When you’re remodeling your master bathroom or maybe simply looking to upgrade your vanity situation, you may think that one sink is the way to go. Why would you need two sinks anyway? When you’re utilizing the bathroom, it’s usually when you’re alone; one person wouldn’t need to use two sinks at once. But for the busy, on-the-go individuals or families, two sinks can be the best way to crunch time and get out the door with a few minutes to spare. Between kids and spouses, private space often comes at a premium.

More sinks, more personal space

A double sink vanity can be a great way to take bacolored-double-sink-bathroom-vanityck your personal space. For couples, it can be hard to keep toiletries separate because storage in bathrooms can be rather limited, however, with a double sink vanity, both people can keep their belongings on their designated side, utilizing the counter space around their own personal sink. Things will be easy to locate and easy to grab, making a usual rushed morning into a much needed leisure time.

Take back your time

Getting ready in the morning is a stressful event because sleeping in is often favored over getting up at a reasonable time, people tend to be very rushed. When you’re living in a household where you share a bathroom with another person, having only one sink to use in the morning is your worst nightmare. This is where the double sink vanity is a lifesaver. You can get ready at the same time your partner does simply because you have two sinks. You can both share the counter space and use running water at the same time; so, if your mornings are often a race against the clock, being able to get ready when you need to will ensure you’re out the door when you need to be.

Declutter where it matters

Bathrooms are notorious for never having enough storage space (or maybe people are notorious for having too much stuff). Lotion bottles are displayed on toilet tanks, shower caddies are stacked to the brim, and styling tools get stored just about anywhere they’ll fit. This leaves bathrooms looking cluttered and downright uncleanly, however, when you have a double sink vanity this just doesn’t mean double the sinks—it also means double the storage. Because more room is needed for the sinks and plumbing, the actual storage space underneath will be larger. This allows you to move some of your clutter to underneath the cabinet where no one will be able to see it, leaving your bathroom looking neat and tidy where it matters.

And, for those who also share their bathroom with visiting guests, this can allow you to store your personal belongings where they won’t be able to see them. This will make you and your guest feel more comfortable with the space.

Double sink bathroom vanities may cost a little more than the single sink variety, but in the end, the investment will save your time (and a large headache).