The Perfect Way To Pull A Room Together

Sofa tables may be the most important piece of furniture when it comes to life in the home. Yes, we might eat our meals at a kitchen or dining room table – but your sofa table is where you sit with family, roommates, or guests to talk over coffee or drinks. It’s where you rest your popcorn bowl when you’re settling in for a group movie night. It’s where you keep the books and magazines you want to reach for when you’re relaxed and at peace. In short, your sofa table is crucial to the parts of your home life where you are your most content. That’s why having the right sofa table is so important. Having a stunning sofa table starts conversations, delights your guests, and makes you happy every time you look at it. Our rustic sofa tables are the perfect way to combine style and elegance with the cozy hominess a sofa table represents.Rustic Sofa Table

A Carefully Crafted Masterpiece

Our rustic sofa tables are made of quality, 100% reclaimed barn wood, and they are completely unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. They’re crafted from old Mexican doors, meaning that they’re a piece of culture and history that you can keep in your living room. On top of that, we don’t just sell sofa tables that we’ve already designed – we can bring your own vision to life! You can mix and match available sizes and colors, or even work with us to develop your own unique design. Our artisans are experts at the craft, and they will build your own custom table for you so you can be sure to get exactly what it is you’re dreaming of.

Decorate Sustainably Without Sacrificing Style

Because our tables are made from reclaimed wood, crafted from rustic Mexican doors, they’re actually a very sustainable choice, and buying a piece of furniture that is made of reclaimed materials protects the environment and prevents that wood from becoming waste. That said, our tables aren’t just sustainable – they’re works of craftsmanship, and the material they’re made from is quality, authentic, and comes with its own history. By buying one of our rustic sofa tables, you’re getting furniture that is sustainable, vintage, and completely unique, all at the same time. It’s a stylish yet timeless way to decorate. What more could you ask for?

Get Your Dream Piece With Dream Service

At Foxden Decor, we pride ourselves on our top quality customer service. We respond to customer inquiries 7 days a week, to all email inquiries within twelve hours, and our LiveChat feature means you can contact our team 24/7. Our artisans work tirelessly to create unique masterpieces for every order; they take 6-8 weeks to build pieces with quality beyond compare. On top of that, we offer free shipping in the US. Take a look at some of our tables on our website, contact us on our online form, by email at [email protected], or on the phone at 1-888-666-1113. If you have a question or a job for us, we want to hear from you.