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Aside from function, furniture is a major part of interior home decorating. The same room will look completely different if you change as much as the center table. Colors, themes, and styles can all be defined by the furniture that is placed in the room. While many combinations can be chosen from department store products, custom furniture goes a step further, not only in creating a unique room, but in cost as well.

Custom is More Functional

Custom furniture is designed precisely for your use, specifically for the room you will be placing it in. When a generic piece of furniture is purchased, it is purchased as close as possible to your needs; then, the secondary thought is the best place to put it in a room. Custom furniture is designed and created exclusively for a specific place in a specific room with your exact needs in mind. The furniture arrives to fit perfectly into a designated spot, creating the exact look you were hoping for. There aren’t over or undersized fittings to worry about. Also, by having furniture designed for you, you no longer have to buy secondary furniture or additional countertop items to further accommodate you.

Custom FurnitureCustom Saves Time

Furniture shopping can be a lengthy process. Hours are spent visiting show homes as well as department stores searching for the exact furniture that you had in mind for your home. By customizing your furniture, you do not have to comparison shop different products. You design the item you are looking for and determine the size you need it to be. This completely eliminates the need to price compare, color match, and look for accessories to customize a generic piece of furniture. What could be months of shopping can be shortened into a couple of days of designing from the comfort of your home.

Custom Saves Money

When you purchase generic furniture, you also purchase additional drawers or counter top accessories to further match your needs. You also purchase additional pieces for extra cupboard space or further room customization. These costs can add up quickly. While customized furniture can initially cost more on its own, it is cheaper than the overall cost of your entire room assembly when you are trying to match and work with generic furniture. In addition to the cost of having to purchase less, customized furniture is made with higher quality; there is no need to replace furniture every few years because it will not wear out.

At FoxDen Decor, we take reclaimed wood to make customized home furniture specifically for you. We work with you to create the exact item you had in mind, delivering a piece of art no other home will own. Your furniture is truly unique to your home and taste, and it is designed with only you in mind. Reclaimed wood has withstood the elements for many years. It has proven to withstand the test of time. It will be the last piece of furniture you will need to purchase for your home.

When you’re moving into a new house, when does your home finally start to emerge from the chaos of empty rooms and moving boxes? For many people, it’s when the furniture is unpacked and installed in its proper place. As each piece is settled in its new location, your familiar and beloved home base begins to emerge, and you start to feel like this is where you live. We don’t always think about furniture as what defines a home, but for many people, it’s an important part of what makes their home what it is. At FoxDen Decor, we recognize this and strive to make each piece of our quality custom furniture part of your home.

Personality Shines Through

One of the first reasons people choose to order custom furniture from FoxDen Decor is the extra dash of individuality that our work will give your home. Each piece is custom made to your specifications, ensuring that you get something that reflects what you think of as truly beautiful. Our craftsmen will go all out to give you the most gorgeous piece of high-quality furniture that you could imagine. We believe that individuality is a vital part of beauty, and it shows in our work.

Don’t Forget Conveniencecustom furniture from FoxDen Decor

Houses come in many shapes and many sizes. What gives your home personality and individuality might also make it a bit tricky when it comes to fitting standard furniture into your plans. At FoxDen Decor, we will work with you to create a piece of furniture that will settle into place in your home as if it was made to be there…because, of course, it was. Oddly shaped rooms or small homes cease to be a problem when you can choose your furniture to fit perfectly into any space you need it to occupy.

Lasting Beauty

When you take the time to choose, design and build custom furniture for your home, you are creating something that will last for a lifetime and stay in your family for generations. FoxDen Decor knows the value of families…and knows the strain that younger family members can put on furniture! That’s why we build our furniture to be solid and sturdy, ready to withstand the rigors of everyday life in any home. With the proper care and attention, your furniture will be as beautiful in years to come as it was on the day that it was delivered to your home.

It All Starts with Inspiration

Custom furniture gives you such a wealth of options that it can be hard to know where to start. We invite you to peruse our gallery of customer photos so you can see how we helped other customers make their houses into homes. You might find an idea, or even just the beginnings of an idea, to help you decide what kind of project you’d like us to start for you. Remember that we can make beautiful and high-quality furniture for every room of your house so you can let your imagination run wild!

