Copper sinks have recently become popular because of their beautiful look and lasting appeal. They can give almost any bathroom a brand new, rustic feel. But not all copper sinks are created equally, which is why you need to learn more about them before making a purchase. Here are some handy tips about buying a copper sink that will help you make a better, more informed decision.

1. Learn About Copper

Buying a porcelain sink is relatively straight-forward compared to buying a copper sink precisely because the material isn’t as complex. With porcelain, your only concern is with shape and size over the material itself, but with a copper sink, the material matters. Not all copper is created equally, which is why you need to learn more about copper before you can find that perfect copper sink.

Copper SinkCopper quality is gauged on two separate factors: purity and thickness. Unlike gold, purity in copper means a more durable product, which is essential for a sink. You should look for as close to pure copper as possible. Other elements can lead to unsightly discoloration and oxidization, which can compromise the sink’s durability.

For thickness, also called its “gauge,” you’ll want a thicker sink. Despite being metal, copper is still relatively soft, so a thicker sink will last longer. Thinner sinks will also make a distinct tinny noise when struck with water. In general, look for lower gauges in your copper, anything from 18 to 14 will do. Watch out for foam linings as well, which are usually used to cover up for thinner copper while reducing that distinct tin noise.

2. Think About Style

Style is just as important as the quality of materials since construction will lead to a better overall product. Since the best copper sinks are created by hand, it’s important to learn about the expected dimensions before you make a purchase. If the drain hole, for example, is too small to meet your local plumbing codes, the sink will be a liability instead of a beautiful centerpiece for your bathroom.

3. Get the Right Sink from the Right Supplier

Copper sinks, while beautiful, are not created equally. In fact, they are not. At FoxDen Decor, each copper sink is made to order by our incredible development team. Each sink is also made with a gorgeous patina that not only looks amazing, but will also help protect your copper sink from discoloration. If you’re on the market for the perfect copper sink and want one with a unique, individual look, be sure to check out our wonderful selection of copper sinks.

Copper sinks used to be a piece of necessity but they have roared back into trendy homes because of their functional designs and amazing looks. Perfect for rustic-looking bathrooms, cottages, and cabins, the perfect copper sink can come to define a bathroom’s look. And with the right construction, a copper sink can outlast a traditional porcelain one—as long as you find the right model. For beautiful, unique copper sinks, be sure to look through our website.