Reclaimed wood is becoming extremely popular.  More vendors are creating wood out of this type of material. With anything, as the popularity grows, it is important to note a genuine reclaimed wood item from an imitation one.  With some careful shopping from reputable vendors, a reclaimed wood table will not only add a new dimension of décor to your home, but it will also create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that cannot be duplicated by anybody else.

Why choose reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that is reused from previous structures. The wood is farmed from old homes, barrels, fences and other outdoor structures.  Reclaimed wood can be hundreds of years old. This wood has gone through the natural outdoor aging process. It has withstood years of wind and rain and has shrunken, weathered and warped as much as possible. The benefit to you with this type of wood is that, in addition to its unique look, there is no longer a worry of the wood shrinking or warping after purchase.  Reclaimed wood is physically removed from these older items and is remade into products that you intend to purchase.  The aging effect of this wood gives it a very unique and rustic feel.  Because of where the wood comes from, each individual plank has its own story.  No two planks will ever look exactly the same.  One old barn’s wood will have a very different look from another barn.  Reclaimed wood tables are created as much as possible from the same structure in order to maintain consistency between the grains and design of the wood.  Imagine owning a reclaimed wood table that was from a historic piece of history. The table alone is a conversation piece for as long as it is in your home.

Reclaimed Wood TableIn addition to reclaimed wood being a unique piece of artistry, it is also very beneficial for the environment.

As reclaimed wood comes from previously used structures, there is less of an environmental impact.  New trees are not harvested for your table, saving them for their role in forest growth.  Also, there is no aging process needed as the wood has aged and acquired its look naturally. A properly built reclaimed wood table will last you for the duration of your home, and it can be passed down through the generations for future family members.  They are truly unique in both their historic story and design.

Is it uniquely yours or a mass-made counterfeit?

It is important to know if the table you are buying is truly a reclaimed wood table or an imitation. The best way, of course, is to purchase a table through a reputable company. By reputation alone, you can determine if the table you are purchasing is genuine.  Another way to note is if your table is mass produced. If your table looks exactly like a batch of manufactured tables, then you can ensure that it is not truly reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is unique down to the plank; no two are exactly alike. Because of this, many companies prefer to make tables to order, ensuring that the customer is receiving exactly what they are looking for. At Foxy Den Décor, we are happy to explain the origin of our wood as well as our construction process. For a great look with reclaimed wood, talk to our sales representatives and allow us to help design the perfect table for your home.