When it comes to furniture, there is little better than old pieces being given new life. A combination of older materials and a contemporary design aesthetic can rejuvenate almost any room and update its look while still honoring the past. If you’re on the market for something unique and beautiful for your home, consider a custom-built piece of reclaimed furniture  from FoxDen Decor. Here are just a few reasons why it could breathe new life into your home’s look.

reclaimed furniture1. Something Old

Probably the most predominant trait of reclaimed furniture is its older look. By using previously-used wood, any piece made by Fox Den Decor will have a distinctly rustic and lived-in look, simply because the materials are themselves well-worn and distinctive. The pieces look like something that’s been around for years, even if it has a modern design sense, which can help your home look like a place where people live rather than the sterilized feel that many contemporary pieces can sometimes project.

2. Something New

But with the old comes a little bit of something new, distinctive, and different. Our furniture creators are hand-picked from around the world for their particular design sense, bringing you some of the most talented people in the world. The combination of reclaimed materials and modern styles means that, while the piece will have a beautiful sense of the past, it will fit into, even define, a contemporary aesthetic and give your home a personalized touch of style.

3. Something You

Of course, every custom-made FoxDen Decor piece that’s made from reclaimed wood also has a look that has a little bit of your own touch, letting your home exude your own design and decor sense through a couple of well-placed pieces. Custom-built reclaimed furniture at FoxDen Decor are made to your specifications and in conjunction with a talented and professional furniture creator. The entire process is collaborative, so you can have a piece that feels like you’re a part of its creation, rather than something that fits in with what you had in mind. The result is a look that screams “you,” not someone else, and that can only lead to a better looking home decor experience.

Choose FoxDen for your furniture needs

Reclaimed furniture is a beautiful addition to nearly any home, yet it must be done with care and style. Using old pieces of wood from various sources means that your piece, even before it’s built, will have a distinctive look that harkens back to the days of old. But when it’s turned into something beautiful through a custom-build with FoxDen Decor, that piece of wood can rejuvenate a home’s look, all while providing a piece that has a sense of you within it. Rather than settle on something new that fits within your vision, work together with some of the best furniture designers in the world for a piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood. It’s one of the best ways you can reclaim your home’s beauty.