Bathroom remodeling can be a lot of fun, especially with all the latest styles right now. That is why changing your bathroom vanity can dramatically change the look of any bathroom. Fox Den Décor is committed to offering the latest styles in bathroom vanities, and they are modern as well. Moreover, you will like our unique selection of rustic bathroom vanity.

The Latest Trends

There are various styles that are becoming popular, and the five top trends are:

  • Vintage vanities: Our Rustic Turquoise Farmhouse Vanity is a beautiful bathroom vanity that will add a rural feel to any bathroom. The center door has a signature x on it, which is typical of a barn door. Additionally, it is popular in farmhouse décor. You can place the sink above the vanity door, and it can be a vessel or drop in. It is also equipped with two fully-functional drawers, and the vanity has a hand-rubbed paste wax on the surface. The top of the vanity is sealed to protect against water. The vintage look is a trendy look right now, and it is easy to incorporate it into your bathroom.
  • Another popular trend is the double sink vanity style. It is a creative way to share the bathroom with other family members. Our Double Sink Barnwood Vanity is a great choice for couples.bathroom vanity
  • The rustic look: The rustic vanity with sitting area is designed to have a storage area, a sink area, and a sitting area. The sink can be centered above the cabinets with functioning drawers. There is a small space on the left side for a chair or stool. It is a hot trend right now to have reclaimed furniture style bathroom vanities, and you will notice that with our vanities. It will give your bathroom a classic look, and it will never grow old—even if you want to change the look of your bathroom.
  • Bowl-topped sinks are becoming very popular. You can incorporate a bowl-topped sink into one of our bathroom vanities, such as the black vanity with metal door panels. It is very similar to the farmhouse vanity, and is perfect for a bowl-topped sink.
  • Painting your vanity black is a hot trend, and it makes a statement in your bathroom. For instance, our Martin black bathroom vanity will make your bathroom sleek and bold. It has a matte black finish, and it is perfect for a larger bathroom.

Getting what you want

It is possible to create a custom order in order to create your perfect bathroom vanity. They are made from 100% kiln-dried pine, or you can opt to make your vanity from reclaimed barn wood. They are all made to order, and you know you will be getting quality. You can rely on us, and the quality of our vanities. They are crafted with only the finest wood. The barn wood is collected from old stables, barn and corrals, and then they are smoothly polished to make a rustic and beautiful product. They are available in various sizes, shapes, designs and finishes, and you can choose what you want. Feel free to check out other reclaimed wood furniture pieces on our website and place an order today.