When buying furniture to decorate or renovate your kitchen or living room, you may face a very common dilemma. You want furniture that will look beautiful and last for a long time, but you don’t want to break the bank obtaining it. There are several ways people get around this. Some simply purchase cheap furniture, whether from a thrift store or a discount store and others build their own furniture, and still others go bargain hunting on the Internet. These are all good approaches, but one excellent alternative is to peruse the beautiful selection of reclaimed wood tables at FoxDen Decor.

Recycled Materials

What is reclaimed wood? It’s exactly what it sounds like: previously used wood that has been spared from being discarded and has been put to better use. FoxDen Decor takes wood from old barns and other structures and uses it to build one-of-a-kind tables for your living room, kitchen, or any room in the house where you need a sturdy surface or a unique touch of class. Recycled material is easy on the environment and less expensive to acquire than freshly cut wood, with the bonus that it has spent years acquiring character and color that new wood can’t boast.

Strength and DurabilityReclaimed wood tables

FoxDen Decor’s reclaimed wood tables are made from solid, handcrafted wood rather than particle board or other inferior materials. As a result, they are very strong and sturdy. With care, they will last you a lifetime without breaking, becoming wobbly or appearing dingy with age. The long-lasting strength of FoxDen Decor’s reclaimed wood tables is a wonderful money-saver. Although our pieces cost more to purchase than a particle-board table, they will last much longer and will not need to be replaced, unlike cheap furniture which must be replaced every few years, racking up quite a cost over time.

Customizable Beauty

There are few things that are frustrating for a home decorator as purchasing furniture only to find out it doesn’t fit the space it was intended for, or it simply doesn’t match the rest of the room. FoxDen Decor’s reclaimed wood tables won’t lead you into that trap. Our tables, like all of our furniture, are fully customizable. We make your piece to order so what you get will be exactly the right size and shape to suit the room where it will live. This saves you the time of looking for the perfect piece, and possibly having to return it when it turns out not to be so perfect after all.

Rustic Style for Your Home

If you enjoy your reclaimed wood table from FoxDen Decor, do come back and visit us again! We love to hear from you and your feedback is always welcome. FoxDen Decor provides a wide and wonderful variety of sophisticated and fully customizable rustic furniture for every room of your house with free shipping everywhere in the continental US, and we put our heart and soul into every unique, handmade piece that we build. Please visit our website and see what we can do to help you beautify your home.