Thankfully, bathroom vanities have gone through some changes over the years and are no longer limited to the blue or yellow built-in sinks with laminate countertops that most of us grew up with. They have come a long way in functionality and design.

Nowadays, we have endless options with every aspect of the bathroom being customizable, but especially bathroom vanities ( ). To help you get the ideal vanity for your home, we have put together some amazing ideas.

Unique Bathroom Vanities: Ultimate Combination of Value and Selection

1.  Go Unique for Ultimate Style

The usual bathroom vanity cannot give you the look and feel that you can get from unique handcrafted wood vanity. So why go for the norm when you can have rustic elegance?

Unique Bathroom Vanities2.  Unique Bathroom Vanity Idea – Use Bold Color

For years, bathroom vanities have been created from cabinetry with neutral tones, but you do not have to go that route. You can add a splash or splashes of color to your bathroom with your vanity – not your accent wall. You can make your room pop with the right unique vanity and ultimate combination of one, or an assortment of bold colors.

3.  Unique Bathroom Vanity Idea – How About Accent Colors?

If the thought of having a bold color on your vanity makes you feel uneasy, how about just adding an accent piece to stand out and give life to your bathroom?

4.  Unique Bathroom Vanity Idea – Furniture Style Vanity

A new trend in bathroom vanities that we hope will be around a while is using furniture-style bathroom vanities. These styles of vanities can have an old dresser look, old-desk look, or an old-drawing board and mirror appearance. These styles are usually designed out of wood to give them an antique appearance, which looks classy.

5.  Unique Bathroom Vanity Idea – Rustic Look

A rustic look is refreshing because of its simplicity and how it highlights the natural beauty around it. A rustic vanity proves the saying that eventually everything comes full circle; our ancestors would probably find it quite interested to see how fashionable remakes of their stuff looks today.  A rustic bathroom vanity brings a sense of connection to the past that you will find hard to resist because it evokes a feeling of a simpler time.

6.  Unique Bathroom Vanity Idea – Go Big, or Small?

Choosing the right sized bathroom vanity is important to the design of any bathroom. On one hand, if it is too large for the space it will be awkward to get around. But, on the other hand if it doesn’t have sufficient storage space, the entire bathroom could suffer the consequences.

Thus, size, placement, and storage requirements are your biggest concerns when choosing the logistics of your bathroom vanity.

At FoxDen Decor, we all about uniqueness with our products, this is why we are proud of our unique bathroom vanities. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of value and selection for your bathroom, check out our vanities on our website. It is important to note that we also accept customized requests, and all of our products are made of 100% reclaimed barn wood or 100% kiln dried pine.