Coffee tables are wonderful pieces of furniture, but they are also often not used to their full potential. Instead, they are used to hold magazines, remotes, and occasionally mugs filled with cold coffee. But with a little ingenuity and a touch of style, a rustic coffee table can be the launching point for something greater. Here are just a few ideas for activities and style choices with a coffee table that can help you make full use of its limitless potential.

1.  Host a Games Night

Coffee tables are the perfect height for a night of cards, snacks, and a few delicious drinks. You and your guests can use some throw pillows for seats and get down with a games night around your rustic coffee table. It will make for a night of casual fun, free from the pressure of a proper dinner party with a focus on fun. Plus, if your table is large enough, you can have the games, the snacks, and your beverages all within reach of your guests.

Rustic Coffee Table2.  Create a Visual Display

Many people believe that a rustic coffee table is meant to be used, so they keep it relatively free of decorative pieces and knickknacks. However, the opposite can be very effective at creating a visual anchor for your room, so instead of leaving your table bare, why not create a cohesive collection of beautiful pieces? Anything from a series of statuettes from the same designer to similar pieces you found on a vacation can all make for excellent decor choices—and they can create a visually striking conversation piece that your guests will want to know more about.

3.  Have a Picnic at Home

Yes, picnics are traditionally outside, but winter is also traditionally not a great time to whip out the picnic basket. Inside, however, is always a great place for a picnic when the weather doesn’t cooperate, and your rustic coffee table can make the perfect place to enjoy one. You can decorate it with a picnic blanket and load it up with your favorite picnic food items. It makes for a fun activity with the kids, or, if you want a more grown-up picnic, you can include a bottle of bubbly. After all, the bylaw officers won’t be raiding your living room.

Coffee tables, in many ways, are the underdogs of tables and home decor. Often thought of as a single purpose item, they are actually the launching point for fantastic activities and stunning decor. A rustic coffee table can be even more versatile, especially when you can customize the piece to fit your exact needs.

Fox Den Decor’s rustic coffee tables are created using reclaimed wood from around our Mexican furniture studio. Put together and designed by incredibly talented furniture makers, these pieces make for the perfect centerpiece for any room. Further, because you can choose everything from the dimensions to the finish, you can get a piece that does everything you need, and perhaps a little bit more.