Are you looking for a new table for your house? You may want to consider reclaimed wood tables. Here at FoxDen Decor, we have various styles and sizes to choose from, and they are available made to order. It is a cost-effective way to furnish your home, and your home will have a timeless, traditional, and beautiful look that can only be achieved with reclaimed wood.

Why is it a smart alternative?

First of all, reclaimed wood is old wood that was used in construction to make buildings that are currently demolished. However, the reclaimed wood is recycled instead of being destroyed. It is made from old lumber, and you can use it for warehouses, barns and boxcars, but you will also see it a lot in homes in the form of tables, desks and drawers. Furthermore, it will become the centrepiece of any room, and it will add value.

Reclaimed wood furniture is about creating a history with your family, and it is made with high quality materials that you will enjoy for years to come. We work with furniture manufacturers around the world, and they all have their own unique style. Moreover, you will be supporting the “going green” movement, because this type of wood doesn’t contain materials that are hard on the environment.

 reclaimed wood table

Reclaimed wood is becoming increasingly popular among customers

For example, one reclaimed table that we have is the “Savannah dining room table”, which is a beautiful rustic dining table with x-style legs. It is made from kiln pine with a traditional, trademark look, and the legs fold underneath. This feature makes the table easier to move around.  In addition, our reclaimed wood is left unfinished in order to preserve the natural rustic look, and the lumber is salvaged and rare. Additionally, your table will vary from what you see on our website.

Another example is our “Acuna Rustic coffee table,” which is a custom, handmade coffee table. You will have a variety of colors to choose from, as well as which hardware you would like to have. In addition, you will like the drawer in the middle, which has a ring in the centre to help you pull the drawer with ease.

Why is it cost-effective?

There are many reasons why you should choose reclaimed furniture. One reason is because it is cost-effective, and you can save lots of money with this type of furniture. It is the cheaper alternative because wood furnishing is becoming expensive. This is because of the damage that it causes to the environment.

Another reason it is cost effective is because fewer trees are being used, and it doesn’t have to be reshaped, which helps companies like ours save money on labor costs and time. Furthermore, the wood is already treated, so you will not have to treat it again, which will save you more money. It is one of the best methods of recycling, mainly because it doesn’t require the use of new lumber.

Here at FoxDen Decor, we are committed to selling tables that will last a long time, and tables that are elegant as well.