Everyone likes to add some creativity into their home. One way you can do this is with FoxDen Decor’s custom furniture. We can make any type of furniture including home décor and bar stools, and you can even alter a piece of furniture or design your own furniture. It will give your home individuality, and it will complete your design.

Merging quality with a timeless look

We have a lot of styles to choose from including door tops, reclaimed, painted, rustic, and cedar just to name a new. They are all hand crafted and finished with a hand rubbed paste wax. In addition, you will be impressed with our world-class service.

If you like metal furniture, we can oxidize or paint your furniture, or you can leave it as is. We can restore several types of furniture including vanities, beds, bookcases and chairs or bar stools. You can also personalize your furniture by choosing the stain, or you can add doors or drawers.

custom furniture

What exactly is reclaimed wood? It is a type of wood that is made out of aged lumber that was used in boxcars, barns, or warehouses. It is mainly used for home decorating, which will turn your home into a valuable estate filled with beautiful antiques. You will even be able to reclaim rustic mirrors in either wood or a beautiful turquoise color. Moreover, the color will vary because of the product material, but you will always be pleased with the result.

Our inventory

One example of what you can expect from us is our two drawer rustic bathroom vanity. This is ideal for someone who is looking for furniture to fit a small powder room, or if you have a small bathroom. It has protection from water damage, and it has a smooth, flat surface. If you are looking for a table, we have beautiful end tables such as our Rancho Mexican end table. It is a combination of handcrafted copper and old wood. This shows how our tables are unique, and they are made with the finest craftsmanship. You can take a look at all our stains to find a color you like.

In addition, if you’re looking for a bookcase, our Libros rustic bookcase is a good option. It is made from 100% kiln dried pine. It has a smooth surface and light finish, which will help preserve the qualities of the wood. Your books will look great on an antique like this, and you will have some Mexican flavor added into your home as well.

Larger pieces

If you want something bigger, you can choose the three drawer reclaimed vanity. Another advantage with this vanity is the middle drawer, which can be functional or fake, but the other two drawers are fake. All of the wood on this vanity is made from a combination of old wood from corrals and barns. In addition to the quality and the beauty of the wood, it is also environmentally friendly, and it won’t get damaged easily. These pieces can be used for displays, television consoles or purely as a piece of interest.

Why should you waste valuable wood when you can turn it into something eclectic? Look no further than our custom furniture in order to do that. Take a look at our website today to see the options you have.