There’s something magical about a piece of furniture with history behind it. It’s not just something that you buy from the shop, ready-made and completely unused. Antique furniture seems to retain something of all the people who have used it, some piece of the home that it was part of. At FoxDen Decor, we try to capture some of that uniqueness and authenticity in our reclaimed wood furniture, but with a bit of a twist. Our furniture may be new-made, but it comes from materials that have already lived a long and rugged life as parts of barns, corrals and other structures. They make a fabulous addition to any home.

Personality in Every Piece

The magic of our reclaimed wood furniture comes from the origin of our materials. Just as the name implies, we reclaim wood from old buildings, most often barns and corrals. This wood has spent its lifetime out of doors, being weathered and shaped by the elements. Every rainstorm and every blazing hot summer day has left its imprint on the wood we use to build our furniture, and that shows in the uniqueness of every piece. No two of our pieces of FoxDen Decor reclaimed furniture are the same, and that’s what makes them a special part of your home.

Customizable For You

Just like each of our furniture pieces are different, we understand and celebrate the fact that every home is different too. We know that you enjoy personalizing your home as much as we enjoy personalizing our furniture, so at FoxDen Decor, we offer to help you out with that personalization. We offer custom-built furniture to fit your home and your needs. You can choose the dimensions, the colour and all other elements of your furniture, so you will know for certain that the furniture we craft will be exactly what your home needed.

Flexible and Durable

One advantage that reclaimed furniture has over traditional antique furniture is that, although we use weathered, aged wood, our furniture is new-built. Where antique furniture has often become fragile with years of use, the reclaimed wood furniture at FoxDen Decor has the sturdiness and durability of brand new furniture. This means that you need have no worries about using it in any room that you see fit. Our furniture has the flexibility to look great and be useful in the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom or anywhere that you feel it would fit.

Your Home, Your Spirit

At FoxDen Decor, we like to think that while our furniture is a great addition to your home, you are only making its value increase as you make it a part of your house and your life. Each of our lovingly hand-made pieces has its own story, and when it moves into your home, it continues that story, becoming richer and more beautiful. We hope that you will find a piece of furniture whose spirit and story match yours, and make it a part of the home that you love.