A double sink bathroom vanity offers extra storage and the key ability for two people to get ready without fighting over the sink. It’s an incredible thing that many people absolutely adore, but having two sinks is just the beginning. There are lots of amazing things you can do with a double sink bathroom vanity to give your bathroom a truly unique look. Here are just five ideas.

1.  Copper Sinks

One way to add a completely unique flair to your double vanity is by getting copper sinks. Besides looking distinctive and beautiful, especially since they are often made from the same sheet, they have inherent antibacterial properties to help keep them clean. They do not require any waxes or finishes, either, so maintenance is a lot easier than other sink materials. They also do not rust or corrode, so you can enjoy your distinctive sink for years, even decades, to come.

Copper Sinks2.  Funky Mirrors

Standard mirrors are an excellent way to accent your vanity and make it all the more useful, but that is just the beginning. By looking a little past the standard mirror, you can offer some unique shapes to break up the hard, right angles of your bathroom, giving it a more funky and fun vibe. Look for rustic mirrors that complement in terms of design, but that also offer unique lines that break up the bathroom. This will make them all the more eye-catching and will give your bathroom an exciting new look.

3.  Open Cabinets

While your bathroom does need some privacy to hide some of the more personal items, open cabinets can offer a break in color and texture for a more complete look. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to keep the things you need at the ready—especially towels.

4.  Matching Medicine Cabinet

While open cabinets and breaking up the look with funky mirrors make your bathroom look a little more funky, a matching medicine cabinet can bring a sense of coherence into the room. Plus, it will give you extra storage in your bathroom, right where you need it.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity5.  Rustic Wood

Fox Den Decor crafts beautiful, customized double sink bathroom vanities for almost any space, and they come with many of the options listed above. Made from reclaimed wood near our Mexico furniture studio, each piece is made from unique wood for a distinctive look. Plus, the beautiful reclaimed wood adds a rustic look to any bathroom. If you are tired of the usual double sink bathroom vanity, with its plain vinyl countertops and chrome accents, Fox Den Decor’s incredible double sink bathroom vanities made from reclaimed wood are sure to give your bathroom a distinctive new look.

If you are on the hunt for a truly beautiful, unique take on the double sink bathroom vanity, be sure to check out Fox Den Decor’s reclaimed wood vanities. These unique pieces can offer that unique look that you need, all while fitting your exact specifications for size, color, mirrors, sinks, and more!