Television consoles have changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. As little as 20 years ago, consoles were designed to be an elaborate showpiece and storage unit all in one. They were large and bulky and designed to hold not only your television and media, but also all of your VHS and DVD movies. They had multiple shelves and generally occupied an entire wall or section of your living room. They were designed to be large and showy and often were highly decorated with wood carvings or patterns.

As televisions changed, so did consoles.

Small, lightweight, and thin televisions become more popular, along with the option to hang them on your wall. The preference for consoles changed to smaller units that were functional, but less noticeable. The idea of consoles were now of something that held items such as PVR boxes and DVD players, but which could be stored out of the way and preferably out of sight. Sleeker styles, such as consoles made from glass, became more preferred.

With the demand for rustic decorative interiors, we have seen another change in the demand and preference of television consoles.

Rustic TV ConsoleWhile televisions are still preferred to be as thin and lightweight as possible, the decorative element around it has changed. Rustic TV consoles are now becoming a highly sought-after furniture item. The difference with a rustic television console is that, not only is it considered to be a part of the room’s furniture, but it also serves a dual purpose: to both decorate and conceal unsightly cords and other electronic items. While most prefer a console that is small enough to hold only the electronics, they also prefer a console that complements their room and ads to the décor.

A rustic tv console provides both a decorative and functional element to any room. Whether or not your television is placed directly on it or hung above it, the console adds to the look and feel of your room. We custom make each piece to your specifications. Each television console is designed to fit your specific room. They are built with your exact needs in mind, hence creating an item that will look and work exactly as you had envisioned.

Our consoles are custom built from reclaimed wood.

Not only do you receive a custom designed piece of furniture, but you are also receiving an item made from wood that had a part in history—wood that has a past story to tell. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been reclaimed from previous structures, such as century old homes, decks, and other structures. No two pieces of wood are the same. In addition to the uniqueness of each grain. Each piece of wood has already gone through its natural weathering process. This wood will not warp or shrink. Its look is unique and genuine.

Rustic and country styled homes are a highly sought after look. There are thousands of molded items available on today’s market that are designed to carry this rustic look, but which are made from particle board and other molded items. Rather than imitate a look, why not go after the real thing? If you are looking to redecorate or add to your current look. Talk to us about our custom TV consoles and what design you had in mind for your particular room.