Bathrooms are tricky spaces when it comes to décor. You want your bathroom to be welcoming, and you want it to capture the same charm and essence as the rest of your home; however, they are tricky spaces to work with. They tend to be small, and there also tend to be a lot of awkward angles to work around. Wall space is usually minimalized by the need to have mirrors, medicine cabinets, and other forms of cabinetry for towel storage, not to mention the space your shower takes up. You still want the space to look nice, though, so how do you achieve that accented décor look without taking up too much space with accessories and other decorative adornments?

Easy: use your essentials to add their own unique charm.

Okay, so maybe that solution doesn’t actually sound very simple. How can you add charm using only your bathroom fixtures? A decoratively framed mirror is easy enough to come by, but that alone isn’t going to be enough to change the atmosphere of your room. You can, however, make a big impact on the way your room is perceived by featuring a unique and charismatic item like a copper sink.

Copper SinksYour sink is essential, so why not turn the essential features of your bathroom into the design elements that will give the space the charm you’ve been dreaming about?

There really isn’t any need to add a bunch of extra accessories and decorative features to a space that could benefit from the most efficient use you can provide. In fact, you can use the simplicity of design that the space requires to showcase the charm of your most unique features. A copper sink, for instance, is an eye-catching piece. Copper sinks are designed for utility and functionality, but they are also unique, and they feature a combination of rustic charm and modern chic that can give any bathroom an atmospheric edge. Why try to incorporate additional design elements into an already cramped space when you can use the design of one of your essential items to showcase the charming atmosphere you had hoped to capture? Once you’ve created a focal point of your copper sink, you can incorporate other designs and décor items. Perhaps a mirror with a frame that accentuates the design or compliments the color of your sink, or you can accent the charm of your sink with complimentary faucets for your sink, shower, and bathtub, or with light fixtures that offer the same charm or modern chic style.

There is no need to over-clutter your bathroom trying to create a sense of ambiance; use the simplicity of the design to your advantage by investing in necessities that already possess all the charm you are looking for. A copper sink, a rustic bathroom counter, or rustic cabinetry for your toiletries can add class and charm without requiring the accessories that will occupy the space you need to make your bathroom functional.

Don’t settle for an uninspired sink: choose a copper sink, hand-made by FoxDen Décor; you’ll be surprised how much charm it can add to your bathroom’s ambiance.