These days, more and more homes are converting their bathroom space to contain a double sink bathroom vanity.  This type of conversion gives as much function as it does style.  It creates a larger looking area in your bathroom while expanding your functionally usable space at the same time. When deciding on new bathroom fixtures, how do you know if this move is right for you?  The best way is to review the pros and cons.

Pros :

A double sink bathroom vanity instantly doubles your usable sink space. When two or more people are using the bathroom at the same time, the extra sink really opens up possibilities.  The person brushing their teeth or washing their hands does not need to get interrupted when someone else requires some sink space. It makes the morning pre-work routine much faster and easier to manage.  For homes with multiple family members and a less-than-ideal number of bathrooms, this is really a clever move to make.  This is also a benefit to those who have family members who use bathroom sinks as a place to soak or wash items.  Delicate laundry items or even dental items are often soaked or washed in bathroom sinks.  A double sink leaves a functioning sink open while the other one is occupied. As with most bathroom vanities, there are some very elegant designs on today’s market.  The double sink bathroom vanity also doubles as an excellent home fashion statement.  When a vanity is combined with the right faucet and cabinet fixtures, it instantly becomes the centerpiece for your bathroom.

Double Sink Bathroom VanityCons :

While there are definite bonuses to a double sink bathroom vanity, there are a few cons to carefully consider.  Having two sinks will cut down the counter space on your vanity.  If you are a household that has baskets or multiple accessories on the countertop of your vanity, it is important to realize that much of this surface space will be lost when a two-sink countertop is installed.  An option to solve this is to have a longer vanity.  Of course, this option is only viable if your bathroom has the space to allow for such an expansion.  Another thing to consider is that you will now be paying a plumber to install two sinks, rather than just one. The workload on this type of installation is nearly double that of a regular sink.  Be sure to get estimates of costs for a vanity installation and use it as part of your decision-making process.

FoxDen Decor manufactures custom built vanities for double bathroom sinks.  Their ability to build to order allows them to create a one of a kind vanity for your bathroom, built to your specifications.  These custom pieces are built to your measurements, and therefore will fit perfectly into your bathroom space.  If you are building your home or renovating an existing bathroom, consider the benefits of a reclaimed wood double sink bathroom vanity from FoxDen Decor. You will love the look that these vanities will bring to your bathroom space.