It’s becoming very popular with many people to install a bar area or buy a pub height table for their home. Fox Den Decor has a selection of rustic bar stools that are sure to look amazing in your space. We offer customers bar stools in various heights, wood stain colors, and you can make all sorts of customization to your order because they are hand crafted by skilled carpenters. Our company also has a quick turnaround time and we deliver fairly quickly too. Read on to find out more about the advantages of the beautiful rustic bar stools made by FoxDen Decor.

You Can Select from Varying Stool Heights

rustic bar stoolWhen you purchase bar stools from FoxDen Decor, you can select them varying in heights from 18″ to 30″. We offer this to our customers because not all homes come with bars that are the same measurements, and this way you can ensure that you will find a bar stool that fits with your bar top or table.

You Can Choose from a Selection of Stains

Here at FoxDen Decor, we offer our customers a selection of wood stains to choose from when you make your purchase. We understand that tables can come in various colors of wood. We can stain your wood in a lighter, warm tone, or you can go for a dark brown or cherry colored finish that can go with any table, bar counter pattern, or paint color that you may have in the room you are decorating.

You Can Customize Your Bar Stools

Another great feature FoxDen Decor offers for their rustic bar stools is that we can provide customizable options. If you need subtle changes to your stools or have a special request, we can usually accommodate reasonable alterations to our basic bar stool templates.


You Can Get Your Bar Stools Delivered Quickly

If you decide to customize your bar stool, you will still receive your order from FoxDen Decor quite quickly. While some furniture manufacturers could take months to provide customers with a specialized order, we can still deliver within 4-6 weeks. We usually deliver the bar stools sooner if there are no customization requests with the order.

Your Bar Stools are Made by Skilled Artisans

All of the bar stools sold by FoxDen Decor are created by skilled artisan carpenters. You can see that the bar stools are of a high caliber of craftsmanship by the attention to detail and through the materials used. Your products will always be solid and durable.

Place an order with FoxDen Decor today if you want a high quality bar stool that will fit with your bar space or pub. We offer varying height options to suit any counter, bar or table. You have a great selection of wood stains to choose from to ensure that the stools you get are unlike anything else on the market. Our skilled artisans will even customize the stool for you with your individual requirements and still turn the order around in record time.