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Renovating an entire bathroom can be expensive and time consuming—it’s a major commitment. Fortunately, you can update your bathroom’s look with something as simple as a new vanity cabinet. Vanity cabinets are relatively inexpensive and simple to install, so they’re the perfect way to change your decor without too much hassle. Because they’re typically the focal point of the bathroom, they set the tone for the entire room, making them a savvy choice for giving your bathroom a simple makeover.

Choose Your Style

The good news: there are tons of bathroom vanity styles to choose from. The bad news: there are tons of bathroom vanity styles to choose from. It’s great to have options, but sometimes too much choice can feel a little overwhelming.

The trick is to identify what style of vanity cabinet you’re looking for after doing a little initial browsing. There are a few different things to consider when choosing a style. Do you prefer modern or vintage? Sleek and minimalist or ornately detailed? Think about the overall look of your home and bathroom and let that guide you.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Another important consideration is how much space you have to work with. Choosing a vanity cabinet that’s too small might take some of the balance away from the room, or make it feel like a cold, stingy space, like a public washroom. On the other end of the spectrum, a vanity cabinet that’s too large might not leave enough floor space to comfortably move around, and could overwhelm the space.

You’ll also want to consider whether you want an open or closed style. If you’re very organized and don’t have many items to store, you might want to consider an open style with visible shelving instead of closed-in doors and drawers.

Don’t Forget About Storage!

And speaking of doors and drawers, you might be wondering which style is better for storing your items. If you have several small items, drawers are the way to go. If you’re primarily concerned with larger items like towels, a cupboard style may be enough for you.

And don’t just consider the items you would like to store—also consider the ways in which you like to store and organize your items so you can make sure your vanity cupboard accommodates. Drawer separators, trays, bins, and baskets should all fit comfortably.

Consider Other Pieces in Your Bathroom

A bathroom is supposed to be a peaceful place where you can relax and rejuvenate; however, it won’t feel so relaxing if everything in it clashes. Visual harmony is important, so consider the other pieces you already have in your bathroom before choosing your vanity cabinet. Try to keep your vanity, bathtub, storage shelves, and any other items you might have in your bathroom in the same general style and tone. Make sure size is balanced, too.

The right vanity cabinet can completely change your bathroom’s decor by adding an element of style and bringing the whole look together. Ready to start shopping? Check out FoxDen Decor today.

If you are interested in making your bathroom one to remember, investing in a custom bathroom vanity cabinet will stop your guests in their tracks. Whether you want to go for a spa-like feel in your bathroom or would rather keep it rustic and unique, you are sure to find a piece that will suit your own style with FoxDen Decor. As each piece is handmade to order, you will be amazed by the high quality of craftsmanship you will find when ordering with us.

bathroom-vanity-cabinetsHandmade and Built to Last

Every piece of furniture created at FoxDen Decor is handmade to order, ensuring that you get the highest quality product possible. Whether you’d like a particular piece found on our website or would like to customize the features of your bathroom vanity cabinet to fit your decor, you will receive a truly unique piece of furniture. It is very difficult to make pre-built bathroom vanities fit into every space; everyone’s bathroom layouts are quite different. Also, if you are trying to avoid overhauling your entire bathroom and are only looking to replace your dated vanity, buying a non-customizable bathroom vanity from a store may leave you with more headaches as you try to make your purchase work within your space. An important feature to keep in mind is that these pre-built vanity cabinets are often assembled in factories, meaning that you will not receive the skilled craftsmanship that you will find with made-to-order furniture. If you are tired of the “one size fits all” products that are available in home decor stores throughout the nation, experience the difference when ordering your own fully customizable vanity through us. It is our goal to be flexible and to create the perfect piece for your home that no one else has.

Fully Customizable Furniture

Absolutely everything that you see while browsing through our website is fully customizable, right down to the very last nail. You can choose from a wide selection of unique hardware and color options for each piece that you are designing. If you don’t see something that you like, simply let us know and we can help you find or create exactly what you are looking for. If you are concerned about size, everything that we offer can be built in a different size than what is shown. We will simply create a detailed sketch to scale, to ensure that you know exactly what your new bathroom vanity cabinet will look like in your bathroom at both a smaller and larger size. There is no need to worry if you have a tight space to work with, as we can shrink the scale of our vanity cabinets, to ensure that they will fit perfectly in any home. There is no problem adding or omitting various details on each piece, depending on the size and customization that you are looking for.rustic-bathroom-vanity

Browse our unique selection of rustic bathroom vanities and experience the difference for yourself. It is very difficult to find a “one size fits all” product that will fit perfectly inside a bathroom. By customizing the furniture that you choose to include in your design, you have the freedom to really wow your guests with your bathroom renovation. Start by looking at some of our bathroom vanity cabinets featured on our website, but if nothing strikes your fancy, simply let us know and we can help you design your very own unique piece of furniture, which is sure to impress your guests for years to come. Let’s get started designing your custom bathroom vanities today!

Form and Function

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, a vanity cabinet is the perfect addition! Vanity cabinets function as excellent storage units and they look great, so you can store all your toiletries in a convenient and out-of-sight place! A vanity cabinet can also be the focal point of your bathroom, depending on what color, size and materials you choose. If you’ve got a primarily white bathroom, a colorful turquoise or sea-green vanity will add a sophisticated yet funky touch to your bathroom. Vanities also come in two or even three-toned colors, which allow you to match and contrast the colors of your bathroom with multiple looks and moods. Whatever tone you’re trying to set, a bathroom vanity cabinet is the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Getting It RightBathroom-Vanity-Cabinet-min

All of our bathroom vanities are made with the finest wood and top-quality craftsmanship. We offer a wide variety of vanities in multiple sizes and looks, so you can choose between two drawers or six, l

When it comes to interior designing, bathrooms are one of the most important rooms to get right. After all, people visit bathrooms probably more than any other room, with the kitchen coming in a close second. Impress your guests with a beautiful bathroom vanity. It’s the perfect place to store extra toiletries or linen, and, if you so cho
ose, you can add plumbing to many different kinds of vanities. That way, if you decide to upgrade your sink or save space by installing a vessel sink on top of your bathroom vanity, you can do so whenever you choose (depending, of course, on the model of vanity you’re working with).

Quality Décor

Bathroom vanities have the ability to transform your bathroom from a boring space to a beautiful, original, and well-designed room. They come in every material imaginable, and can be free-standing or wall-mounted, ultra-modern or antique. With all of these options, how can you choose which vanity cabinet is the perfect addition to your bathroom?

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, first consider what kind of tone you want to set. You may want to design a bathroom that is reminiscent of cool sea breezes and sandy beaches. Alternatively, you may want to create an ultra-modern look with stainless steel plumbing fixtures and bold patterns. Whatever you choose, we have the perfect bathroom vanity cabinet for you! Many of our vanity cabinets also come with the option of buying a beautiful mirror to match.

A beautiful, well-designed and well-made vanity cabinet is a staple piece that will last you for generations. These versatile, functional and eye-catching pieces are the perfect addition to your bathroom. Take a look at our wide variety of bathroom vanity cabinets at FoxDen Decor and transform your bathroom into a beautiful and inviting room!