Rustic decor appeals to a strong sense of belonging in many people. It’s the old world, strong, solid appeal of the wood, along with the style, and the seeming agelessness of the furniture that makes people want to incorporate it into their homes. And today, more than ever, we need our homes to be the oasis away from the hectic pace of our day jobs. We want a home we can enjoy and we want to decorate our house with furniture that gives us that sense of home, and yet still be modern enough to fit our lifestyle. FoxDen Decor makes furniture that takes us back to a time when life was simpler.

Top Quality

One of the reasons that we seek out the quality of an older piece of furniture is because so much that is in our lives these days is convenient and made to be disposable. So much of the furniture that is on the market today is made from cheaper materials, like plastic, wood veneer, and wood shavings. We put it together from a kit, and it weakens every time it moves. The rustic furniture collection at FoxDen Decor is 100% handmade from old solid wood. It will last forever.

Design it yourself

You can have the piece of furniture that you want. You don’t have to choose from store stock. Design it yourself, and have every piece in your house to match. Our talented craftsmen can make rustic furniture from old woodexactly what you want, in the color and style that suits your lifestyle. The beauty is right there in the wood and the quality. It even comes at a price that is comparable to the veneer and particle board piece you have to put together yourself.

Old wood

Many of the pieces of furniture here at FoxDen Decor are made out of reclaimed old wood. That’s the secret to our fabulous blend of antique and modern. The wood is reclaimed from older projects, and the design is fresh. The wood has history; it’s weathered and unique. Once a barn, a corral, a fence, it can now be a headboard, a bathroom vanity, a bar stool, dresser or any other thing in your home. The age of the wood guarantees that no other piece will be exactly the same. If you want something truly unique, something that really does bring a solid feeling of warmth and home into your living space, you will find it in the wood of these pieces.

You can have exactly what you want.

Rustic furniture is both modern and cozy. It has history, and it has style and a unique quality that will very quickly become the conversation piece of your home. Best of all, the piece of furniture will be custom designed to your size and stain specifications. We at FoxDen Decor will work with you on the design of your piece. Usually, a piece can be built in 4-6 weeks, so there is very little delay. Don’t be caught up in the rat race of convenience when you come home. Ask FoxDen Decor for your piece of the oasis.