Rustic bedroom furniture is making a very big comeback with today’s decorators. More and more home owners and designers are seeking the rustic look of wooden furniture and decorative embellishments. When a rustic bedroom is comprehended, it becomes easy to see why this look is so highly sought after. It is also very easy to understand the benefits and why it is right for you.

It is inviting

A rustic bedroom is an inviting bedroom. An exact opposite to stark white with sharp lines, rustic furniture is darker and more soothing. When this furniture is combined with colorful and aged accents, you now have a room that you want to spend as much time in as possible. It is soothing, it is relaxing, and it is very inviting. Rustic bedroom furniture creates a soft look to a room that instantly relaxes people, making them feel at home. After a busy day, what people desire the most is an effective way to relax. Your own surroundings will directly affect your own ability to do so. Today’s style is about calming fashion without compromising function. People want a soothing look without being cluttered. They key isn’t the accessories; it’s a focus on the furniture itself.

Rustic Bedroom FurnitureIt is Durable

Properly manufactured rustic bedroom furniture is very durable. This is not to be confused with pressed particle board furniture that is designed to look aged and rustic. True rustic furniture is created from wood that has been aged over a large number of years. This wood is reclaimed from barns, fences, and other wooden outdoor structures. This wood is already aged, naturally treated, and it will not experience any further shrinking or warping. Pressed board is manufactured wood that is designed to look aged and weathered. This is not hardwood, nor will it stand up to moisture or longevity. It is a simple solution to economical decorating: true aged hardwood has many benefits that cannot be matched by particle board.

It Has its Own Story to Tell

Due to the fact that each piece of hardwood that is used in our rustic bedroom furniture is reclaimed, it comes as no surprise that each piece of wood has a story to tell. No two pieces are alike, and no two pieces of furniture will be identical. Each will have its own history from the structure it came from and the “life” it has already lived. Nobody else will own the exact piece of furniture that you have in your own room. From the grains of wood to the unique weathered coloring, no two pieces will be alike. You may own part of a barn from a homestead that existed over 100 years ago, or even a shed that housed livestock that may have helped to shape your city.

At FoxDen Decor, we custom build each piece of furniture to match your exact specifications. Our bedroom furniture is designed to fit perfectly into the room that you had intended it to be in. From the measurements and dimensions to the design and style, your furniture is designed with only you in mind. We offer the highest standards of furniture from the best quality of wood. If you want to change your bedroom style to something that is unique and soothing, talk to us about our furniture and what we can do for you.