The ‘rustic’ look has been an up and coming popular design theme for the last few years. Mostly popular for wedding themes, with brides and grooms saying their ‘I do’s in worn down barns in grassy fields, rustic décor is now making its way into homes that want to boast more of a country-style look. More and more retail and department stores are selling products that fit in with this theme (wicker, sanded-down wood finishes, woodsy-style items, etc.), and these items are flying off of the shelves.

Some of the more popular rustic items are vanities. Rustic Vanities have been in style now for quite some time, and can be used for a number of different things. Many people place them in hallways with an array of pictures and décor, while others place them in bedrooms as their pampering station. Probably one of the more popular uses for these vanities, however, is bathroom storage. Storage in the bathroom is a big deal for most people. We’re all guilty of having way too many bath products, saving the bottles upon bottles of lotion we receive every year for Christmas. So if you’re like most people and just can’t seem to part with the body wash gift set you received three years ago (and have never used), a bathroom vanity can make all the difference.

Touching on the subjects of rustic-styled items and bathroom vanities, it only makes sense to combine the two. Rustic-style vanity Rustic-style vanityare a great addition to any bathroom space. It can be hard to spruce up your bathroom and give it an inviting look. With so little space, there aren’t many items you can add that will give it the re-vamping that it needs. This is where the bathroom vanity comes in. Not only does it provide ample storage space for all of your products, storing them nicely in cupboards and drawers where guests won’t be able to see them, but it also adds a touch of design. Rustic bathroom vanities, especially, seem to be the most popular item for the bathroom right now. Even if you’re not styling your bathroom with a rustic theme, rustic bathroom vanities go along with a number of different design ideas.

Rustic bathroom vanities can also be used for a more contemporary design. While rustic items are meant to look old and aging, there is also a modern element to them. Rustic vanities also fit in well with a country-style theme, or if you’re going more for the log cabin look, these vanities are perfect for the space.

Another popular look for homes in the past couple of years has been the boho or indie look. This style incorporates many unique and eccentric items into the home, so the incorporation of a rustic bathroom vanity would tie the theme together nicely.

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