So you want to give your home some real personality, but you can’t find anything in the stores that suits your tastes? Everything looks fake, boring, cheaply made or just not very stylish. That’s where FoxDen Decor’s rustic furniture comes in, helping you build a beautiful and remarkable home. We are committed to providing you with the best and most beautiful furniture to give your home the character and personality that you want it to have without sacrificing convenience or quality. Here are some reasons that our rustic furniture shines above the rest.

One-Of-A-Kind Beauty

At FoxDen Decor, our furniture isn’t mass-produced. Each piece you order from us will be custom made to your specifications making your piece one of a kind and completely unique. It also guarantees that your piece will be the right size and shape, and that it will have all of the features you want. Our unique reclaimed wood adds an extra degree of difference to your piece. No two pieces of rustic furniture made with reclaimed wood will be exactly the same, even if they are the same type and have the same dimensions. Like your home, your furniture will make a special statement.

1Built to Last

FoxDen Decor’s rustic furniture has the appearance and authenticity that you are looking for, it is much sturdier and less prone to breakage and damage than furniture from an antique shop. We know that you want to live in your home, not just decorate it, so we build each piece of furniture with sturdiness and durability in mind, ensuring that it will remain a beautiful and much-used part of your home’s décor for years to come.

Your Home, Your Way

Even the most well settled homeowner will occasionally feel the need to renovate, redecorate, or otherwise change the look of a room—or even their whole home. FoxDen Decor’s rustic furniture works very well with this impulse. Our furniture’s simple, rustic beauty goes well with a wide variety of color schemes and environments, and it will always look right at home. No matter what you decide to do with our furniture, we know that it will look lovely and provide you with years of good service.

Before You Shop

Before you decide on a piece of rustic furniture from FoxDen Decor, there are a few things to consider. Because we make each piece to your specifications, it’s worth your time to consider exactly what you want. Decide where your furniture is meant to go, and what function you want it to perform. Decide which color you want, and what materials you want us to use when creating your piece. We will work with you every step of the way to make absolutely certain that your piece of furniture will be a masterpiece, just like your home!

Everyone likes to add some creativity into their home. One way you can do this is with FoxDen Decor’s custom furniture. We can make any type of furniture including home décor and bar stools, and you can even alter a piece of furniture or design your own furniture. It will give your home individuality, and it will complete your design.

Merging quality with a timeless look

We have a lot of styles to choose from including door tops, reclaimed, painted, rustic, and cedar just to name a new. They are all hand crafted and finished with a hand rubbed paste wax. In addition, you will be impressed with our world-class service.

If you like metal furniture, we can oxidize or paint your furniture, or you can leave it as is. We can restore several types of furniture including vanities, beds, bookcases and chairs or bar stools. You can also personalize your furniture by choosing the stain, or you can add doors or drawers.

custom furniture

What exactly is reclaimed wood? It is a type of wood that is made out of aged lumber that was used in boxcars, barns, or warehouses. It is mainly used for home decorating, which will turn your home into a valuable estate filled with beautiful antiques. You will even be able to reclaim rustic mirrors in either wood or a beautiful turquoise color. Moreover, the color will vary because of the product material, but you will always be pleased with the result.

Our inventory

One example of what you can expect from us is our two drawer rustic bathroom vanity. This is ideal for someone who is looking for furniture to fit a small powder room, or if you have a small bathroom. It has protection from water damage, and it has a smooth, flat surface. If you are looking for a table, we have beautiful end tables such as our Rancho Mexican end table. It is a combination of handcrafted copper and old wood. This shows how our tables are unique, and they are made with the finest craftsmanship. You can take a look at all our stains to find a color you like.

In addition, if you’re looking for a bookcase, our Libros rustic bookcase is a good option. It is made from 100% kiln dried pine. It has a smooth surface and light finish, which will help preserve the qualities of the wood. Your books will look great on an antique like this, and you will have some Mexican flavor added into your home as well.

Larger pieces

If you want something bigger, you can choose the three drawer reclaimed vanity. Another advantage with this vanity is the middle drawer, which can be functional or fake, but the other two drawers are fake. All of the wood on this vanity is made from a combination of old wood from corrals and barns. In addition to the quality and the beauty of the wood, it is also environmentally friendly, and it won’t get damaged easily. These pieces can be used for displays, television consoles or purely as a piece of interest.

Why should you waste valuable wood when you can turn it into something eclectic? Look no further than our custom furniture in order to do that. Take a look at our website today to see the options you have.