Aside from function, furniture is a major part of interior home decorating. The same room will look completely different if you change as much as the center table. Colors, themes, and styles can all be defined by the furniture that is placed in the room. While many combinations can be chosen from department store products, custom furniture goes a step further, not only in creating a unique room, but in cost as well.

Custom is More Functional

Custom furniture is designed precisely for your use, specifically for the room you will be placing it in. When a generic piece of furniture is purchased, it is purchased as close as possible to your needs; then, the secondary thought is the best place to put it in a room. Custom furniture is designed and created exclusively for a specific place in a specific room with your exact needs in mind. The furniture arrives to fit perfectly into a designated spot, creating the exact look you were hoping for. There aren’t over or undersized fittings to worry about. Also, by having furniture designed for you, you no longer have to buy secondary furniture or additional countertop items to further accommodate you.

Custom FurnitureCustom Saves Time

Furniture shopping can be a lengthy process. Hours are spent visiting show homes as well as department stores searching for the exact furniture that you had in mind for your home. By customizing your furniture, you do not have to comparison shop different products. You design the item you are looking for and determine the size you need it to be. This completely eliminates the need to price compare, color match, and look for accessories to customize a generic piece of furniture. What could be months of shopping can be shortened into a couple of days of designing from the comfort of your home.

Custom Saves Money

When you purchase generic furniture, you also purchase additional drawers or counter top accessories to further match your needs. You also purchase additional pieces for extra cupboard space or further room customization. These costs can add up quickly. While customized furniture can initially cost more on its own, it is cheaper than the overall cost of your entire room assembly when you are trying to match and work with generic furniture. In addition to the cost of having to purchase less, customized furniture is made with higher quality; there is no need to replace furniture every few years because it will not wear out.

At FoxDen Decor, we take reclaimed wood to make customized home furniture specifically for you. We work with you to create the exact item you had in mind, delivering a piece of art no other home will own. Your furniture is truly unique to your home and taste, and it is designed with only you in mind. Reclaimed wood has withstood the elements for many years. It has proven to withstand the test of time. It will be the last piece of furniture you will need to purchase for your home.