding a rustic sofa table to your living room will instantly add a sense of warmth to the space.

Rustic Sofa TableTimeless Charm

The value of a rustic piece is in its timelessness. A beautiful, handmade, careworn piece doesn’t look trendy, but timeless. It has a timeless charm that makes it possible to keep the piece for years, or even decades, without it ever looking tired or embarrassingly out of fashion. The aesthetic of a rustic piece transcends fads, and it will make a beautiful focal point in your living room for as long as you want. Because of this, it’s also a great way to anchor trendier pieces, providing a sense of visual balance.

A One-of-a-Kind Statement

A handmade, rustic piece, crafted from charming vintage wood and finished with a soft, careworn charm, is a one-of-a-kind statement. Sure, you can buy a mass-produced piece of furniture from a big box store, and it may look nice, but you won’t feel as good about it when you realize three of your neighbors have the same piece!

A custom, rustic piece is special and individual, and it will be unique to only your home. And it’s not just the physical appearance that will make it unique, either. It’s the story behind it that also sets it apart. Many rustic pieces are made from repurposed vintage wood, meaning it had an entire life and history before it became part of your sofa table. Your sofa table is a story in and of itself, adding a special charm to your living room that can’t be replicated.

If you’re looking for a piece to add some charm to your living room, and if you want to create a great first impression without changing the entire room, consider investing in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind rustic sofa table. Our consultants at FoxDen Decor can help you find or create the perfect piece to imbue your living room with charm, style, personality, and a unique story of its very own.

Rustic bedroom furniture is making a very big comeback with today’s decorators. More and more home owners and designers are seeking the rustic look of wooden furniture and decorative embellishments. When a rustic bedroom is comprehended, it becomes easy to see why this look is so highly sought after. It is also very easy to understand the benefits and why it is right for you.

It is inviting

A rustic bedroom is an inviting bedroom. An exact opposite to stark white with sharp lines, rustic furniture is darker and more soothing. When this furniture is combined with colorful and aged accents, you now have a room that you want to spend as much time in as possible. It is soothing, it is relaxing, and it is very inviting. Rustic bedroom furniture creates a soft look to a room that instantly relaxes people, making them feel at home. After a busy day, what people desire the most is an effective way to relax. Your own surroundings will directly affect your own ability to do so. Today’s style is about calming fashion without compromising function. People want a soothing look without being cluttered. They key isn’t the accessories; it’s a focus on the furniture itself.

Rustic Bedroom FurnitureIt is Durable

Properly manufactured rustic bedroom furniture is very durable. This is not to be confused with pressed particle board furniture that is designed to look aged and rustic. True rustic furniture is created from wood that has been aged over a large number of years. This wood is reclaimed from barns, fences, and other wooden outdoor structures. This wood is already aged, naturally treated, and it will not experience any further shrinking or warping. Pressed board is manufactured wood that is designed to look aged and weathered. This is not hardwood, nor will it stand up to moisture or longevity. It is a simple solution to economical decorating: true aged hardwood has many benefits that cannot be matched by particle board.

It Has its Own Story to Tell

Due to the fact that each piece of hardwood that is used in our rustic bedroom furniture is reclaimed, it comes as no surprise that each piece of wood has a story to tell. No two pieces are alike, and no two pieces of furniture will be identical. Each will have its own history from the structure it came from and the “life” it has already lived. Nobody else will own the exact piece of furniture that you have in your own room. From the grains of wood to the unique weathered coloring, no two pieces will be alike. You may own part of a barn from a homestead that existed over 100 years ago, or even a shed that housed livestock that may have helped to shape your city.

At FoxDen Decor, we custom build each piece of furniture to match your exact specifications. Our bedroom furniture is designed to fit perfectly into the room that you had intended it to be in. From the measurements and dimensions to the design and style, your furniture is designed with only you in mind. We offer the highest standards of furniture from the best quality of wood. If you want to change your bedroom style to something that is unique and soothing, talk to us about our furniture and what we can do for you.