You may have noticed that there has been a huge shift in what’s hot for home décor. This shift has been the move away from commercially available products to handcrafted items – some of which have been repurposed, or upcycled. One of the most sought after items is furniture made from reclaimed wood.

Where does it come from?

The wood for reclaimed wood furniture can come from pretty much anywhere, but a lot of it is from old barns and other farm structures that are torn down to make room for more modern buildings. The reason why this wood is so fabulous to use is because of the wear and tear, as well as the weathering that the wood goes through. It gives it a lot of personality and uniqueness that translates to anything you make out of it. Reclaimed wood vanities, dining tables and cabinets, can be a show stopping piece in your home.

Is it all the same?Industrial Vanity with Alder Wood

Unfortunately no. Like anything, the original quality of the wood will determine if it’s good enough to be reclaimed and used to create something new. Soft woods, or wood that was cut too thin, often doesn’t last long enough to be reclaimed, or doesn’t retain its strength well-enough to be reclaimed. Hardwoods are always the best choice when looking to reclaim wood. The climate of where the wood was originally used will also determine its viability. Wet or frequently damp climates wouldn’t normally produce usable materials.

What else can be done with it?

Although there is a strong market for handmade reclaimed wood furniture, it’s also popular for home design and construction features. Reclaimed wood plank floors, or even large reclaimed beams can make great real load bearing beams or columns in your home, or can be utilized to appear as if they are load bearing, when in fact they are only decorative. This look is a lot like having exposed brick walls. Depending on where you are sourcing your materials, reclaiming old barn boards for flooring is a great idea that can save you money, but it can be difficult to find an adequate source.

Home décor

We are all sorts of obsessed with our personal space. From man caves to custom walk-in closets, and custom kitchens to spa-like bathrooms – we are all striving to create a certain atmosphere in our homes so that we can be surrounded by spaces that help us relax and de-stress. Reclaimed wood furniture can help you achieve these key atmospheres easily. With a variety of finishes possible, adding a piece of reclaimed wood furniture to your home can add a real touch of character and a lot of history to any space.

Not only is reclaimed wood furniture a great conversation piece, but it’s also a good way to contribute and encourage to recycle materials like this. Rather than cutting down new trees to make the same piece, why not reuse perfectly good wood with a lot of life left, rather than seeing it burned or sent to a landfill. It’s an easy choice, and at FoxDen Decor, we have a great collection for you to consider too.