If you are looking for a truly unique addition for your bathroom design, we at FoxDen Decor create custom rustic vanities that can give your bathroom that “wow factor” you are looking for. Our vanities are made from reclaimed wood and can be customized to customer requests. This means that these products can’t be found anywhere else and can be a truly beautiful addition to your bathroom. Here are some benefits to buying a bathroom vanity from us.

Our Vanities are made from Reclaimed Wood

rustic bathroom vanityWe try to reclaim wood that was once used for other purposes. Not only is recycling great for the environment, reclaimed wood has a unique character. It comes from older trees, and has been re-purposed into new furniture. The demand for wood products has made manufacturers put pressure on forests and cutting trees that are not fully mature. Reclaimed wood has a beautiful grain pattern that can’t be replicated by newer wood or laminate. You can also be sure that the vanity is strong and durable because you are getting a solid wood product.

Our Vanities can’t be Found Anywhere Else

Along with the benefits of using reclaimed wood, you will have a truly one of a kind vanity in your bathroom. You are not buying a mass produced, assembly line product that you may get from the big box furniture stores. When you buy from us at FoxDen Decor, all of our vanities are sure to be unique and you won’t find the quality and unique designs we offer anywhere else. You definitely won’t walk into someone else’s home and see your vanity!

Our Vanities can be Customized

Another great feature of buying from us at FoxDen Decor is that we are here to please our customers. We understand that not everyone has the same size or design of home. We offer customized vanities to ensure that no matter the square footage of your home, it will fit seamlessly into the design and look great too. You can contact us with the measurements of your bathroom and we can create a beautiful vanity for you.

Our Vanities can become the Focal Point of Your Design

Rustic design is meant to be simple and understated. Our vanities can become the focal point of the design of your bathroom and take it from a boring room that no visitor comments about, to one that will actually generate compliments on your great taste. Interior design becomes so easy when you have a statement piece to inspire a room around and let the room take shape from the colors and design of the vanity.

FoxDen Decor takes a lot of care in the products that we produce for our customers. We believe that are vanities are unique and this is because we use reclaimed wood with a beautiful grain and this creates pieces that can’t be purchased from any store. This means that it is bound to be noticed by visitors to your home and become a focal point of your home. Contact us to have us start your customized bathroom vanity today.