What Is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is essentially lumber salvaged from old wooden structures, such as barns, houses, pallets, even wine crates! More and more people are choosing furniture made of reused wood over new lumber for its aesthetic appeal and durability, not to mention the fact that it’s good for the environment.

The reason why reclaimed wood tends to be stronger and of better, more durable quality is that a lot of reclaimed wood is over a hundred years old from a time when lumber industries harvested wood from old-growth forests. Nowadays, a lot of lumber comes from new-growth forests. As a result, new wood tends to be weaker than old lumber. If you purchase a reclaimed wood table, you can trust it will last through the ages. After all, it already has!

Get the Look

Whether you want to create a more contemporary or traditional feel with your office or home décor, a reclaimed wood table will automatically add a sense of rustic charm to your space-without feeling too old-timey. If you like a more modern, sleek look, a reclaimed wood table will help soften the sharp lines and “coldness” often associated with modern design. Wood, after all, warms up the room. Alternatively, if your décor tends to be on the more classic, antiquated side, a reclaimed wood table will help make the room feel a bit more modern, without losing that classic edge. After all, reclaimed wood is all the rage right now. If you need proof of that, all you have to do is walk into any hipster bar, restaurant, or café, and you’ll see just how hip reclaimed wood really is.

Reclaimed wood can appear “au naturel,” or it can make a bold statement with brightly colored paint. Whatever statement you want to make, let us help you make it. We will custom-make any order to your specifications. We’ll even make a multi-colored reclaimed wood table, if that’s what you wish!

Re-use, Recycle, and Reclaim

One of the best things about reclaimed wood is that it’s incredibly eco-friendly. Reclaimed wood saves trees, and we all know what a precious resource our forests are, and how vital they are to multiple eco-systems and habitations.

When you buy a reclaimed wood table, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a smart, eco-conscious choice. Plus, your table will have a history and one-of-a-kindness that a new, factory-manufactured table won’t. Who knows, it may have been a wine barrel in another life, or a barn on a homestead.

Our custom-built furniture is of the highest standards. Don’t settle for factory tables made from cheap, weak wood. With a reclaimed wood table, you can dine and drink to the benefits of being environmentally friendly.

Wood is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile materials to manufacture furniture from. Because it can be painted, wooden furniture can really be made to match or contrast any décor. Many people, however, are choosing to include wood furniture that has a natural or distressed look in their homes and offices. Whatever your décor needs are, let us know and we will make you the perfect, one-of-a-kind reclaimed furniture.