Every home needs updating every now and then—whether it’s a change in color scheme, rearranging furniture, or re-decorating a space. Maybe you want to switch your theme from modern contemporary to more of a chi- rustic look. A rustic or reclaimed look can make your home appear like a brand new space. Even a few new additions such as mirrors, kitchen islands or entertainment centres can breathe new life into a boring or aged home. If you’re looking for a fresh look with a rustic twist, try adding some reclaimed wood furniture to the mix.

What kinds of reclaimed wood furniture can you implement into your home?

There are so many different kReclaimed wood furnitureinds of upgrades you can make with reclaimed wood furniture. Simple

changes such as a new mirror can add a lot of character to boring home décor. Reclaimed wood is taken from barns, corrals and other old structures, and reclaimed to look like new, while still keeping that aged look. You can also implement different pieces into your home such as entertainment centres, kitchen islands, and vanities. Reclaimed pieces can also be finished in many different colours such as light, dark and grey wood, and more vibrant shades of blue, yellow and other palettes.

Reclaimed pieces can be implemented into any décor theme. Because rustic and aged furniture is making a comeback, people are using them in contemporary and modern themes, as well as traditional, nautical, country and many others. This furniture is really great for any space.

Where can I find reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture can be found at a number of different department stores, furniture stores and boutiques, however, this reclaimed furniture is not always authentic, and can simply be furniture that has been made to look reclaimed but is actually utilizing new products. At FoxDen Decor, we use only the most authentic of resources. We source our wood from old barns, corrals and other structures all over Mexico, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

Each of our pieces is hand made so your chosen item will be unique. We also construct our furniture on a made-to-order basis; therefore, you have the opportunity to customize your piece’s color and dimensions. No two pieces will ever be alike, which is an added bonus when decorating your home, as everyone wants their décor to be rare and original.

Ordering and customization can be easy.

When ordering a piece from FoxDen Decor, customization is easy. All you need to do is simply notify us of the customization before your place your order and we get to work on your special item! Make each piece match your current theme by implementing a colour scheme. Need a certain item to fit into a specific space? Make dimensional customizations with just a click of a button!  Customization can be fun and easy, and you’ll be happy with your unique choices.

If you’re looking for reclaimed wood furniture that makes a statement, contact us at FoxDen Decor today, or visit our website to place an order.