People often think of bathroom vanities for their look instead of their actual storage space. But Fox Den Decor has thought of both, and we’ve put together a classic-looking collection of vanity cabinets that look great and provide plenty of storage space in your bathroom. And seeing as most bathrooms are tight on space, the right vanity cabinet can provide you with drawers and cupboards for everything a bathroom needs, and more, all while bringing home the rustic and professionally-made look you’ve come to expect from FoxDen Decor. Here are the three major kinds of bathroom vanity cabinets available, and tips for how you could use them in your bathroom.

1. Upright Vanity Cabinets

Unlike the regular style of vanity cabinet, an upright version is tall and thin, the perfect solution for tighter spaces that still have a lot of things that need storing. With the FoxDen Decor collection, these upright vanity cupboards can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the exceptionally narrow, perfect for corners and the really tight spaces, to shorter ones that can double as a space to sit in front of and relax. No matter how you use them, each and every one is designed using top quality materials and made with professional skill and care. The result is something completely and utterly yours.

bathroom vanity cabinets2. Open Vanity Cabinets

Mornings are tough for almost everyone, and some vanities can actually make those morning routines a little easier. One of the best aspects of an open vanity is access. Rather than trying to remember which drawer has which item you need in the morning, often before you’ve even had that precious first cup of coffee, an open vanity design lets you see where everything is right away. As a simple storage unit that’s a series of perfectly spaced shelves, an open vanity is the best option for people who don’t like mornings but need to do things for their morning routine.

3. Classic Vanity Cabinets

While FoxDen Decor offers more than a few different varieties of vanity cabinets, sometimes the best approach is something a little more classic and familiar. Many of our bathroom vanities come in rustic designs that can seamlessly fit into any number of bathroom designs, and can provide the discreet storage options you would expect from a classic vanity. As with all of our vanity cabinets, the classic versions come in a variety of materials for your choosing, so you can pick something that fits in with your existing decor, or something that stands out as the central piece of your bathroom. But no matter which one you choose, it will help you store more in your bathroom while still keeping it looking great.

Bathrooms, being the small spaces that they are, can get cluttered very quickly. But, with the right vanity cabinet in your bathroom, you can keep everything organized and help your bathroom look its absolute best. Every single one of our pieces is made with our customers in mind, using only the best materials and talented craftsmen. The results are unique vanity cabinets that can come to define your bathroom, and still give you plenty of space to keep everything you need right on hand.