Bar stools are a great alternative to traditional dining areas, especially if you are trying to maximize your space or live in a smaller space. Bar stools can be casual and informal, but also elegant and elevated, depending on the style of your space. We’ve compiled a guide to help you find the best black bar stool for your space – no matter the size!

1. Style

The most important style factor that you will have to decide on is back or no back. A backless black bar stool will give your space a cleaner and sleeker look, and it will make your room appear larger. This is great if you have a smaller space and are trying to create a grander illusion. Keep in mind that backless bar stools automatically give off an uncomfortable appearance. Consider who else will be using the stools – children, elderly people, or people with physical disabilities. While backless stools are minimalistic, most adults may not want to sit on them for very long, and children can easily get hurt if they lean backwards without thinking. Once you have tackled this debate, there are a few more style aspects to consider. Do you want an adjustable stool? A swivel stool? Round or square? Arms or no arms? And don’t forget about the footrest!

2. Home decor

The decor of your kitchen will also dictate the style of your black bar stool. You don’t want anything to clash with your countertop, but luckily, there are endless options that can easily be incorporated into your space. Brushed stainless steel adds a modern and sophisticated touch to a space. Mixing materials can easily create a laid-back, yet comfortable and warm, atmosphere. Walnut or chrome bar stools with black accents is very popular with the emergence of mid-century decor, but they can also fit in well with a rustic urban look. Finding the right stool for your kitchen is a lot easier once you have determined what features you want in a bar stool.

3. Height

Before you start shopping, make sure you measure the height of the surface you are shopping for. Then measure it again…and again! Remember to keep 9 – 12 inches between the seat of your black bar stool and the bottom of the counter. This will ensure that there is enough comfortable leg space for you, your family, and your guests. Traditional bar stools measure 30 inches.

4. Spacing

When deciding how many black bar stools you should buy for your counter space, it is best to stick to the general rule of thumb: allow 26 to 30 inches between the centers of each barstool, or one stool per 2 – 2 1/2 feet. This rule ensures that everyone sitting at the counter has enough room to be comfortable and to enjoy themselves. Avoid having your space look crowded by allowing 15 inches from the outer bar stool to the end of the counter.

5. Construction

You want your black bar stools to stand the test of time and accommodate a range of people – regardless of height or weight. Bar stools that feature brackets and scratch-resistant finishes are more durable than those that don’t. With chairs, you get what you pay for, so if you don’t plan on replacing them often, put some time and effort into your search.