Reclaimed wood furniture, or furniture made from wood that is used is a beautiful alternative to brand new furniture. Here are a few reasons why people are falling in love with reclaimed wood furniture.

1 Environment- Friendly

Furniture building is a great strain on the environment. Fresh-cut timber and wood is often required to make brand-new furniture, and even low-quality pieces that use composite require a lot of trees to make even a simple piece. Reclaimed wood furniture is made from old wood that’s already been harvested rather than cutting down healthy trees. This makes it better for the environment by reusing materials instead of harvesting brand new ones.

  1. Truly UniqueReclaimed Wood Furniture

Besides the environmental advantages, reclaimed wood is also inherently individual and unique. Unlike brand new furniture that is made to look the exact same, reclaimed wood furniture is made from pieces of wood that bear individual looks. It would give a natural charm and an antique feel. Whatever the reasons, no piece of reclaimed wood furniture ever looks exactly the same as another because the wood itself has a lot of personality and character.

  1. Strength and Durability

While reclaimed wood furniture may be older and used, the best varieties are built for years to come. Many people do not know this, but reclaimed wood is often stronger than fresh lumber due to the fact that it has been dried and treated. Quality construction and design are key factors to creating the best furniture made from reclaimed wood, and FoxDen Decor’s has attracted some of the most talented furniture artisans to make the best furniture available. Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture made by one of these talented craftsmen is both beautiful and functional, so you can have a piece that not only looks different, but will also stand up to everyday use for years, even decades, to come.

  1. Natural Beauty

Reclaimed wood furniture usually becomes a centerpiece in almost any room, and the reason is simple: they command attention. The combination of unique materials and a bold look can help define a room’s decor. Because of the rugged look, these pieces look best in rooms that lean into the rustic feel. When combined with antique accent pieces and copper finishes, reclaimed furniture will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a different era.

Reclaimed wood furniture enjoys a continued popularity for a number of reasons. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a better alternative to brand new furniture. If you are looking for unique, individual, and incredible furniture made from reclaimed wood, be sure to check out the selection at FoxDen Decor. Designed by some of the world’s best furniture creators, and built using the finest reclaimed wood, your next piece of furniture could come to define your entire home’s new look.