If you are looking into redecorating your house this season, then you may be looking for ideas for your home. An increasingly popular addition to homes is the kitchen island or breakfast bar, or the addition of a drinks bar into your den or another room in which you entertain guests. What all great bars need in a home is a good seating option that is comfortable for you and your guests, and stools are the best solution. You can get stools in any design and style, from short bar stools to tall ones, or from cushioned seats to seats made from various materials.


There are a vast selection of bar stool designs available for your home these days. If you are expecting your guests to be sitting for long durations while on your stools, you may want to consider using a stool with a tall back, or possibly with cushions. For a drinks bar in an entertainment room where you or your guests will be just sitting down for a short while to enjoy a refreshing beverage, you could go for short bar stools with no back that can be easy to get out of the way when needed and easy to store. When getting stools for a kitchen island, it’s often recommended that you get a tall stool so that you can have nice access to the surface top, whether you are eating at it or working. You can even get more elaborate stools that include arm rests for a more regal look in your bar area.

Matching Decor

Matching your stools to your decor is easy to do with all the options that are available to you. You are going to want to create a mood in each room in your house that is personalized to you or your family; that will accent the memories that you are going to create in those living spaces. Whether you choose short bar stools or tall, cushioned or bare, you’re going to want to choose something that you enjoy looking at day in and day out—and that you’ll want to show off to your family and friends when you are entertaining. Remember: when choosing a design, take into account the decor of the whole room so that you can create an environment you can be proud of.


It doesn’t matter if you are choosing short bar stools, tall, with a back, or not, you are going to have a selection of materials to choose from when you pick out your own bar stools. Bar stools come in a variety of solid materials, from cheap plastic to sleek, and from modern and industrial metal to old fashioned classic or rustic wood. From there, you can also select the material accents you want: do you want cloth cushion or leather? Maybe you want a leather cushion on the bottom and back, or just back support, or neither. Whatever your personal preference, you can find the bar stool you are looking for.

Custom Built

You can always choose to go with designs that are already made and stools that are already built, but if you are looking for that extra touch for your short bar stools (or whatever design you choose), custom built is going to give you the most flexibility. It may take longer than just picking up a stool from the store, but you are going to find that you can get the best quality and the most satisfaction with your renovation when buying custom built stools from professionals like Fox Den Decor.